We Buy All Cars, Running or Not!

Cash For Junk Cars Birmingham, AL – No Hidden FEEs and FREE Removal! 

Cash For Junk Cars Birmingham, AL

Looking to sell your junk car in Birmingham, Alabama? Tired of listening to what junk car buyers WON’T DO for you as opposed to what they WILL DO for you? 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Cash Cars Buyer is Birmingham’s premier junk car buying company, making selling your car easy, quick and convenient. 

Our mission is to help you sell your unwanted car fast. Forget paying for ads, or double checking your spelling in your written descriptions. You can count on us for FEE-FREE and flawless junk car selling experience. A bit of what we can do for you: 

  • You can count ton us to buy your car, running or not. 
  • Personalized service is what we specialized in, right to your Birmingham, AL door or location. 
  • Experienced, friendly, warm and accomplished Birmingham, AL junk car buyers. 
  • Cash on the spot 
  • FREE junk car removal, once we pay you and all is well. 
  • Same day pickup or pickup in as little as 72 hours, and more. 

Where Do I Sell My Old Car Fast? 

We make selling your junk car fast, easy and simple. Our website is easy to navigate. You can even read the latest automotive news too.

Begin the process of getting cash for your Birmingham, AL clunker, by inputting all of the details you can, about your junk car. Click here. 

Once done, look at your instant offer. Like what you see? Great. Call us at 844-663-7286 and allow us a few moments of your time, so we can ask you a few questions about your car. When we are done, you will have a guaranteed cash offer that you are not obligated to like or accept. 

When you do accept it, you pick a convenient time and day for us to come out and appraise your car. When we arrive, we will get to work. We’ll examine your car, ensure your happiness and then put cash in your hands, FAST. 

We Buy Scrap and Old Vehicles Quickly!

Chances are, you have been on your phone or computer looking for the best place to junk your car in Birmingham, Alabama.  We get it, but we are here to provide some relief. Forget scheduling a tow truck company to meet you, so you can go to a junk yard, with the promise of fast cash. 


When it comes to trying to find a scrap car or a junk yard, we are the answer to that dilemma. Cash Cars Buyer is the place for you. Instead of dealing with scams, “bait and switch” schemes, and having to listen to unreliable local scrapyards and private buyers, just sell your old sedan, SUV or pickup truck to Cash Cars Buyer. 


Local Birmingham, AL Junk Car Buyers – Reliable and Honest 

End that search for local junk car buyers in Birmingham. We offer personalized and private service to zip codes: 35203 35204 35205 35206 35207 35208 35209, 35244 and surrounding Birmingham, AL areas.  To put it another way, we offer service right to your front door. You can head out for some mouth-watering BBQ at Jim ‘N Nick's Bar-B-Q, but don’t’ allow your day to be eaten by worry for a junk car buyer. 

Junk A Car Fast in Birmingham, AL – How it Works 

Type in all of the details of your junk car 

To get the best instant quote possible, be sure to tell us all about your car. And don’t leave anything out. Once you are done, you can call us and get a guaranteed cash offer. We will ask you some additional questions, and formulate a great offer for you, based on your answers.

Accept your offer  

When you have your guaranteed cash offer, and you like it, allow us to set up a time and day to come and appraise your car at your home or location. 

Get paid fast 

When we arrive, we’ll get straight to work so we can inspect your car and then pay you cash. We will make sure that everything is good and once it is, you will have cash in your hands, fast. 

How to Sell a Car in Alabama 

Alabama law states that he vehicle seller must physically sign the title over to the new owner. On the title, look for section you have to fill out.  

You can click here to learn more and even on how to get a duplicate car title. 

Places That Buy Cars for Cash – Get Paid FAST When You Junk Your Car with Us!

Junking a car or getting rid of a rusted, damaged or broken-down vehicle shouldn’t be a major expense. In fact, it shouldn’t cost you anything at all.  Furthermore, you shouldn’t be stuck with an old jalopy, just because you have some financial struggles. So, how do you sell a junk car, when it seems that no one is in the buying mood? 

Cash Cars Buyer is the best place to sell that heap of metal headache – quick, and easy, period. We provide a FEE-FREE and hassle-free way for you to get rid of that junk car fast.  

You can count on fast service as well as a final offer that we will guarantee. Forget scams and schemes. It’s just not our style. 


With our final offers being guaranteed, you can even hold us to the fact that once we buy your car, we will tow it away for free. 

Cash Cars Buyer stays on the cutting edge of junk car values, current market trends and technology. We use an advanced system to ensure every cash offer we make is fair, accurate, precise and fair to both parties.

And once you like what you see, you can be assured that we will send a tow truck to your home, to pick up your junk car at no charge to you. 

Same Day Pickup Available 

When we say we work fast, we mean it.  In many instances, we offer same-day pick up. So, you can get that instant offer while having breakfast, and have your junk car gone and cash in your pocket, just before lunchtime. Ready to get that instant offer? Great. Click here and let’s turn that Birmingham metal blemish, into some cool cash for a great Alabama day.

Can I Get $500 Cash for Junk Car? 

The short answer is yes. But we want to add that the final offer you get for your junk car depends on your car’s merit and condition. When we look at a car, we look at a few factors. They include: 

  1. the year, make and model of your car 
  2. trim, options and features 
  3. weight of the vehicle 
  4. the car’s parts 
  5. any damage and if so, where it is located 
  6. the status of your title, and more. 

So, get your instant offer and begin your road to cash for your clunker fast. 844-663-7286. 

Junking a Car at My Local Junkyard – Is this a good thing to do? 

There are local junkyards that will gladly buy your car. But you have to keep in mind, that a junkyard is in the business of making money. So, the possibility of you not getting the top dollar for your car exists. And you also have to be careful to know what your car is worth, before heading to a junk yard. Kelley Blue Book can give you an approximate value for your car. 

Also, since your car is comprised of metal, you may find it helpful to know what metal is going for. The price goes up and down at the blink of an eye. So, you have to constantly monitor it. 

Don’t forget, that a junkyard may try the old “bait and switch” method too. This means that they tell you one price for your car that sounds good, but offer you a lot less just a little later. UGH. 

Ready to Junk Your Car FAST? Call us 844-663-7286

Can I sell my car to Cash Cars Buyer if I lost the title? 

In many cases, not having the title, is not an issue. Therefore, we ask that you have both your car registration as well as picture ID, once you are ready to sell your car. 

And what fees do charge to use your service? 

Nothing. You don’t pay us anything to junk your car with us. 

Will you buy my car with the flood damage? 

We sure will. WE buy cars with frame, water and flood damage. 

What if I don’t have the keys to my car? 

We will still buy it. 

Do I have to accept your cash offer right now? 

No, you don’t. Feel free to take your time. Our prices are based on current market values. So, if you decide to sell your car, just know that the offer will be based on that day’s market value. 

What is the best way to sell a car online? 

Getting rid of the stress of creating an ad, description and photo collage, and sell it to Cash Cars Buyer Sell your car online here and then call us for a guaranteed cash offer. 

Is Cash Cars Buyer licensed and bonded? 

We are licensed, bonded AND insured… the BIG THREE. This means, you can trust us to buy your car with no stress or hassles. 

OK- tell me more. What’s that number again? 

Of course. 844-663-7286. 




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