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Cash For Junk Cars Bessemer, AL – Same Day Pickup Available! Call Us Now! 

Cash For Junk Cars Bessemer, AL – Same Day Pickup Available! Call Us Now! 

Founded in 1887 as a vital industrial center Bessemer proudly holds the title of the “Marvel City”.  But when it comes to that junk car in your driveway or garage, there is nothing to marvel. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


Cash Cars Buyer offers Bessemer residents a quick, efficient and easy way to remove that junk car, and make some cash in the process. From zip codes: 35111, 35023, 35022, 35021 and 35020, we offer personalized service! You can also obtain an instant offer on your junk car in a matter of minutes! 


Who Buys Junk Cars Near Me?

When it comes to selling a wrecked, damaged, totaled or junk car, we all know that it takes time to find the best offer. Such is the case for all makes and models. You can spend time searching online and find lots of companies and places that advertise We buy junk cars. You may even make a list of junk yards that are within 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 miles of you.


Lots of companies will pay you the going rate for scrap steel, which will be based on your car’s weight. But, lots of those junk car companies will not take into consideration any of your car’s options, features and trim. You may find that those same companies ignore your spectacular wheels, rims or other items on your car, that should make it worth lots more, than what you are being offered. 


Such is not the case with Cash Cars Buyer. We offer you fair market value for your car, right here in Bessemer, AL. Our network of experienced, accomplished and dedicated junk car buyers all over the country.  You can count on us never to scam you. We are honest and straightforward.  


Local Service Right to Your Door! 

When you sell your car to Cash Cars Buyer, you never have to bring your car to us. We come straight to your Bessemer, AL location or home! Our agents are:

  • Welcoming 
  • Friendly 
  • Knowledgeable about junk car buying, and more! 

So, enter your junk car’s information for a FREE online instant quote now and call us so that we can turn that car into awesome cash, NOW! 

We Buy Junk Cars – How It Works

Enter your junk car’s information 

Take the time to gather all of the information about your junk car. Once you have it, enter it into our system for a quote. The more information you enter, the better and more precise your offer. So, be sure to include all of the details of your car. Once you have your instant offer, you can call us to move forward! 

Accept your offer 

When you call us, one of our friendly junk car representatives will ask you a series of questions. Nothing difficult will be asked of you. We just need additional information, so that we can make you a guaranteed cash offer on your vehicle. Love what your ears just heard? Fantastic! You’re one step closer to turning that old car into cool cash, FAST! 


Get paid! 

Now that you have accepted your offer, it’s time to arrange for pickup and payout! You can tell us where you’re located and expect us to arrive between 24 and 72 hours! We come fast and we come ready to appraise your car, answer any questions you have, and then pay you on the spot! 

Sell Your Car Fast! Count on us to Pay the Guaranteed Offer! 

Other junk car buyers may make you an offer, then lower it when it comes time for you to get paid. That’s a business practice you’ll never find from Cash Cars Buyer. When we’ve made you an offer, we guarantee it!  As a matter of fact, when you accept the offer, you can count on being paid exactly what you’ve been offered – Guaranteed! No less! 


Sell Wrecked & Crashed Cars – We Buy Totaled and Damaged Cars for Cash Near You! 

We make selling your totaled, wrecked or damaged car haggle-free, hassle-free & trouble-free too. As one of the top places that buys lots of damaged cars on the web, we work to exceed expectations of all of our valued customers.  You can submit your car’s information online, obtain an instant quote and then call us to arrange pickup and payout, FAST! Forget the stress, frustration, the back & forth bargaining, last-minute surprises.

Who can I sell my car to, with Mechanical Problems? 

We’ve all been there. As we’re driving down the road, we hear a “ping”, a “rattling” or a “knocking” noise in our cars. As our cars age, they can become mechanically challenging. There may be engine issues, starter problems and more. Our vehicles can become money pits. Our finances and savings can be drained, due to having to pay for maintenance. 

While older cars are more likely to require constant repairs, this translates into lots of money you spend on fixes that may only be temporary.

When you are spending more money on your car than anything else, it’s time to get rid of it, FAST.  Cash Cars Buyer will buy that money-draining heap of metal, FAST. Even if your car has a blown engine, a bad starter or a terrible transmission, you can get an instant offer on it NOW. Just be sure to indicate the specific problem your car has and know what your car is worth, FAST! 


Why Should You Sell your Damaged Car to Cash Cars Buyer? 

You’ll get an instant offer on that wrecked car in a matter of minutes 

You are in charge of the details of your car. Just enter them, and you’ll get an instant offer on it in a matter of minutes! 

You can call us and discuss your car as well as offer 

When you have your offer, it will be one that we will stand by. 

You are never under any obligation to accept it 

When you get your offer and you decide not to sell, you are never under any obligation to accept it! 

Your car will be picked up for FREE 

Once you agree to our offer, your old car with the mechanical issues, will be removed from your location FOR FREE! There is never a charge to you, to haul that old problematic piece of metal from your home! 

You will get paid on the spot 

When we come to appraise your car, we will make sure all is well, and you will be paid for that troublesome jalopy that is truly an eyesore, FAST! 

Ready to get an instant online quote? Great! Just click here, NOW

Sell My Junk Car – How Much Can I Get for My Old Clunker? 

Here at Cash Cars Buyer, we specialize in buying junk cars for fast money payout. Our offers range from $100 on the low end all the way up to thousands of dollars, for some vehicles. We buy al makes and models. Whether you have an old SUV, a non running van, or a hatchback with lots of frame damage, we will buy it!  Regardless of your car’s age, mileage or condition, you can get an instant offer on your junk car, RIGHT NOW!  


500 for Junk Cars- Is this Possible Nowadays? 

We all know that the world is an ever-changing place. Things these days, cost money! So, when it comes to your junk car and you want $500 for it, you have to be an educated junk car seller.  Check out some things you have to know about your car, as you seek $500 for it. 


Have an idea of what your car is worth 

First, it may help you to get an approximate value for your car. You can get a value for it on Edmunds or the Kelley Blue Book website


Get an assessment of your vehicle 

You may ask a trusted mechanic to asses your car. He or she can examine your vehicle and give you a cash value you for it, before you take it to a junk car buyer. 

Get an instant offer on your car right now 

We here at Cash Cars Buyer provide an opportunity for you to get an instant offer on your car, in a matter of minutes.  

Get Money for Your Scrap Car FAST! 

Cash Cars Buyer has over a decade of junk car buying experience. We offer fair market value for each customer, as well as a host of other “FEE-FREE” services. Additionally, our team has the knowledge, dedication and expertise to give you the best deal possible. 

There is never any pressure to sell your car. We don’t like scams, bullying or even those “shark” tactics, so you will never see us employ any.

Places like lots of junkyards may offer you a price for your car, but you have to wonder if it is the best offering possible. You may also find, that lots of junkyards may add on fees such as paperwork, processing and more. 

With Cash Cars Buyer, we never charge you anything to sell your junk car. We take care of ALL aspects of your junk car sale, while explaining anything you need an explanation for. 

Who Buys Cars With no Title? 

Looking for that title or have a damaged vehicle title? You may find it comforting that we buy cars with not title, and we may buy yours. In most cases, not having a title, is not a problem.  As we listen and review each junk car seller’s circumstances, we ask that a junk car seller have their car registration and picture ID. With these two items, we may be able to buy your car with no title. You can also get an instant offer on that car right now! Just click here! 

Bessemer, AL, there is a convenient way for you to sell your scrap, damaged and totaled car. Get an instant offer on it now and then call Cash Cars Buyer! Let us help you turn that old junk car, into fast cash in an instant!