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What to do with a Junk Car In Beckley, WV

What to do with a Junk Car In Beckley, WV

A junk car in your driveway takes up space and is a general eyesore to you and your neighbors. You may have plans to fix the car or you may just not be able to afford to have it towed. If the car has been there for a while, you may want to think about how realistic it is that you will fix it or be able to afford to hire someone else to fix it. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


Fortunately, Cash Cars Buyers will not only pay you good money for your car, but we will tow it away for free. The money can go towards a new car, enjoying the town of Beckley or improvements to your home. If you store your junk car in your garage, there are many things you can do with the free space. 


Things you Can Do With a Vacant Garage 

You can always use your garage to protect your new car from the elements or you can park your car in the driveway and use your garage to earn some extra money or create an extra room. 


If you are sick of taking the time and paying money to go to the gym, you can buy a treadmill and some free weights and put in a home workout room. If you have a hobby like painting or pottery making, the garage can be a great place to practice your craft.


If your home is getting cramped, you can insulate your garage and turn it into a spare room. If you are able to install a bathroom and add a microwave and minifridge, you may be able to make your garage into an efficiency apartment. A small apartment can earn you several hundred dollars a month.


You can also rent the garage out for storage. People who don’t have a garage of their own will pay good money for a place to store their things.


If you don’t feel like taking on the responsibility of a tenant, you can rent out the room via a home-sharing service. It is a great way to meet people and make some extra cash. 


Once you have some extra cash you can enjoy the town of Beckley, West Virginia. There are plenty of things to do in this historic Southern town. 


Things to do in Beckley, West Virginia 

Named for John James Beckley the first Librarian of Congress, the town was founded by his son Alfred Beckley. Today it is a great place to enjoy Southern cooking and culture. There are a few spots you should check out if you haven’t seen them already.


Raleigh Playhouse and Theater

403 Neville St, Beckley, West Virginia 25801 

This is an inexpensive place to watch classic movies or a morality play such as, “Abomination on Bolt Mountain,”  the story of a drug-addled miner who is saved by an angel. The theater has a bar in the basement where you can toss back a drink or two after the show.


Dobras Zupas 

600 S Oakwood Ave, Beckley, WV 25801

This classy joint has an eclectic menu of New American Cuisine. West Virginia is not known for its healthy food, but this place has many vegetarian options. Be sure to try the cranberry walnut salad or the hummus appetizer. 


Grandview National Park

No resident or visitor to Beckley should miss this magnificent place. Here you will see panoramic views of the Appellation Mountains. There are trails here for people of all different ability levels from easy to challenging. The area is known for its rhododendron bushes that bloom along the trail.

Options for Getting Rid of Your Non-Running Car

If you do decide to get rid of your old clunker, you will have several options for doing so. Once you explore each option, we feel confident that you will choose Cash Cars Buyers as the best place to sell your junk car.


Taking A Trade-In

If you decide to buy a new car, the dealership is likely to offer you a trade-in amount for your old vehicle. If your car is not running, they will probably not offer you much of a trade-in allowance. They may offer you far less than the car is actually worth.


Dealerships count on the laziness of their customers. They believe that you will take less money so that you will not have to bother with selling the car on your own. 


It is always a good idea to find out how much we will offer you for your car before going into the dealership. We pay $500 for junk cars depending on the type and condition of the vehicle. If you check with us first, you will have leverage when you negotiate with a car salesperson.


A dealership may offer you what seems like a good trade-in amount for a non-working car. When they do this, they are likely to tag the amount they gave you for the trade-in onto the final price of the car. 

File an Insurance Claim

If your car was destroyed in an accident that was not your fault, you may be able to get insurance money for your car. West Virginia is a tort state when it comes to insurance. This means that a driver who is responsible for an accident is also responsible for its associated bills.


When damages to a car exceed the car’s value, the car is considered totaled. The insurance company is supposed to pay you the amount of money that the car was worth the second before the accident. 


Unfortunately, insurance companies are not held to a certain standard when it comes to the valuation of a vehicle. Hence your car is worth whatever the insurance adjuster says it is worth. They are likely to offer you less than what you are due and take their time about getting you the money.


If they offer you too little for your car, you will have to hire a personal injury attorney to get you the money you deserve. Even if the attorney is successful, you will have to give them a large percentage of your payout. 


When you contact Cash Cars Buyers, we can make you an offer, pay you in cash, and tow your old heap away for free within 24 hours. 

Sell The Car Online

If you Google online car sales many websites will come up. These sites will let you list your car for a monthly fee. Some will even have the option of buying several months of advertising. The reason they have this option is you will have a lot of competition and it may take you months to sell your car if you sell it at all.


When you get a potential buyer, you will have to take time out of your day to show the car to them. As they are not guaranteed to buy the vehicle, you may have to do this several times. These sites are potentially dangerous as criminals often use them to find victims. 


Donate Your Car

There are several charitable organizations that accept junk cars as donations. They will provide you with a form for your taxes so that you can write your car off. Although it is always nice to give to charity, it may take them a rather long time to pick up your car and get the tax forms to you. 


If you sell your car to us, we will give you cash right away. You can donate the cash and get a receipt immediately. 


Our Process

Selling your junk car to us is really simple. Just fill out our form and we will call you right away. We will ask for your name, email address, and phone number. We will need to know the make model, year, and VIN number of your car. 


We will call you with an offer right after we get your form. We are primarily interested in cars that were manufactured after the year 2000. If you accept our offer we will make an appointment to pick up your vehicle. 


What if I don’t have the pink slip?


If you do not have the title to your car, you will not be able to sell it, get insurance money, or donate it. You will have to go to the DMV, pay them a fee, and wait for it to arrive in the mail. We may not need the title. In most cases, no title is no problem as long as you have your driver's license and a copy of your registration.


You should get the most amount of money possible for your car. Cash Cars Buyers offers a hassle-free way to sell a damaged car in a hurry.