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Cash For Junk Cars Beaumont, TX – What Do I Need To Sell My Car In Texas?

Cash For Junk Cars Beaumont, TX – What Do I Need To Sell My Car In Texas?

Beaumont is a city and the county seat of Jefferson County, Texas. Located within the Beaumont-Port Arthur Metropolitan Statistical area, the population is around 117,000 people, making it the 30th most populated city in the state of Texas. We want to help every single one of these residents get the best deal when earning cash for junk cars Beaumont, TX.

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Where is Beaumont?


Located in Southeast Texas on the Neches River, it is about 85 miles east of Houston. The Neches River begins in Van Zandt County and flows for 416 miles through east Texas to Sabine Lake near the Rainbow Bridge.


Beaumont was first founded in 1835. The pioneers had an economy mainly based on the production and manufacturing of lumber, farming, and port industries. Sixty years later, Joseph Broussard opened the first successful rice mill within the state, cultivating the start of rice farming in the area. Rice then became a hugely important commodity crop in the state, and is currently cultivated in 23 counties today.


At the start of the 20th century, a big change occurred. The Spindletop gusher was introduced, which showed how a huge oil field was adjacent to the city. With this machine, various energy companies developed in Beaumont. The area quickly developed as one of the United States’ major chemical refinery areas. 


Today, the main employers in Beaumont are Lamar University, Beaumont Independent School District, Exxon Mobil Corporation, Christus St. Elizabeth Hospital, Memorial Hermann Baptist Hospital, and the City of Beaumont.


All of the residents living in Beaumont are extremely hard-working, dedicated, and committed to doing their jobs, helping their families, and helping the local community to continue growing both culturally and economically. 


We at Cash Cars Buyer want to do our part to help the community. We want to offer the most cash possible for junk cars in the city, and do so by using an easy, efficient, and quick process that takes very little effort for the seller. 


We are going to go over why Cash Cars Buyer is the best choice for those trying to sell junk cars, scrap cars, or non-running vehicles within the state of Texas.


Cash For Cars Beaumont, Texas – What Do I Need To Sell My Car In Texas?


Selling a car in Texas is fairly easy, as long as you have a game plan ahead of time and some knowledge about the subject. To ensure you carry out a complete, detailed, and legal sale of your vehicle here in Texas, you have to complete and submit some important paperwork.


You must also take the time and notify your local Beaumont Department of Motor Vehicles. As a seller, you are the one in charge of procuring the paperwork and documents for the sale. Here are the documents you will need to show the legality of the sale, whether or an individual or a dealership:


Certificate of Title – you must make sure you accurately and honestly fill out and submit the vehicle’s certificate of title and give it to the buyer. If the car that you are selling has multiple owners listed on the front of the tile, each owner has to sign their name and signature on the title. 


If you have a lienholder on your car, you have to make sure that it is paid off before you can legally sell your car. A lienholder is someone who has lent you their car or money, and you, as the answer, must repay the lien holder to gain clear possession of the title. 


If you have lost your title, you need to apply for a duplicate at your local DMV. This quiz allows you to fill out an Application for Certificate of Texas title and bring it to your local DMV. this doesn't cost a lot of money, but it can, unfortunately, slow down the sale of your junk car.


If you do not have the title and you do not want to get a duplicate, then you don’t have many options for selling your vehicle. Fortunately for you, Cash Cars Buyer can take your car without a title. We know that paperwork can be a hassle – so we don’t require the title. 


No title? No problem. In most cases, no title is no problem if you have your driver’s license and registration. So be sure not to lose these two important documents! 


Odometer Disclosure – After you have gotten a duplicate title or found the original, you need to obtain an odometer statement. You must fill this out with the correct reading. If you do not, then you have to check the boxes as to why the number on the title is different from the number on the gauge.


After you fill this out, you have to offer it to the car buyer. If your vehicle is older than 10 years, you do not need to fill out this statement. 


Bill of Sale – The Bill of Sale is a legal document that validates the sale and transfer of possession of a motor vehicle from one entity to another. In this case, you are transferring the ownership of your junk car. As the vehicle seller, you have to notify the Texas DMV of the sale within 10 days of the transfer of ownership. 


My car isn’t a junk car. But I still want to sell it for a good value. Is this possible in Beaumont?


Of course it is! 


Cash Cars Buyer has over ten years of experience in the car buying field – we know what we are talking about. We love making customers happy from all across the country. Our agents in Beaumont are no different – we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and an easy car-selling process.


To offer the best value to car sellers, as well as to get the best possible outcome for both parties, we make sure we stay current on policies and procedures for car buying in the state of Texas.


We also stay updated on the most recent prices for scrap metal within the state, since the market constantly fluctuates. We would recommend you to do the same! 


Also, we stay in the know about current vehicle pricing by utilizing damage levels, mileage, and your Beaumont, Texas location for the vehicle we are currently looking at to buy. We even take into account the current market trends. The damage, mileage, and location of vehicles all influence the price we can offer.


With all of this in place, we can offer you the best cash quote you have ever received for your junk or scrap vehicle! To put your mind at ease even more, you are never required to accept our offer. 


All you would have to do is go online and enter your car’s information – then decide if you want to move forward once seeing the quote. 


Ready to sell that used car just because it is old? Or are you selling a junk car that has skipped on maintenance for a few years? Maybe you just got into a fender bender and don’t want to pay for the repairs? Either way, we buy all makes and models at the best price!


Input your car’s details


When you have all of your necessary documents, you just need to enter some information into our online tool -and that’s it! Enter your car’s make, model, year, and any other information that can affect the total value.


The other information would include damage on the car, repairs done on the car in the past, repairs currently needed, replacement parts added, replacements currently needed, rare parts included in the car, and other expensive parts that have also been added to the vehicle.


You can get your quote on your junk or scrap vehicle 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – talk about convenient! Not to mention cash in hand within 24 hours of the process starting. 


Once you have your instant offer, follow up with us over the phone to get a guaranteed cash offer from our agents. We will ask you some questions about your car to make sure we didn’t miss anything when giving you the best deal. 


Accept your offer 


Once you have the offer, you can choose whether to accept it or not. No pressure, but we know you will love the number you hear! Tell us a time to come and inspect your car on-site – and free junk car removal for FREE.


Not to mention, you will get the best deal possible. You might be wondering who pays $500 for junk cars near me – well, we do! We pay $500 for junk cars depending on the type and condition of the vehicle. 


Get your cash!


Once you have the on-site inspection completed, we will give you your cash within 24 hours – always! Then we will tow your car for free.


Talk about a complete service for selling your junk car – we love Cash CArs Buyer in Beaumont, TX!