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It is very frustrating to see your junk car sitting in your driveway for all of this time. You do not drive it anymore; you are thinking of getting a new car but need some cash to start with. Cash Car Buyer is here to help!

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

We pay cash for junk cars in Avondale, AZ. We provide free same-day junk car removal anywhere you live, not only in Avondale but also anywhere around Arizona. 

Cash Car Buyer is one of the top-rated junk car buyers in Avondale. We provide a very special service that makes us stand out in the area. We:

  • We provide the easiest, fastest, and most efficient way to sell your junk car around Avondale, AZ.
  • We pay cash for junk cars, SUVs, minivans, trucks, and any unwanted car
  • We pay cash for junk cars in the Avondale area and give offers up to $19,000!!

We buy any car despite its condition. Whether if it was damaged due to a flood, was involved in a car accident, or was destroyed in a fire, we still buy it. 


City of Avondale, AZ


The city of Avondale is located in Maricopa County, Arizona. It is very close to Phoenix, the heart of the state of Arizona. 

In the 41.3 square miles city of Avondale, about 85,835 people are living in the city of Avondale, according to the 2018 U.S. Census Bureau. 

When it comes to climate, the city of Avondale is known for its sunshine all around the year. Summers are very hot and arid, while winters are sunny and mild. Temperature does not go below 40 F, and it can get up to 128 F during hot summer days. 

There are many places you can enjoy around the city of Avondale, AZ. Some of these places include the Texas Roadhouse, the Charleys Place, the Estrella Mountain Regional Park, the Board and Brush of Avondale, the Phoenix Raceway, the Avondale Friendship Park, and much more!

According to Kelly Blue Book, Arizonans like to buy Ford F150 more than any other type of vehicle. Others prefer to drive the Honda Accord and Honda Civic. Since it is very rare to see snow in the city of Avondale, residents do not buy any trucks that are made for cold weather conditions. 

Ready to get cash for junk cars in Avondale, AZ? Here's all that you need to do:

Here at Cash Car Buyer, we made selling a junk vehicle easier than before. No need to digging into the popular classified websites like eBay Motors or Craigslist. Our process is very straightforward, and you can get instant offers within seconds:


  • Share with us the vehicle's details



As we mentioned earlier, we buy any junk car, SUV, truck, minivan, van, despite its condition. We would need additional information about your vehicle to best estimate the offer for you.

Are you selling a 2012 Kia Optima? Is it a 2010 Honda Pilot? Or is it a 1991 BMW 318?

Provide us with your vehicle's make, model, and year. 

Besides, we would need to know the vehicle condition; does it have problems with the engine? Is the car running? Does it have a title? 

The more details, the best offer you can get, and the more guaranteed to receive the cash, we agreed one.


  • Review and accept our offer



After you answer the basic questions about your vehicle and within seconds, you will receive an instant offer with how much you can sell your vehicle.

We do not have “call-back” issues, and our offers use the highest technologies to go through our database and provide the best estimates within seconds. With decades of experience in junk car buying around Avondale, AZ, it is not a hard exercise to know how much any junk vehicle is worth.


  • Arrange the junk car removal time and location



We do not only provide cash payments, but we also provide FREE towing anywhere your junk car is located. Our pickup appointments are flexible enough to match any schedule. No need to worry about finding the best time in the middle of your day, we have evening and weekend pickups. 

One of our junk car removal specialists will meet you in the location, and at the time you selected. He will do a quick inspection and compare the information in our system to the actual vehicle. Once the information match, the vehicle will be picked up safely.

We always like to assure you that all of our junk car removal specialists are background checked.


  • Get your cash



Right on the spot of pick up, you will receive your cash and complete the deal. As we mentioned before and based on our best practices in the area, Avondale's residents prefer to get paid cash. Since then, all of our payments are cash only.

Why should I choose Cash Car Buyer to sell my junk car in Avondale, AZ?

As we mentioned before, one company is one of the top-rated junk car buyer companies in all 50 states. Our customer satisfaction is the top priority; we have two primary objectives:

  • Pay you the maximum cash your car deserves
  • Provide you with the fastest, easiest, junk car removal with free towing

At Cash Car Buyer, we do not have any hidden fees. You do not need to worry about extra payments for towing. We take care of that.

Plus, our payments are instant and right on the spot. We pay in cash to eliminate any hassle you can face when it comes to checks bouncing back your bank account, or frustration from phone call payments. 

Lastly, we provide same day junk removal service. Our company is a 24-hour junk car buyer; therefore, you do not need to worry about canceling important meetings or appointments to arrange junk car removal; we can work with your schedule, evenings, or weekends, not a problem.

Finally, our service has the greatest reputation with the safest process. All our junk car removal specialists are background checked. This way, you do not have to be nervous about strange people coming checking your car at your private property. 

What is the value of my vehicle in Avondale, AZ?

Based on our decades of experience in junk car buying, a junk car can be sold as low as $100 to as high as $19,000. 

Many people ask if they can get $500 for their junk vehicle; we pay $500 for junk cars depending on the type and condition of the vehicle.

While it is hard to give one answer for vehicle's values, here are some examples of our last purchases around the city of Avondale, AZ:

  • 2012 Kia Optima. We purchased this vehicle for $730
  • 2014 Ford Focus. We purchased this vehicle for $910
  • 2013 Kia Optima. We purchased this vehicle for $620
  • 2011 Ford Flex. We purchased this vehicle for $510
  • 2013 Chrysler 200. We purchased this vehicle for $100

As you've noticed, there is no one answer to how much junk vehicle is worth. Many factors can affect the price of the junk car.

For instance, the car's make, model, and year can significantly affect the final price you can get for your junk car. Selling a 1991 BMW 318 will not receive as much cash as selling a 2011 Ford Flex.

Also, the vehicle's condition is another important factor that can alter the final junk car's price significantly. For example, selling an SUV that was completely damaged in fire will not receive as much cash as the same well-running SUV.

Who can buy my junk car without a title in Avondale, AZ?

Most of junk car buyers not only in Avondale but around the entire state of Arizona will not buy junk cars without a title. At Cash Car Buyer, it is a different story.

In most cases, no title is no problem as long as you have your driver's license and a copy of your registration.

However, it is important to note here that a junk car with a title will not be purchased for more cash than the same car with a title. Therefore, we recommend you as the legal owner of the vehicle to try and obtain a new title or a title replacement through your local DMV. 

The closes DMV office to the city of Avondale is located at 6601 W Indian School Rd, Phoenix, Arizona, 85033. You can give them a call at (602) 255-0072.

I am interested, where should I start?

We are very happy to hear that you are interested in selling your junk car to Cash Car Buyer in Avondale, AZ. Simply, a call at (773) 791-4363 and get your instant offer for free!!