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Cash For Junk Cars Anniston, AL – Get INSTANT OFFER TODAY! 

Cash For Junk Cars Anniston, AL – Get INSTANT OFFER TODAY! 

When it’s time to sell the junk car sitting in your driveway or garage, it’s time to call Cash Cars Buyer. With over a decade of junk car experience, we specialize in making the sale of your older, rusted, wrecked or totaled car, easy! Begin to sell your car fast by first receiving an instant offer on your vehicle in a matter of minutes! Then, call us so that we can schedule a time for pickup and payout to YOU! 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


Forget bringing your car to us. We will arrive at your door, ready to inspect your car, and hand you money for it!  So, take a few moments and tell us all about your car, then get ready to turn that old clunker in to quick cash! 


As a vital industrial center in the mountainous northeastern area of Alabama during the Reconstruction Era, Anniston, AL is home to the Anniston Museum of Natural History, Coldwater Mountain Bike Trail, Cheaha State Park. Residents and visitors can enjoy good eats at the Top o' the River Restaurant, while taking in sights at Freedom Rider's Park. With so much to see and do, there’s no reason for a junk vehicle to sit in your driveway. Your days of the “Google searches” of “Junk Car Buyers Near Me” is over. We buy all makes and models, for fair market value. And you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home, to get an offer and sell your car in a matter of days! 


Same Day Pickup Available! 

One of the perks of selling to Cash Cars Buyer, is the fact that we can pick up your car, the same day that you obtain your offer! Generally, it takes us anywhere between 24 and 72 hours to inspect your car, and tow it away. You can count on quick, fast and friendly junk car selling services, from Cash Cars Buyer!  Just click here to get your instant offer, FAST! 

How to Sell My Old Car Online

When it comes to selling a car online, you have stiff competition as well as a plethora of sties to sell it on. From Craigslist, to Facebook Marketplace, you can sell a car and attract local as well as regional buyers to your ad. But there is also quite a bit of work that comes with selling a car online. 

The Photos 

Regardless of where you sell your car, your ad has to have a lot of pictures. And don’t forget to get all sides of your car too. 

Description Please 

Another important part of an online ad, is the description you write about your car. You have to include any and all about your car, so that potential buyers have all of the information you need. You can also avoid answering lots of questions as well. 

Sitting and Waiting 

Now that you have your car ad ready to go, here comes the part where you have to sit and wait for a buyer. This could take a matter of hours, days, weeks and even months.  It’s to be expected, as there are hundreds of online ads for cars on the Internet. 

Junk a Car with Cash Cars Buyer- Eliminate the Hassles! 

For the quickest way to sell a car online, choose Cash Cars Buyer! You can get an instant offer in a matter of minutes and receive personalized service right to your front door! Whether you live in zip code 36207, 36206, 36205, 36204, 36203, 36202 or 36201- we’ll come right to you, to appraise your clunker and put cash in your hands, FAST! 

Sell Your Car and Reclaim Your Focus! 

Many times, we become attached to physical things. We learn to live with distractions around us, while attempting to function daily. Such is the case for many and their junk cars. But did you know that clutter and keeping that junk car, can affect your focus and even mood? An article on the clutterhealing.com website states: “A 2011 study by the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute found that clutter actually affects your ability to focus and process information.” The site also adds: “Working in an organized space is shown to decrease irritability and distractions, and increase productivity and the ability to process information.” So, release the frustration and reclaim your property as well as focus. Sell that junk car today! 

We Buy Junk Cars – How It Works

Once you request an offer from us, we will get to work making you a fair offer, while taking into account all of your car’s merits and its full condition.  We give you the best price we can possibly give you. Other factors we look at include your car’s: year, make, model, mileage, amount and level of damage, and its overall condition. Then, you will receive a fair offer on your 


Once all is good to go, we will put money in your hand within 24 to 72 hours – the exact amount we offered you during the complete inspection process. Additionally, we’ll have your old vehicle hauled away from where it sits at no charge to you. Yes, we indeed take care of the tow charges, and even all of the paperwork too. As a licensed, bonded and insured company, you can count on trustworthy and transparent dealings with us. We make selling your junk car convenient and fast for YOU! 


We Buy Junk Cars- Benefits of A Damaged Car

You have lots to look forward to, once you sell your old wrecked and damaged car.  When you get rid of that heap of metal madness you can: 

  • Enjoy a better state of mind and better peace around your property 
  • You eliminate the need for constant repairs and fixes to that old junk car 
  • There is a great sense of motivation for you to accomplish other tasks you have perhaps put off for later. 
  • You’ll be saving Mother Earth. Many junk cars tend to leak chemicals that can find their way into our land and water. 
  • You can keep the wildlife that look to inhabit that old clunker 
  • The would-be thieves looking for a quick buck, will no longer to temped to steal your car and strip it – in an effort to sell its parts. 

So, obtain your instant offer right now and sell your junk car to Cash Cars Buyer! 


“How much is my junk car worth?” & FAQ

I don’t have the title to my junk car. Can I still sell my car to you?

For valued customers who don’t have a title to their car, take comfort in the fact that we do buy cars with no title. In many cases, not having the title to your car, is not an issue. We do ask that you have your car registration as well as picture ID, once you’re ready to sell your vehicle. Click here and share all details about your car. And be sure to include the fact that you don’t have the title! Then call us so that we can make you a guaranteed offer, schedule a pickup and payout for you, FAST! 


How much is my junk car worth? 

Here at Cash Cars Buyer, we specialize in purchasing junk cars for cash. Our offers range from $100 on the bottom or low end all the way up to thousands of dollars, for some vehicles. We buy all makes and models too! Just click here and get a FREE online quote for your car! With our no-nonsense approach to car buying, you’ll join the hundreds of happy customers that we have bought old cars from! 


What fees do I have to pay, once I sell my car to you?  

Cash Cars Buyer is a “FEE-FREE” company! You never have to pay us anything to sell your old car! 


Is the towing free too?
It sure is! Once you sell your old car to us, you never have to pay to have it hauled away! 


Can I sell my old car with the flood damage?
You sure can! Even if your car has frame damage, we will still buy it! 


What’s the Best Way to Sell my Accident Damaged Car Near Me?

That would be Cash Cars Buyer. We take the frustration, anger and stress out of selling an old vehicle.  You never have to bring your car to us. We come directly to you!  Just think of all of the wonderful things you can do, with the free space you’ll have, with that junk car being gone! Get an instant offer, and call us so that we can come and get your car and pay money, FAST! 

What time of day can I get my instant offer? 

The beauty of your instant offer, is you can obtain it 24 hours a day, seven days a week! Whether you have on your work clothes, or your bathrobe, you can sit in front of your computer and obtain your instant offer in matter of minutes! 

How can I junk my car online, for free? 

That’s an easy one- Cash Cars Buyer! Unlike other places that charge you fees to list your car in their online marketplace, we never charge you to use our services! We take care of paperwork, processing and towing – free to you! 

Why You Should I sell my damaged car to Cash Cars Buyer? 

  • We pay in money on the spot for all kinds of junk cars, even those that refuse to run! 
  • Can’t find the title to your junk car? We buy cars with no title! In most cases not having your car title is not an issue. But we do ask that you have your car registration as well as your picture ID once you are ready to sell your car.   
  • We offer FREE junk car removal! You never have to pay us, to have your car towed away! 
  • Our services are “FEE-FREE” to you! Forget forking over money for paperwork, processing or even towing!     
  • We are local to Anniston, AL & can arrive to your location in as little as 24 hours! 
  • You can get an instant offer on your car, 24/7, in the privacy of your own home! 
  • We are a licensed bonded and insured company. That means we are honest, and straightforward! You will have the best possible outcome to your junk car selling experience with us!


Anniston, there’s the old, drawn-out and frustrating way to sell a junk car, and then there’s Cash Cars Buyer. Buying junk cars is our business! So, get your FREE online instant quote and sell your junk car to us, NOW!