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Get A Great Offer on Your Junk Car in Alexandria, Louisiana

Get A Great Offer on Your Junk Car in Alexandria, Louisiana

If you have a car sitting on your property just wasting away in Alexandria, you've probably been wondering for a while now what you can do with it. What should be a simple task of selling your junk car and getting a few dollars for it can be a nightmare when you get into it.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


There are so many choices out there for getting rid of your junk car. There's the classic route of looking up your local scrap dealer, scheduling a time to meet them, and then paying to have your car towed to their lot if they agree to buy it.


Heading to Craigslist and placing an ad is also an option, but the problem there is your ad may sit for weeks, and if someone even makes you an offer it could be much less then you were hoping for.


Of course, you've probably already Googled who pays for junk cars near me, or something like that, and seen literally millions of results. When you come up against a wall like that it can make you just want to throw in the towel and not even bother.


Fortunately, Cash Cars Buyer is able to offer you a great deal as well as fast and efficient service. That way you don't need to waste any time, and you can get back to enjoying your life in Alexandria. 


Life in Alexandria, Louisiana


What do you enjoy most about your life in Alexandria? There's a lot of great things about the city that make it a standout from its neighbours in the state. Aside from the fact that it is almost dead centre in the middle of Louisiana, which means it's pretty easy to get to anywhere else you might want to go, it's got a great balance between big city life and a small-town feel hat you can't get just anywhere.


Alexandria is a good place to make a living and enjoy your downtime when you're not working. So, during the week when you're paying the bills by putting in your hours over at Walker Automotive or Integrated Packing Group or wherever else it is that you may work. We also know you're looking forward to your time off after work and on the weekends.


Not every junk car buyer out there really appreciates the value of your free time. As a result you can end up wasting a lot of your free time scheduling appointments with salvage dealers when you could just be having some chicken wings at Pamela's Bayou in a Bowl or that delicious lasagna at Verona Italian Ristorante.


At Cash Cars Buyer we understand that you work hard so that you can relax in your down time. We know that you'd rather be taking the family to the Alexandria Zoological Park or bowling a few games at the Four Seasons Bowling Center rather than trying to find a way to get your junk car to a scrap yard.


Our online tool is available for you to use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week whenever it's convenient for you. When you use it you can get an instant offer for $500 cash that we’ll pay to you in just 24 hours when we make a deal. How do we come up with the offer that we're going to make? Let's take a look. 

Cash in Hand in Under 24 Hours

Our competition is probably only going to offer you $200 to $400 for your junk car.  While we offer you up to $500 cash or more for your car, there's more to it than you may at first realize. A few things go into how we decide on the offer we're going to make.


  • When you use our online tool the first thing we are going to ask you is for the make, model, and year of your vehicle. Anytime you deal with a business that buys or sells cars, this is the basic information that they're going to ask you.


  • The trim level of your vehicle is also something that we're going to want to know about. When you buy a car brand new the difference between the highest trim level and the lowest room level can be well over $10,000. When you sell your car as a junker, this can factor in and make you a few more dollars overall.


  • Your vehicle's condition is of course important in determining its value. A car that's sustained damage in an accident or suffers from something like a blown head gasket is not going to be worth as much as one that still runs and is in good condition.


  • Sometimes rare cars can be worth a lot more than your average, run-of-the-mill vehicle. It doesn't mean anything as rare as an ‘81 DeLorean, or a ‘62 Ferrari either. As long as it's somewhat unusual, there's a chance that other drivers will pay a premium for the parts.


  • Even if your vehicle isn't that rare, if it's a popular model then there's a chance you could get some extra money as some of the parts could still be in high demand. 


  • Another important thing to consider is the actual scrap value of your vehicle. Not everyone knows this but scrap, just like copper and gold, has a value that you can track. If you go to this website here you can see what scrap is worth today. Knowing this you can calculate what your vehicle is worth based just on the weight of the metal that's in it.


Now that you know how it is we establish the offer we're going to make for you, if you are ready to go ahead with the sale you may be wondering how the car is title factors in. 

No Car Title? Not a Problem!

Anytime you buy or sell a vehicle the car's title has to exchange hands. This is the legal document that proves ownership and it's issued by the government. Unfortunately, it's a piece of paper, and paper can be a fragile thing.


If you've lost your car title in the house somewhere, or it was damaged when a pipe burst in the basement, it may seem like you’ve run out of options for selling your junk car. But you do have a couple of paths that you can choose.


First, you can head down to the Alexandria DMV. When you get there, you can fill out some paperwork to get a replacement car title. They'll send you a new one in the mail within a couple of weeks and everything will be as good as new.


If you're not interested in waiting that long, there is a second option. When you sell your junk car to Cash Cars Buyer, in many cases we can still go ahead with a sale even if you don't have the title. So long as you have your driver's license and a valid vehicle registration, we should still be able to make a deal. This is just one of the many ways that Cash Cars Buyer stands out from the crowd. 

The Benefits of Choosing Cash Cars Buyer

With all the choices are there for selling your junk car, what makes Cash Cars Buyer the best choice out of the bunch? Take a look at why we are the clear choice for selling your junk car.


  1. We have over 10 years of experience buying junk cars. Not only do we have a long list of satisfied customers, we have the best customer service in the industry.


  1. Honesty and integrity are important to us when it comes to doing business. That's why we invite you to check out the value of scrap before you even get in touch with us. We want you to know that the offer we make you is more than fair.


  1. Selling your junk car to Cash Cars Buyer doesn't just clear up an eyesore on your property and put a few extra dollars in your wallet, it helps the environment as well. People don't often consider that the longer a junk car sits around the more dangerous it can be. It's full of substances like transmission fluid and old motor oil which can leak out and pollute the ground. We are able to safely dispose of those substances, and we can recycle most of the scrap material in your vehicle as well.


  1. We respect your schedule and try our best to work with it, you never need to work with ours. That's why our online tool is available to use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You never need to rearrange your schedule to deal with us.


  1. When you use our online tool to get your instant cash offer, we'll be able to pay you up to $500 cash or more in just 24 hours. Our competition can't make that same claim.  When you go with us you never have to wait for a check to clear, or online payment to process.


  1. We are local to the Alexandria, Louisiana area. That means that once we've made a deal, you don't need to worry about how that junk car is going to get off your property. We can come to you and tow it away free of charge.


As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why Cash Cars Buyer is the best in the business. All you need to do is head to our main page and click on the get instant offer button to start the process now.