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Finding the best buyer for your junk car can be a very time-consuming frustrating process, especially if you are looking for the most cash for junk cars in Tinley Park, IL.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

If you think of selling your junk car to a dealer next by, don't be surprised if they don't even look at you old high mileage car. Also, many local junk car buyers will not offer you the price you have in mind.

The other way to sell your car can be through classified websites like Craigslist or eBay Motor. What you might not be aware of is that these websites take a lot of time and effort if you are lucky enough to find a good buyer. You don't only need to learn how to make an ad, you also have to monitor it and make sure it is ranked at the top of the page so people can find it, otherwise, you will wait months until you hear from an interested buyer.

Even if you find the perfect buyer, you will have to risk meeting him at your private property, assuming that he will show up, which in most cases, doesn't happen.

At Cash Car Buyer, we take care of all that hassle and offer you the top dollar your vehicle deserves around Tinley Park, IL. Our process is super simple, give us a call and tell us about your car, get your free offer within seconds, we will come to pick up your vehicle and hand you the cask payment right on the spot.

We buy junk cars for cash in Tinley Park, IL

  • We provide cash payment right on the spot; up to $15,000
  • We are one of the top-rated junk car removal companies in Tinley Park, IL
  • We offer free towing for all our customers despite their living location
  • We buy all cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, minivans, and any unwanted vehicle despite their condition.

Tinley Park, Illinois


Village of Tinley Park is located in Cook County, Illinois, United States. The village has a total area of 16.13 square miles and a total population of 58,312, according to the 2018 U.S. Census Bureau.

There are a lot of places you can visit and enjoy around the Village of Tinley Park like:

  • The Fannie May Outlet
  • The Tinley Park Convention Center
  • The Hailstorm Brewing Co.
  • The White Water Canyon Water Park
  • The Hollywood Casino Amphitheater
  • The Odyssey Fun World
  • The Open Bottle
  • And more!

Why should I choose Cash Car Buyer buys to sell my car in Tinley Park, IL?


Luckily, selling your junk car is now a very simple process that can happen within only three steps. Give us from one to three days between your call and your cash payment.

At our company, we don't have any hidden fees. We offer free towing for all our customers despite where they live around Tinley Park, IL. Unlike most other junk car removal companies, we don't surprise you with additional charges just to move your car.

Furthermore, we never change our offer. A lot of people complained that junk removal companies would change their offer at the pickup time. This is frustrating! We never do that! When we provide you with an instant offer, we keep our word as this offer represents the actual cash you will be handed at the pickup time. 

Suppose you are one of those people who don't feel comfortable meeting strangers at their private property, not a problem at all! All our junk car removal specialists are background checked. Also, you don't have to meet us at your house, and we can meet you at any location of your choice. 

Our offers are the highest your vehicle can receive in Tinley Park, IL. Our team uses the most advanced technology to come up with an offer that represents the true value of your car. We rely on an intensive review of the most recent purchases around Tinley Park. We also look into the price of scrap metal in the area during our evaluation process. 

Some people might think that this process takes so much time. However, with the advanced technology we are using, the evaluation process happens within a couple of seconds.


How does our process work in Tinley Park, IL?


Cash Car Buyer works in car buying every day for the last couple of decades. That been said, our company knew Tinley Park's residents very well and was able to create a simple process that works for everyone. 

Our process can be summarized in the following three steps:


  • Describe your junk car



The first thing we need is to evaluate your car. Therefore, we will ask you some basic questions about your car's type and condition. For instance, we might ask you any of the following questions:

    • What is your car's make, model, and year?
    • Does your car have a title?
    • Are there any major damages in your vehicle?
    • Is the car missing any parts?

You must be honest at this point to help us avoid contention at the pickup time. 


  • We will provide you an instant offer within seconds



Our team will provide you an offer within a couple of seconds from receiving your information. This offer represents the maximum cash you can get for your car in Tinley Park, IL.

You can accept it or reject it. If you think the offer is reasonable for you, you can go ahead and accept the offer. Once the offer is accepted, you will be asked to provide contact information so our local junk car removal specialist can remove your car and hand you the cash payment. 


  • Get paid



Cash Car Buyer's local junk car removal specialist will remove your car safely and hand you the cash payment right on the spot. 

Many people ask about the different payment options we have. Our company only uses cash payments to avoid any issues with checks bouncing back your bank account or frustrating phone call payments. 

What do I need to do after I sell my junk car in Tinley Park, IL?

There are a couple of things we recommend you do after you sell your junk car in Tinley Park, IL and any other place around the United States like:

  • Take a look inside your car and make sure that you removed all personal belongings. Look for your phone, computer, clothes, and any other valuable item. It is not hard to forget personal items in the car especially if you owned it for a very long time
  • Take your vehicle's plates. Once you finish the deal, you need to go to your local DMV office and cancel your registration. They will ask you for your vehicle's plates to process the cancellation. Canceling the registration is very critical to avoid getting involved in problems by the new car's owners. 


  • Cancel your insurance and get the advantage of any remaining balance. No one would like to keep paying for a car that they don't own. If you inform your insurance company that you sold your car as junk, you might get some future discounts for your new vehicle. 

Who buys junk cars without a title in Tinley Park, IL?

In most cases, no title is no problem as long as you have your driver's license and a copy of your registration.

The car's title is one of the most important factors determining how much cash you will get for your car. in other words, if you want to sell a car with a title, you will get a higher as compared to selling the same car without a title.

We advise that you get a title replacement from your local DMV office. This way, you can make much more money for your junk vehicle. 

You can visit your local DMV office at 14700 S. Ravinia Ave., Orland Park, Illinois, 60462. They will ask you for some paperwork to prove ownership and a small fee. 

How much will you pay for my junk car in Tinley Park, IL?

The price of junk cars differs by car type, condition, and price of scrap metal. In Tinley Park, most junk cars go for $270. In general, you can get somewhere between $100 and $15,000 for your car. 

here is a list of our most recent purchases around Tinley Park, IL by car's type:

  • 2013 Nissan Altima. We purchased this car for $730
  • 2012 Volkswagen Jetta. We purchased this car for $320
  • 2011 Smart ForTwo. We purchased this car for $550
  • 2010 Pontiac G6. We purchased this car for $100
  • 2009 Nissan cube. We purchased this car for $290
  • 2009 Nissan Altima. We purchased this car for $210


Next steps

Don't waste more time looking at your junk car without any action. Collect cash on your car rather than collecting rust and dust. Give us a call today at (773) 791-436 and get your instant offer for free!