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Cash For Cars Reviews – How Can I Get The Most Money For My Junk Car?

Cash For Cars Reviews – How Can I Get The Most Money For My Junk Car?

Scouring the Internet after you enter the search words “Cash For Cars Reviews”? Looking to sell your car for cash and need money fast? Find out what other people are saying after they sell their junk used or wrecked cars to various places!

How can I get the most money for my junk car?

When you’re looking to get the most money from your junk car, there are few ways to ensure that you’re not getting scammed.

Check out a few tips below, we provide to help you get the most money for your ride!

Know Your Car’s Condition

Regardless of the kind of car you’re selling, you have to know what you are indeed selling. As a car seller, you have to know what parts on your car are working and what is not. With this information, you come across as an educated car seller and you are less likely to get scammed.

Find Out What Works on Your Car

This tip goes with the one above. When you know what is working on your car, you are a better seller. Do you have a bad starter, but your AC is in great working order? Is your engine great, but your transmission slipping? Be sure you take the time to go and visit an auto mechanic and find out what works on your car and what doesn’t.

Find A Reputable Car Seller

While preparing your car for sale, be sure that you are working with a reputable car seller. You want to read the reviews of the place you’re looking at and you want to make sure you know their history.

Cash For Cars Reviews

Cash For Cars Reviews – The Dealerships

Lots of folks will search the Internet for dealerships when they are looking to sell a car. This is usually the case when you have moderately good working car but want something newer. A few things to keep in mind when selling your car to a dealership:

  • Dealerships are there to make a profit. So, if they see no profit from the purchase of your car, then they may pass on buying it.
  • Some dealerships (not all!) will prey on sellers. This means, they will find a seller’s weaknesses and play on them. Be an informed seller!
  • Always negotiate the price of your car. If you feel as if you have a great working car, then negotiate to get the highest price for it. You have nothing to lose and may have more money to gain!
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Once the dealership appraises your car, ask them how they arrived at the offer they did. Ask as many questions you wish!

Some experiences from folks who went to sell a car at a dealership

Check out some of these reviews we found, various customers posted, regarding their experience selling their car to a dealership.

Customer Number One

“Way better than “X” and “X” experience is good too. “Y” made a more realistic offer for my car. I will definitely do more business with “Y”. I will definitely buy from them!”

Customer Number Two

“My second time I had my car ready to sell … got it priced at “X”, then listed it quickly for $1,200 more on “Y”. That was a GREAT deal for the buyer when compared to the used car market value, but also good for me. I did not play around when people called. “Has it been in an accident?” … “Yes.” I only wanted serious buyers … the first one that came knocked a bit off the price … I accepted. Done.”

Customer Number Three

“I recently sold a 2004 Ford Focus to “X”. The car was worth about $2000, but needed over $1000 in repairs to the nonfunctional air conditioner. They gave me $1000, and I was happy with that. They quoted me both their appraiser's price and the “Y” price and offered me whichever was higher, which turned out to be “Y”. Previously, I sold them a small pickup truck that was a total piece of junk. The transmission was slipping badly. They gave me a very fair price. In neither case would I have felt comfortable selling it to an individual and doubt anyone would want it if I disclosed the problems. It was a simple process both times and took about an hour. They did all the paperwork for no added charge.”

Customer Number Four

“The one thing to consider when selling a car (whether to “X” or anyone else) versus trading on a newer car is the sales tax. In our state (PA) one pays sales tax one the net of the car purchased vs. the trade. So, unless you get more then 6-7% above your trade value, trading is the easy way and financially more advantageous. Having said that, I have had good experiences selling several cars [online] – -but I recognize the hassle and fraud possibility factor.”

Cash For Cars ReviewsCash For Cars Reviews – How do I get rid of my car for cash?

For many, a junkyard is a great place to get rid of a car for fast cash. While many junkyards are great places, some are not. So as a car seller, you want to make sure that you know a few things before you visit a junk yard.

The value of your car

Before selling your car to a junk yard, be sure that you know your car’s worth. Some junkyard owners will try to scam you while making quick money for themselves.

Never take the first offer

Take the time to negotiate with the junkyard owner and see how much money you can get for your car.

Don’t be in a hurry

Sure, you may need cash fast, but you never want to seem as if you are in a hurry or you are desperate for money. Things may be tight, but always remain composed and calm.

Get the most money and keep the current price of scrap handy

Want the most money for your car and you’re looking to sell to a junkyard? Be sure that you know the current price of scrap metal.

What folks say about their junkyard selling experiences

Customer Number One

“I contacted them to pick up a junk 1997 VW Jetta that I wanted gone. “X” responded to my request within quickly (within 30 mins) and picked up the car within a couple hours of my request.  I would do business with them again.”

Customer Number Two

“This business is unethical. “X” gave us a quote of $200 for our junk car. We scheduled 3pm for pick up. But no one shows up. Then we call only to find out that “X” has to call his driver to arrange for pick up. His driver contacts us and says he'll arrange for a truck to come. At 5:30pm, the driver shows up with no truck and offers $60 and says we have to wait another half hour for the truck then leaves. The truck never showed up. Do not do business with these people, they are dishonest people who don't think twice about wasting your time. Their website says ‘honesty and kindness are the keys to our success’, nothing can be further from the truth. I hope this review saves you from doing business with these people.”

Update: “I contacted another company yesterday, they arrived on time and paid me $155. That's how businesses should work.”

Customer Number Three

“I've messaged them to get a quote for our 96 Honda Accord. They replied back once and when we asked to schedule a pickup and date. No one replied back for days.  Definitely not the best response time or customer service.  Luckily, we sold it to a very happy man for three times they quoted us for.”

Customer Number Four

Not worth your time. Pick your part and other services are way better with customer service and offering on what your car is ACTUALLY worth. Won't recommend this place to anyone.

Cash For Cars ReviewsCash For Cars Reviews – Where Can I Sell My Non Working Car?

When you have a non running car, your choices for selling it are limited. But you may find a few places that may take it. Such a place may be car buying places.

So, how do you prepare your car to sell to a specific car buying place? Check out our tips below!

Be sure that you have your paperwork handy and ready to go

When you sell your car to a car buying service, make sure that you have your car title, car registration and picture ID. You may also want to call and see what other documents you need to have, to sell your non-working car.

Be sure you know your car’s worth

Kelley Blue Book is a great resource for finding out what your car is worth.  Check them out to get a general value for your car before selling it to a car buying place.

Deal with an established business

You should only do business with a licensed, bonded and insured company. You want to ask questions about their policies and find out things such as if they offer:

  • An instant quote for your non working car
  • Free vehicle removal
  • No hidden fees

The People have spoken!

Check out what folks say about various car buying places!

Customer Number One

“I had a great experience with “X”. I had a junk car I needed to get rid of, and they quickly sold my car for more cash than I was expecting. Very impressed with their cash for cars

Customer Number Two

“Was really feeling the untrustworthy part being that a stranger tells you a name in text and the text number is not their number to call but rather they call you from a different number. It was scary turning over my vehicle and trusting that the tow company would hand you a real check but they did and the money was in the bank. Worked out well.

Customer Number Three

“’X” delivered NONE of its contractual or advertising promises. Changed deal points with ultimatum 15 mins before transaction.”

Customer Number Four

“Before going to ‘X', I looked around at some other places and gotten quotes from them and “X” gave me a really good quote, much higher than the other ones! Other companies that I spoke with did try to talk me down. They wanted to emphasize the amount of repairs that the vehicle needed, and told me that I wouldn’t find a more competitive price anywhere else and just a few more calls and I did speak with ‘X' and we proved them wrong.”cash for cars reviews


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