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Are you looking for some cash for junk cars in Decatur, IL? Do you own a used, rusted, broken, or completely damaged car? Cash Car Buyer exchange cash with old cars in Decatur, IL.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

At Cash Car Buyer, every car has a value. Don't feel shy to call us if your car is not in the best situation. As a junk car buyer, we expect wrecked vehicles. We don't only pay the top dollar for your car; we will also remove it FREE of charge despite where you live around Decatur.

Our junk car removal process is the safest, simplest, and fastest in Decatur. We will pickup your car within one to three business days. You don't need to worry about strangers coming to your private property every day to check out your car. All our junk car removal specialists are background checked, and you will know who you are dealing with.

We have the greatest reputation among all competitors. We will never change our word when we pick up your car. the offer that we provide you represents the actual money you will get when we meet you to remove your car. No hidden fees! We like that our customers enjoy their cash payment without any surprising charges like many junk car removal companies do.

Get cash for your junk car in Decatur, along with FREE towing!

  • We offer cash payments right on the spot, up to $19,000!
  • We don't have any hidden fees and will pick up your car FREE of charge
  • We are one of the top-rated junk car removal companies in Decatur, Illinois
  • We buy all cars from all makes, models, and years despite their condition

Decatur, Illinois


The city of Decatur is located in Macon County, Illinois, United States. The city has a total area of 46.96 square miles and a total population of 71,290, according to the 2018 U.S. Census Bureau. Interestingly, Decatur's population decreased slightly from 1990 when about 85,000 people were living in the city.

There are a lot of places you can visit and enjoy around Decatur like:

  • Chevrolet Hall of Fame Museum
  • Children's Museum of Illinois
  • Scovill Zoo
  • Hieronymus Mueller Museum
  • Lake Decatur
  • Rock Springs Conservation Area & Nature Center
  • Sand Creek Conservation Area
  • Transfer House
  • James Millikin Homestead
  • And much more!

How does our junk car removal process work in Decatur?


Selling your junk car is no longer a hard task. With Cash Car Buyer, you will find that our process is as easy as an apple pie! 

We have a long time of experience in selling cars around Decatur. Thus, we know the residents very well, and that's why we formulated a super easy process that fits anyone's skills and time. Here is all that you need to do:


  • Submit your car's information



To get started, you need to tell us what your car's make, model, and the year is. We also need information about your car's condition, whether your engine can move the car, whether your car starts, whether there are major issues with the transmission, etc. 

We also need to know if your car has a title and some information about how to contact you.

We don't ask these questions to decide whether we want to buy your car or not, we need the information to evaluate your car so we can propose the most valid offer for you.


  • Get our instant offer



The next step is that we will propose an instant offer for you. This offer is based on an intensive review to most recent purchases around Decatur and the price of scrap metal

Don't worry, and the evaluation doesn't take more than a couple of seconds because our team uses an advanced technology that allows them to finish the evaluation fast.

If you are happy with our offer, you can proceed by providing contact information and some additional details about where and when do you need to get your junk car picked up.


  • Get your junk car removed and receive the payment



The last step is to have one of our local junk car removal specialists come and pick up your car safely.

Before we pick up your car, we do a couple of things:

    • Perform a quick inspection to make sure that the information we have in our system matches your car.


    • Remind you to remove your personal belongings from the car. Many people tend to forget their phones, computers, clothes, or any other valuable item.


    • Remind you to take your car's plates because you will need them to cancel your registration and finish the deal.


    • Last, we recommend that you contact your insurance company and cancel the policy. This way, you can get the advantage of any remaining balance, and build a strong relationship with them so you can get future discounts. 


Once everything is complete, our junk car removal specialist will hand you the cash payment right on the spot. We prefer to use cash payments because we want our process to be as smooth and easy as possible. Many people complained that checks might bounce back their bank account. Others don't like the long waiting time using phone call payments. 

No need to waste your time using classified ads, Cash Car Buyer offers hassle-free pickups in Decatur, IL!

Like any Decatur resident, you might be thinking, why don't I try selling my junk car by myself using classified ads? Well, once you give it a try, you will know exactly how frustrating the process is, and you can then tell how easy and hassle-free our process is.

With classified ads, you need to learn how to create, monitor, and rank ads. Then, you have to reply to thousands of messages and emails. After that, you will need to arrange a time for buyers to come and check out your car. Most of them won't show up, and others might come and leave without buying your car. if you think you can get your car sold in a short time, unfortunately, you are wrong. Selling your car using classified ads takes weeks, if not months, unless you posted a very low price. 

If you noticed, there is a lot of hassle and waste of time and energy to get your car removed.

On the other hand, Cash Car Buyer doesn't get you involved in any of this hassle. We first guarantee to buy your car, which means that when you call us, you know for sure that we will buy your car. Second, we never change our offers at the pickup time, which means that when you receive our offer, you know for sure how much cash you will be receiving. Last, we guarantee to remove your car within one to three days. 

That been said, you don't need to look further than Cash Car Buyer to sell your junk car in Decatur, IL!

Who buys junk cars without a title in Decatur, IL?

In most cases, no title is no problem as long as you have your driver's license and a copy of your registration.

Most junk car removal companies will not buy your car if it doesn't have a title. While we can still help you, we like to be clear with you that you will receive a lower offer if you don't have a title.

Luckily, you still have a chance to get a higher offer! As a legal owner of the vehicle, you can get a title replacement from your local DMV office at 3149 N. Woodford, Decatur, Decatur, Illinois, 62526. They will just ask you for some paperwork to prove ownership and a small fee.

One thing on that, you need to be clear about the timeline they need to get your new title. While some cities will hand you the title the same day, other cities might require a couple of weeks before you get the new title. 

That been said, you need to think about your objectives and goals. If you would like to remove your car as soon as possible, you might need to scarify getting a lower quote. However, if you care the most about getting the maximum cash of your junk car, you might need to wait until you get your new title. 

How long does it take to get my junk car removed in Decatur, Illinois?

As one of the fastest junk car removal companies in Decatur, we take one to three business days until we get your junk car removed. This schedule might get affected by local holidays and extreme weather conditions. 

If you can wait this long, you can always request our same-day pickup option.

Where should I start?

Well, the only thing you need to do now is to give us a call at (773) 791-436 and receive your free, instant quote!