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If “cash for cars Corpus Christi is your problem, let Cash Cars Buyer be your solution! We buy all makes and models!

⚠️ If It's Broken, Don't Fix It - Get Paid Cash for Your Vehicle ⚠️

From our FREE car removal to no fees for you, we are Corpus Christi premier car buying company! Our local service spans zip codes 78336, 78427, 78480 and surrounding areas!

Forget bringing your car to us; we come to YOU! And in many cases, we can appraise your car the same day you contact us! But you will never wait weeks or months to sell your car with us!

So, for that quality service you want and the quick cash you deserve, get an instant offer on your car toady and then call us to complete the sale! 844-663-7286!

Understanding Car Buyers

Whether you are looking to post an online ad, or even post an ad for your used car on Autotrader, you have to think like a buyer. So, check out a few bullets we are offering in understanding the average car buyer.

  • When it comes to a vehicle sale, the car buyer wants to control. Many car buyers think that their money is “king” and they want control of the sale. So, they will ask you questions and request specific times and days to come and look at your car, if you sell it privately.
  • Car buyers want a good deal. The one thing that just about all car buyers will do is negotiate. When a car buyer sees a car they want to buy, they will try their hardest to bring down that price as far as it will go. They will also give reasons for the bringing down the price of a car too!
  • Your average car buyer will also work to find out as much about the car as they can. This means that you as the seller need to know all about your car so, that you can answer any question thrown your way.

The Cash Cars Buyer Difference – Local Car Buyers in Your Area

Selling your car doesn’t have to be “rocket science”. It also doesn’t have to bring you stress or frustration. You can feel confident selling your car to us, knowing that we are a straightforward and honest car buying company. We even have an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau!

So, get that instant offer on your car and then follow up with us for a guaranteed cash offer! 844-663-7286!

cars for cash corpus christiCars For Cash Corpus Christi – How it Works

Enter vehicle details

Enter our site and prepare for your instant offer. Be sure to tell us all about your car. The better and more detailed you are with your information, the more accurate your instant offer will be!  Afterward, you can call us for that guaranteed offer shortly after you click “submit”!

Accept your Offer

Once you have your guaranteed offer, be sure to follow up and obtain your guaranteed offer. Like what you hear? Great! Give us direction to your home, a great time and day, and we will be there to inspect your car!

Get the cash!

Cash Cars Buyer partners with a nationwide network of agents to appraise, pick up and pay you cash! Generally, we can pick up your car in as little as 24 hours! Most cars are picked up 24 to 48 hours after you accept our offer!

We Buy Junk Cars in Your Area

Looking to get rid of that car causing you Texas-sized headaches? We can help! Even if your car has dents and damage galore, we will still buy it!

Thanks to our national friendly agents, we are located all throughout Texas as well as Corpus Christi. So, head outside for a walk at the Island Farmers’ Market for some fresh fruit and fresh air! Or, simply enjoy some take out at the Z Counter CORPUS CHRISTI! But whatever your plans are, don’t include “worry about junk car” as a thing to do!

Get your instant offer and get your guaranteed offer! Like what you hear and see? Call us and get rid of that clunker fast! 844-663-7286!

Cash Cars Buyer Offers FREE Car Removal and Cash in Hand! Classic Cars Wanted!

Your classic car is your “baby” but you have come to the conclusion it’s time to get rid of it. You rarely drive it and it just takes up space. We get it and we do buy classic cars!

Although beautiful, classic cars my be a bit difficult maintain for the following reasons:

  1. The parts to fix any of it, may not be manufactured anymore.
  2. Auto professionals may not be able to repair the car, due to its age.
  3. It may not be able to endure the posted speeds on the highways and byways.

For these three reasons as well as more, you may find it time to part ways with your classic car.

But no worries!

Cash Cars Buyer will treat you as well as your classic car with dignity as well as respect. We know what it’s like to maintain a car. They can be expensive and if the parts are outdated, you may find it is not the beautiful machine that it once was.

So, enter your classic car’s specs and obtain an instant offer on your car. We make selling your classic car easy and the cash you need from it is but an instant offer and as well as phone call away! 844-663-7286!

Cars For Cash Corpus ChristiCars For Cash Corpus Christi – Cash Cars Buyer Offers Cash for Cars Near You!

When it comes to selling your car, you may think of places that are near you that may take your car. once you get there, you have high hopes of getting cash.


Local dealerships offer cash for cars. But you have to keep in mind that they exist to make a profit. So, you may have stellar car, but you may not see stellar amount of cash for it.


Of course, this is the obvious choice for selling your car, because they have a reputation of giving cash on the spot. But lots of junkyards will tell car sellers one price on the phone and give another in person. And then you have the fees. Lots of junkyards charge fees that end up costing car sellers lots of money. So, you really have to think: “Did I make a profit selling my car here?”

Scrap Yards

Similar to junk yards you have scrap yards. These places offer cash for cars and you have to remember that most of what they buy will go to companies as well as agents who buy scrap metal. In this instance, it helps to know the current price of scrap metal.

We Offer FREE Junk Car Removal in Your Area – We come to you, Corpus Christi!

One of the biggest perks to our service, is our offering of FREE junk car or used car removal. Once you sell your car to us, you never have to pay a penny to remove it from your property! That’s our job! We take pride in what we do and we love making customers happy! So, get your instant offer and be sure to include your zip code. Once you do, you will have a precise offer on your car and you can gauge if you want to continue to sell it!

Cash for Cars Corpus Christi- “I cannot find my title anywhere!”

Not having the title to your car is not a problem in many cases.  We buy cars with no title and we may buy yours!

We do ask that you have your car registration as well as your picture ID for the sale of your car.  Once you have that duo, just enter your car’s details, ensuring that you let us know in the selection, you don’t have your car title. Your instant offer will be based on what you enter, including your lack of car title.

Frequently Asked Questions

My car is sitting on blocks and will not start. Will you buy it?

Of course! We buy all makes and models, even if it isn’t running!

What is my car’s value?

With your instant offer, you can obtain an accurate offer on your car. This allows you to proceed further if you want.

I damaged my car title. Will you still buy my car?

We buy cars with no title and we may buy yours! Just have your car registration with you as well as your picture ID. And if you think we need anymore documents or paperwork, provide those as well! Then, get your instant offer. Once you do, call us with a request to get a guaranteed offer. Be sure to tell us you don’t have the title.

How do I Get 500 Cash for Junk Cars with Same Day Pick Up?

Generally, our junk car or used car pickup is within 24-48 hours. And depending on your Corpus Christi location, we can get there the same day you call us!  With our decade of experience, your car appraisal, buying, and pick up is friendly and fast! fast. We're also one of the best places you can sell your car, even for blown engines!

How do I sell My Car with Local Auto Recycling Agents?

Looking to help Mother Earth! So are we! We work with local recycling companies to sell parts for recycling! So, sell your car to us! Some of the most popular car parts that are recyclable include: tires, glass, batteries, engines, fenders, doors and more!

Cars For Cash Corpus ChristiCars for Cash Corpus Christi – Choose Cash Cars Buyer Today!

  • We provide cash on the spot
  • With over a decade of experience, we are the establishment who buys junk cars near me.
  • We purchase all makes and models.
  • In many cases, we can schedule same day pickups.
  • Stellar customer service and staff.
  • You can get an instant quote any time of the day or night you choose!
  • No title? In most cases, you can sell us your car without the title. We ask that you have your car registration as well as your picture ID. Call us we will get rid of your rusted clunker for good!

Selling a car in Difficult Times

Our world is a beautiful world, but it has challenges. Sometimes, life can be hard and you need money fast for a variety of needs. We get that and we encourage you to never give up.  If you do decide to sell your car on your own during a difficult global event:

  1. Make sure that it’s clean. You want to sell a clean car, no matter what.
  2. Be honest with potential buyers. Do not hide any information about your car to those who may want to buy it. You may even opt to obtain a vehicle history report for buyers, to show you are honest and straightforward.
  3. Be patient. You are winner and you have a car to sell. You will have to stay up and positive and know that you will have a buyer for your car, despite setbacks. Even in an economical downturn, folks still need transportation for a variety of needs. So, keep that in mind, as you sell your car!

You also have Cash Cars Buyer!

We know that times may be hard right now, but you can still get an instant offer on your car and decide if selling it is what you want to do. If it is, just contact us and we can make you a guaranteed offer on your car, if you want to proceed with the sale.

Cars for Cash Corpus Christi – Sell Your Car Now!

Selling your car in Corpus Christi has ever been easier! We know you can sell your car online but with that, comes lots of work and patience.


Your online ad has to have some great photos of your car. You also have to make sure that the pics are sharp, focused and plentiful!


Whether you sell your car on Instagram, Facebook Marketplace, or Craigslist, you have to supply potential buyers with all of the specs about your car. The more information you provide, the less questions you have to answer.

Contact Information

Don’t forget that your online ad has to include a way of buyers contacting you. So, you may opt to provide your email or a phone number.

Cash Cars Buyer – Your Answer to Selling Your Car Online!

When it comes to selling your car online, privately, or to a great company, we fit the bill of all of that and “then some”!

We have over ten years of experience and we love what we do. We create the best possible outcome for all car sellers. So, let us create a great outcome for you! Receive your instant offer and then contact us today! 844-663-7286!

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