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Tired of trying to find a solution to “cash for cars Brooklyn NY” and coming up short?

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Cash For Cars Brooklyn NY Cash For Cars Brooklyn, NY – The Art of Selling Online

Make no mistake about it. Selling a car online is where its at these days. From Craigslist, to Facebook Marketplace as well as Instagram, online sales are the wave of the future.

So, if you have a junk car, a great used car or even car parts, you have a platform to sell your car. But there are some great points that we would love to remind you of, as you prepare to delve into the realms of selling a car online.

Knowing your car’s value

Once you get ready to sell your car, you have to know what you’re selling.  A great website to visit to get a value on your car is the Kelley Blue Book website. With this site, you can know approximately what your car is worth.

Get your car inspected

Taking your car to a trusted mechanic or an auto professional will help you decide if you need to sell your car as a car, or its parts. This is especially true if you have a junk car.

Deciding how to sell your car

After the inspection, you must take the time to decide how you want to sell your car. Are you selling your car by its parts? Or do you have a great used SUV that you are looking to get some great cash for?

Figuring out where you want to sell your car

From Autotrader, to eBay Motors, to Craigslist, you have plenty of online marketplaces you can sell your car. For lots of sites, you can attract buyers in your own zip code. And for other sites, you can attract buyers on the national scale. It’s all about what you prefer to do.

Taking and gathering photos of your car

No matter where you sell your car, your car has to have great photos. So, be sure that you have crisp, sharp and colorful pics. Regardless of if your car is a clunker sitting on bricks, or a great older sedan that may be perfect for an adult, pics tell the story of the kind of car you have.

Description of your vehicle is important

Don’t forget to include a very detailed description of your car. Lots of online platforms make it easy for you to input information such as year, make model and mileage. So, take full advantage of that and be sure to provide as much information about your car as you can.

Selling your car by its parts? Don’t forget the details!

If you’re selling your car by its parts, don’t forget to be as specific as you can about them. Be sure that you tell potential buyers the condition of each part and all of the specs about the car part too.

But you have the best online tool for selling your car right here!

Sell that great used pick up truck, hatchback or SUV with Cash Cars Buyer. We are the best place to sell your car online. From an instant offer you’re not obligated to take, to FREE removal of your car, it doesn’t get any better! 844-663-7286!

Cash For Cars Brooklyn NYCash For Cars Brooklyn, NY – Local Car Buyers Near You!

You know another added bonus to selling your car to Cash Cars Buyer? The fact that we are local to Brooklyn! We service all of Brooklyn, NY including zip codes 11223, 11224, 11229, 11235 in southern Brooklyn. And we also service zip codes 11234, 11236, 11239 in both Canarsie and Flatlands. We’ll even come to your Flatbush home in zip code areas 11203, 11210, 11225 and 11226.

“How do you all offer personalized service right to my door?”

We have a network of agents that is nationwide and we can get to you regardless of your Brooklyn location. Additionally, our agents are:

  • Friendly
  • Equipped with the know-how to appraise your car
  • Able to answer questions you have about the car buying experience!

So, obtain that instant offer now, and see what you got to work with! Ready to proceed with the sale of your great used or junk car? Call us for a guaranteed cash offer! 844-663-7286!

“What Makes a Vehicle a Junk Vehicle? I want to sell my Junk Car Fast!”

Perhaps you have a non-running old van in your driveway. Or maybe you have a car that will start, but there are other repairs on it that need to be made, that will cost you more than you have. So, what makes a car a junk car?

A car is a junk car when the repairs or fixes go beyond its worth, or the owner’s ability to pay. So, if you find yourself with a junk car, you have a buyer! Just get that instant offer and connect with us for a few more questions. We’ll then come back with a guaranteed cash offer on your car.

Ready to sell that junk car? Call us! 844-663-7286!

We Pay Cash for All Vehicles

Let’s face it. There is nothing more annoying that attempting to sell a vehicle in Brooklyn, NY. From the run-around you get from junkyards, to the “no thankyous” you hear from dealerships, it can be hard work!

And then there are those stipulations that companies may put on the kind of cars that they will buy. Some places may not buy SUVs that were made in the 80s, while another dealership will not take them at all. With us, the buying is different. We are an “equal opportunity car buyer”! In other words, we buy all makes and models. And we pay cash for all vehicles! So, what are you waiting for? Get that instant offer now and connect with us so we can buy your car fast! 844-663-7286!

cash for cars brooklyn ny Cash For Cars Brooklyn, NY – Breaking that Instant Offer Down!

We here at Cash Cars Buyer make it incredibly easy for you to get an instant offer on your vehicle! Once you decide you are ready to sell your car, you will be asked about your car’s:

  • Brand
  • Year, make and model
  • Trim
  • Location,
  • Damage if there is any and where it is located, and a few more points.

With this information, you will get the most precise offer possible. So, it’s important that you input as many details as you possibly can.

And your instant offer:

  • is accessible to you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • can be one that you think about, before selling
  • is one that you can call and ask us about at any time! 844-663-7286!

I Lost the Title to My Car – Will you still buy it?

In most cases, not having the title is not a big issue. But we will ask for your car registration as well as picture ID. This way we have proof of the owner of the car for sale.

Once you locate those two items, you can obtain your instant offer and get it in a matter of seconds. While you are getting that instant offer, you will be asked if you have the title. Just be sure to indicate that you don’t have it. This will ensure that you get a precise offer on your car. Then, call us so we can as you some additional question about your vehicle and make you a guaranteed cash offer on your car!

Cash For Cars Brooklyn NYWhat if My Car is a Total Loss?

If you are looking at a car that is a total loss, then you definitely have options here.

New York state considers a car to be a total loss if the repairs for the car exceed more than 75% of the vehicle’s current value.

According to the New York Department of Financial Services, NY.GOV website: “New York State law does require that automobile insurers pay for sales tax as a component of the ‘Actual cash value’ amount determined for a physical damage total loss claim to repair or replace a damaged automobile.”

New York State does not require that automobile insurance companies include title costs in determining the physical damage total loss settlement to the insured.

Additionally, you may need to consult your insurance company because  you may have a clause in it that states that your car insurance company may need to prepare a thorough estimate of the damages and be held responsible for paying you the vehicle owner, the amount of those damages.

In many instances, car owners are now left with the decision to either buy a car or not. When the insurance company determines how much they owe, Cash Cars Buyer will pay you the remaining amount of money of your damaged car, before the fixes to it.

Then, you the car owner will be poised to receive two money payments. You’ll get the first payment from your car insurance company. You’ll get the second from Cash Cars Buyer.  With both amounts, you can get another vehicle. In some cases, it makes sense to get a vehicle repaired. In some cases, it doesn’t.

Cash For Cars Brooklyn, NY – ” I have a few more questions!”

Here in New York, what does a savage title mean?

New York State’s salvage vehicle law mandates that a vehicle have a salvage title on it if the vehicle has some major destruction or damage.  For a car with a salvage title, the New York Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) must inspect the vehicle first before issuing a new salvage title certificate.

Will you buy my car with a New York Salvage title?

We sure will! Just enter your car’s details and indicate that you have the salvage title.

How do I go about getting a New York duplicate car title to sell my car?

When you request a replacement title at a New York DMV office, you will NOT get a new title while there. Instead, the NY DMV prints all title certificates in a secure facility in Albany. Then they put the titles in the mail and then you will receive it. You can also ask for a duplicate title online. Click here to learn more!

But you all buy cars with no title, correct?

We do! In most instances, not having the title is not a problem. And when you go to get your instant offer you have to indicate that you don’t have the title. Once done, connect with us at 844-663-7286. We’ll ask you some questions and be sure to let one of our friendly agents know that you don’t have the title.

I don’t have the keys to my car. Will you still buy it?

We will! Just let us know that the keys are missing.

How long will it take to sell my car to Cash Cars Buyer?

You can get rid of your unwanted vehicle in as little as 24 hours. Sometimes, we can even come the same day you initially call us!

We have agents who are nationwide. So, coming to your Brooklyn pad will not be a problem at all!

Cash For Cars Brooklyn NY – Sell Your Car Fast!

Need a few more reasons to sell your car to us? No problem! We have them!

  • We pay cash on the spot. Forget a check or a bank draft. Not on our watch! You can sell your car and get cash once we appraise it then buy it!
  • You never have to pay to haul your car away! That’s our job!
  • No hidden fees ever. Paperwork fee? Nope! Towing fee? Now you already know! Processing fees? What processing fees? Our services are COMPLETELY FREE TO YOU, FEE FREE!
  • We have over a decade of buying luxury, classic, used, wrecked, totaled and junk cars. Why wouldn’t we buy yours?
  • Our agents are the friendliest ever. We love what we do and we love making car sellers happy!

Cash For Cars Brooklyn NY

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