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Car Window Tinting Cost – How Long Does It Take To Tint Car Windows?

Car Window Tinting Cost

A car with tinted windows can offer a sleek, smooth and debonair look and feel. While there are many reasons that a person chose to get car windows tinted, the cost can vary depending on the number of windows that are tinted, and even the kind of tint used. When it comes to car window tinting cost, you want the most for your money, without compromising quality. 

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Car Window Tinting Cost and Questions to Ask Before Getting Your Car Windows Tinted 

Before you decide to get your car windows tinted, there are some questions that you should contemplate. Check them out below: 

What is the Quality of the Tint? 

The old adage “you get what you pay for” certainly applies to car window tinting. You want a quality tint and you want to last. So, do your research before purchasing a tint for your car windows. Two points to remember about window tinting: 1. Quality shows and 2. Quality counts. If you purchase a cheap tint, then not only will you know it, but others will too. Just picture yourself driving your cool car, only to arrive at a stoplight and your tint begins to unravel off of your windows… Not a pretty sight, is it? 

You should think of your car window tints as investments, not just a purchase. You want the tint to add value to your car, not be something you have to replace every six months. No, you don’t ever want to be hoodwinked when shopping around for tint. You want quality and durability- and the quality should be there as well. Ask yourself the following questions before buying tint for your car. 

Are There Any Warranties Offered With The Car Window Tint? 

Another aspect you want to consider when purchasing your window tint, is the warranty. Do your car window tints come with a warranty and if so, what are the details of that warranty? What does your warranty cover? Lots of window tint brands provide a warranty without any extra cost. Purchasing warrantied tints not only provides you security and coverage, but you are also given protection for any faulty materials that the tint may be made of.  Getting a window tint job will give you the security and confidence that you need. You can be assured of high-quality window tinting. So, ask about a warranty- and if none is offered, then you need to keep moving till you find a warrantied car window tint. 


What is the Level of Technology Does Your Desired Car Window Tint Have? 

Did you know that car window tints have technology? While some tints offer precision machine cutting, others offer stellar UV protection- meaning your car can stay cool on a hot summer day. There are some car window tints that even offer protection and security from shattered glass, during an attempted car theft. So, when shopping for car window tints, be sure that you inquire about the assets and technology that your desired window tints have. 


Car Window Tinting Cost- How Much Can I Expect To Pay? 

According to reports, the basic car window tint for an average-sized car with standard film can cost about $100– this includes coverage for the entire vehicle. This of course will vary, depending on the size of the car, the tint used and the coverage.  Many professional car window tinting companies will charge between $25 and $30 per window. Other car window tinting professionals will charge approximately $120 for a pickup truck. To tint the windows of an average van, you can expect to pay about $400. Depending on your car window tinting needs and desires, you may spend about $150 per car. For a colored dyed tint for a basic color stable tint, you may pay as much as $300. Prices will be a bit higher for an SUV a mid-size SUV and a large SUV. For consumers who don’t want the entire car tinted, you may pay between $25-$30 for just the visor strip on the front windshield. And if you just want the two front windows of your car tinted, you may end up paying about $70. Don’t forget to ask about seasonal discounts and offers too! 

How Long Does It Take To Tint Car Windows?

If all of the windows of your car are being tinted, then you can expect the job to be about four hours.  For full-sized cars and sedans, the tint may take about two hours. But if you only want to tint your two front doors, then you can expect the job to take about 40 minutes.  Your best bet is to call your preferred window tint company and ask. Or better yet, bring your car up to the car window tinting company and allow them to give you an estimate of time. 


Does Insurance Pay For Window Tinting?

No, car insurance companies will not give you money to tint your windows. But in many cases, your rates will not go up, as long as the tint is legal in your state.  In many instances, car insurance companies will not raise your rates because you decided to get your windows tinted. Just be sure that your car window tinting is done within the manufacturer's recommendations and guidelines and your state allows the tinting. 


But on the other hand… 

Since car window tinting is seen as a modification and not a necessity, you may experience a small hike in your car insurance rates. It’s always best to contact your insurance company and find out what exactly they will do, once you decide to get your car windows tinted.  This is why it’s best to get your car windows tinted with a licensed, bonded and insured car window tint installer.  If you don’t have a reputable car window tinting installer, you risk getting into trouble with not only your car insurance company, but your local and regional law enforcement professionals. You also run the risk of getting a window tint job that a child could have done.  You want car window tints to last- not peel and roll off of your windows. Your car window tints could be illegal.  When it comes to window tinting, there’s no need to cut corners. 


How Much Is Darkest Legal Tint?

Window tint is measured by the percentage of the light that can enter in through the window. Each state and county in our union, has set their own law on the allowable limit of window tint. So, before you get your windows tinted, you want to check with your state officials to see what is allowed. 


The most general law allows for 50 percent for both the passenger’s and driver’s front windows. That general law also allows for 35 percent for the side windows, the rear passenger window or the rear windshield. This translates into many states allowing all front windows having the ability to have more light enter though the window tint, thank the rear window counterparts. 


Why are window tints regulated? 

There are a few reasons for such. First, if your window tint is too dark then you pose a threat to both yourself as well as other drivers on the road. Who wants to look out of dark windows and risk getting into an accident?  Too dark of a window tint can prevent you from seeing out of your windows at night. And you certainly don’t want to hit another driver, a building or even a pedestrian. 


Another reason for the regulation in the window tinting is so that law enforcement can see you in the car. In fact, police and other law enforcement sectors have to see all occupants inside of car. If your window tint is too dark, then expect a ticket from police, and making a call to a tinting company to get that tint changed, ASAP. 


An additional point to keep in mind, is the fact that law enfacement can pull you over, just for having too dark of a window tint. You don’t have to be speeding, or have failed to signal a turn. Just having too dark of a tint is reason enough for you to get pulled over.


How Dark Can I Tint My Windows? 

This all depends on where you live. Check out some terminology that you should become familiar with, when talking about car window tinting. 

VLT%– VLT stands for “Visible light transmission”. The VLT is used to evaluate the auto window tints.

The VLT is the percentage of light that that is able to enter through the tinted film. 

The Front-side window tint percentage/level: This is the percentage that is allowed on both the passenger and the driver front windows. This is usually a greater value than the tints on the back of the car. 

The Rear-side window tint percentage/level: This percentage is the one permitted on the rear side windows. 

The value may vary compared to various multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs) and passenger cars 


Click here to check out the car window tints in your specific state and learn more! 


Best Car Window Tints For 2020 

Want to know what car window tints stand above all others? Check out our partial list below! 


LEXEN 2Ply Premium Carbon 20″ X 100FT Roll Window Tint Film Auto Car (40% Light Shade) 

This window tint stands a cut above many. The tint is scratch resistant, offers blockage of 99% of UV rays, and comes in various shades. Click here to learn more! 

PROTINT WINDOWS 5% Shade Color 24 Inches by 10 Feet Window Tint Film Roll, for Privacy and Heat Reduction 

Not only does this tint offer great heat reduction, but the tint can also be tailored for various applications. The tint also receives high marks due to its durability and sustainability. 

MotoShield Pro Nano Ceramic Tint Film- High End

Not only is this tint widely used, but this tint also blocks 99% of UV rays, and features a Nanotechnology-based tint film. Click here to learn more! 


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