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Car Disposal – Doing It The Right Way!

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Disposing of an unwanted car can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. There are correct ways to dispose of car. You can even make money and help the environment in doing so!

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Perhaps you will decide to call a local car disposal service. Maybe you have really no idea what to do with that old car.

Believe it or not, there are actually businesses and companies that will pay you for car disposal. Those businesses will even include free towing and removal from practically any location.

So, for sound, correct and righteous ways of successful and profitable car disposal, continue reading!

Disposing of junk cars doesn't have to be a hassle or take a huge amount of time.

There’s great benefit of you disposing of that junk car!


Preparing Your Car For Disposal

Now that you have decided junk car disposal, you must have some things in order. Read our checklist to make sure you are able to dispose of your car with no problem.

  1. Have the car title. Be sure that you have your car’s title. If you don’t have the car title, you must go and get a duplicate one. You may have to take a trip down to your local DMV office or department of motor vehicles. You will also have to pay some fees.
  2. Be sure that you have a valid and state ID as well as the car registration. You have to provide proof of ownership just about everywhere and to everyone once you decide to dispose of your car.
  3. Don’t forget to remove all personal belongings from the car. Even if you have not driven the car in a bit, you still want to give the car a good “once over” before you dispose of it.
  4. Assess the condition of your car. Even though it is a car you want to get rid of, you still may have some good working parts on it. You may even have some great items that are in great condition on the car. Old car disposal is very common and once you have a good idea of what you have, you can formulate a plan for what to do with an old car that's taking up space on your beautiful property!
  5. Have a mechanic inspect your car. Most mechanics will do this for a small fee or even for free if you work out a deal with him or her. Just have someone look at your car and give you a “run down” of what is working and what is not. Sure, it may not be running, but that air conditioning unit may still be one that can you sell for top dollar, if you choose to do such!

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Car Disposal Service Options – Where Can You Take Your Car?

When it comes to disposing of your car, you have lots of options. Lots depends on the outcome you wish to have. Are you an environmentalist and want to dispose of your car the “green” way?

Or are you looking to make some money from getting rid of that clunker? Check out where you can take your car for the betterment of you and your community!

  1. Recycling Center – Once that old car calls it quits, you may opt to take your car to a local recycling center. Lots of places will not only dispose of your car for free, but pay you for the car. Many will charge no fees and will pick the car and recycle the parts! Car disposal at a recycling center is a great way to help our Earth! Once you do, you are helping with local employment efforts and working with others to save our resources!
  2. Junkyards – With seemingly been around since the beginning of time, you can take that junk car to a junkyard. Lots of junkyards will dispose of that car at no cost to you. They will even pay you for it. You just have to investigate various places and see what they offer.
  3. Scrap Yards – Of course you can take your car to a scrap yard and even make money in the process. Like recycling centers and junkyards, you can even make a quick buck! Again, you have to do the homework on the centers you choose.
  4. Local Mechanic or Auto Shop – Lots of mechanics in your community will pay you for your car. Why? Because they can use the car for its parts. Today’s mechanic is an innovative one and can restore old parts to make them new again!
  5. Local Colleges and Community Centers – Did you know that local colleges that have auto repair programs and classes need cars? It’s true. Check with your local community college or community center that offers classes on car repair. You will find grateful instructors as well as a bit of money after you give your junk car away!
  6. NonProfits – Let’s face it. We live in times, where lots of folks need assistance. If you decide to donate your car to a non profit organization, you are not only helping yourself by ridding your property of an unwanted car. You are also helping folks in your community. With changing tax laws, you may want to see if your donation can help with your tax return.

Car Disposal – Recycle Your Car and Save The Planet!

Unless you live under a rock, you see evidence of the need for recycling! From newspaper ads, to radio and TV initiatives, there is a need for us all to save our Earth.

What better way to save our planet, than to recycle? When you recycle your car, you are choosing to employ people, while helping to conserve natural resources. Check out some of the items that professionals recycle from cars!

  • Tires – The tires from a car are recycled into asphalt for roads, tarps and even brand-new tires.
  • Glass– Recycling professionals take old glass and recycle it into new glass bottles, fiberglass and more.
  • Engines and Transmissions – Mechanics will recycle those old engines and transmissions by rebuilding them and placing them into cars!
  • Engine Oil – Your old engine oil is clean and reused!
  • Metals – Recycle experts take old metal from cars, melt it and then mold it!
  • Car Batteries – Lots of people recycle their old vehicle batteries without even thinking about it! This makes car batteries one of the most recycled products in the U.S. Check with your local auto parts store as you can get some money back once you bring back an old car battery. It will be properly disposed of there.
  • Car Plastics – Most of your vehicle is plastic. In fact, you may not even realize how much plastic your car is actually made of until you scrap it.  Some of the most overlooked plastic parts of your car include the lights, gas tank, lights, bumpers and dashboards!
  • Engine Parts – Not only can an engine be rebuilt, but so can the parts! When a major issue happens with your engine, chances are you are looking at a hefty bill. Many mechanics rebuild damaged engines as well as various parts of an engine. This offers a cheaper and “greener” solution to an expensive issue.

How To Dispose Of A Car Online

Perhaps you want to dispose of your car online? That’s a viable option! Check out some tips that will help you cash in for that clunker!

  1. Decide if you are selling a complete car or your car’s parts.
  2. Once you have an idea of what you want to sell, take clear, sharp and focused pictures of your car or its parts. The pics will share the story of what you are selling!
  3. Find a great online marketplace to sell your car or its parts. Facebook, Instagram and Craigslist are great marketplaces that would garner lots of traffic for your car and its parts.
  4. Take the time to tell buyers about your car and its parts. The more buyers know, the less questions they will ask. Also, if there is something wrong with your car, let buyers know! You want to be an honest, transparent and trustworthy seller.
  5. Make sure that folks have a way of getting in touch with you. Whether that be through an email or a cell phone, let folks know that you are accessible.
  6. When you meet a buyer, please make sure that you are in a safe and secure location.

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Dispose Of Old Car – Sell It Privately!

One way you can dispose of a car, is to sell it privately! Continue reading to see how to dispose of your car and make some money!

  1. Place your car in a visible area with the “for sale” signs in plain view.
  2. Be sure that you place contact information in plain sight so that folks can see that you have a car for sale.
  3. Make “cheat sheets” or fliers for your car or its parts. For example, you can hand each perspective buyer a flier with pertinent information about your car!
  4. If you are firm on the price of your car, let buyers know. But if you want to get rid of it, make sure that you let buyers know that you are open for negotiations.
  5. Meet potential buyers in a safe location.

Car Disposal Without Title

If you are looking or sound car desposal and you don't have the vehicle's title, you still may be able to participate in a local old car disposal program. Although some places will not accept a car without the title, some will.

So, for the “Car disposal near me” search you have on your computer, check and see which ones will offer car disposal free for you! To prove ownership, make sure you have a valid and current ID, as well as the car's registration. This should be sufficient for disposing of your car without the title. It is always best to call ahead first!

Car Disposal – Trade In

Many times, you can dispose of car though a trade – in. So, grab your phone or computer and investigate which local private dealers or places will offer you some money for a trade in. You may even be able to trade in that old vehicle and use the money for the down payment of a new vehicle!

But if you are option to get rid of that car due to financial reasons or simply because you are downsizing the number of cars in your household, check and see if car disposal for cash options. There may be a nice wad of cash or a check you receive from that private dealership! Be sure that you ahve all of your documents, car title, ID and paperwork for the car disposal for cash program offered.

If that car you want to dispose of still runs, a dealer will see some value in it and offer you money or a trade- in value towards another car.

When it comes to disposing of your car, you have options! Find out what you want from the car disposal deal and do your research!

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