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Can You Drive With A Cracked Head Gasket? Understand The Danger!

Can A Blown Head Gasket Be Repaired Or Does The Engine Need To Be Replaced?

If you're wondering, “can you drive with a cracked head gasket,” the short answer is that it's not recommended because this problem is very serious and can lead to further complications that could cost you the entire vehicle.

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A cracked head gasket is a complex problem and must be addressed immediately before it leads to further complications that might cost you the entire vehicle. Unfortunately, many inexperienced drivers might underestimate the significance of this problem and continue driving their vehicles even though the head gasket is cracked.

This article provides you with all the potential dangers and consequences that could happen if you continue driving your vehicle considering the head gasket. It also highlights some additional information to help you understand the severity of the problem and evaluate your options.

What is the head gasket?

Before we dive into the details of your question, can you drive with cracked head gaskets? First, you must understand this component and what it does in your vehicle.

That gasket is a thin metal component that sits between the cylinders and the remaining parts of your engine. It prevents hot gases from leaving the cylinders to the surrounding components. It also prevents fluids from getting inside the cylinders and amazing the whole system.

One critical job of the head gasket is to maintain the engine temperature and prevent overheating. When the engine is overheated, it can easily get self-destructed and damage the entire components quickly.

What Causes A Blown Head Gasket

Can you drive with a cracked head gasket?

Many inexperienced drivers might underestimate the issue of a cracked head gasket, and that's why they will continue driving the vehicle even with the problem occurring. However, automotive experts never recommend driving your vehicle if it has a cracked head gasket.

If you continue driving your vehicle with a cracked head gasket, you're maximizing the problem and making it evolve. When this happens, it can easily break the head gasket and damage the entire engine compartment, which can be extremely expensive to get fixed.

In many instances, continuing to drive your vehicle with a cracked head gasket can lead to situations where you can't fix the vehicle. Unfortunately, many drivers who underestimated the problem ended up getting rid of their vehicles because repair options are very expensive.

Is My Head Gasket Blown How Can I Tell

Symptoms of a cracked head gasket

Now that you have a good understanding of the potential problems that could happen when you ignore a cracked gasket, you must understand the main symptoms that could help you detect the problem as soon as possible.

According to automotive experts, these are the most common symptoms of a cracked head gasket you should watch for:

1.    Coolant leaks

The first and most common symptom indicates that your head gasket is cracked when you see severe coolant leaks. But, just to let you know, the coolant leak might happen for various reasons that you should watch for as well, but one of them could be a cracked head gasket.

It's recommended that you take care of any coolant leaks as soon as possible, whether this problem is related to the head gasket or anything else. It will end with the same conclusion of damaging your engine.

2.    Overheating

Another common symptom of a character head gasket is when you see a continuous engine overheating. For example, if you look at the dashboard and realize that the temperature gauge has been reading very high for a long time or continuously, it could be an early sign that your head gasket is about to fail or fail.

That's why it's always important to monitor the engine temperature. If you don't already know, your engine must operate within a certain range of temperature; if it exceeds this range, you can easily deal with engine Self-destruction.

3.    White smoke from the tailpipe

When the head gasket is cracked, and it's a severe problem, you'll start noticing that the smoke coming out of the tailpipe has a white color. Typically, this smoke should only be very obvious if you start your vehicle on a cold morning.

White smoke indicates that the head gasket is cracked, and the coolant is potentially burnt inside the cylinders causing this white smoke to come. Therefore, you must never ignore this problem, even if your vehicle is acting normally because it could be an initial indication of a cracked head gasket.

4.    Oil contamination

When your head gasket gets cracked, it allows both the oil and coolant to get mixed, referred to as a situation where your oil is contaminated. If you look at the oil reservoir and realize its weird texture, it could indicate that you were dealing with a cracked head gasket.

Note that when your oil is contaminated, you will easily see additional symptoms that are more obvious, like engine overheating and the white smoke coming out of the tailpipe in some instances. Therefore, you should look at all these symptoms or some happening simultaneously to nail down the problem and tackle the potential root issue.

5.    Loss of power

Finally, when your head gasket is completely cracked, you might deal with a situation where the engine fails and your vehicle loses power. This is, again, this thing you want to deal with because we're hoping that you've been able to detect the problems that were less severe earlier and you did not end up with a situation where your vehicle is completely failing.

head gasket repair cost

Additional risks of driving with a cracked head gasket

While we indicated that the main risk of driving with a corrected head gasket is the problem related to evolved issues and troubles impacting other components, some additional risks might occur when you continue driving for a longer time.

Here are some examples of risks that could happen when you continue driving your car with cracked head gaskets:

1.    Further engine damage

The first and most common thing to happen is that the problem will no longer be limited to the head gasket. It will evolve and approach other components like the cylinders and engine block.

Therefore, if you're concerned about the repair costs for fixing the head gasket, you're talking about multiple components getting damaged simultaneously. Thus, you'd better tackle the problem as soon as possible and always take your time.

2.    Overheating

In the early stages of head gasket damage, you'll notice that the engine is continuously overheating. This overheating might be continuous, and it could be up and down. In other words, if you realize that the engine overheating issue is happening every time you turn on your car, it could indicate that you're getting to a point where your head gasket is completely failing.

In general, heating is another common general problem that could be associated with other issues. Thus, you cannot immediately say it's a crack in the gasket just by looking at the engine temperature.

3.    Increased emissions

If you're planning to perform an emission test soon, a broken head gasket can make your vehicle fail. Unfortunately, the head gasket is a critical component that has to do with how your engine operates, and it also has to do with the number of bad emissions released to the environment. Thus, with a failing head gasket, there's no way you can pass the mission test.

4.    Decreased fuel efficiency

Finally, if a cracked head gasket stresses out your engine, you can easily realize that you will use more fuel than before. This will be noticed when you visit the gas station more frequently than usual and could indicate a cracked head gasket.

Again, reduced fuel efficiency could be another general problem associated with any additional faulting component. So, before you assume it's a head gasket cracking, you should talk to the mechanic and have them do a thorough inspection to confirm.

How To Fix A Blown Head Gasket Without Replacing It?

Final thoughts

A cracked head gasket is a critical problem; when it happens, you must be very careful about it and address it as soon as possible. Can you drive with a cracked head gasket? As we indicated in this article, it's not recommended.

If you continue driving your vehicle with a cracked gasket, you will sacrifice the entire engine and make repair costs much more expensive. If you end up with a completely damaged engine, you should sell this vehicle rather than waste your time and money trying to get it to work.

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