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Can You Buy A Car Without A License? Is It Even Required? 

Can You Buy A Car Without A License? Is It Even Required? 

If you're wondering can you buy a car without a license, the short answer is yes. However, you will have to deal with many hiccups when it comes to registering, insuring, and financing this car. 

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While it might sound a little strange for someone to wonder, can you buy a car without a license? Many situations could happen where people buy cars without licenses.

There is no specific regulation in any state asking to have a license when purchasing a new vehicle. We all know that you will need a license to drive the vehicle, but you don't necessarily need it to purchase one.

Keep in mind that although it's possible to buy a car without a license, there is a lot of hassle that can be included down the road, especially when trying this car. However, by reading through this article, you should have a good idea about what to do exactly to buy a car without a license in any state. 

We will walk you through the different obstacles you might face when registering, insuring, and financing your car without a license. We will also provide you with some workarounds to get rid of each obstable.

Why do people need to buy cars without licenses? 

It's not very common to hear about people buying cars without licenses. However, the situation is still not impossible, and there will be an occasion where you might need to buy a car without a license. Let's look below at some of these occasions: 

  • Gift cars 

If you plan to purchase a car gift for a family member or friend, you don't necessarily need to have your driving license in a certain state, right? You can easily purchase a car for someone who has a valid driving license in a certain location without needing to have a license yourself. 

  • Business cars 

If you are working for a larger company, there might be a situation where you have to buy a car for business purposes only without needing to have your license. This means that you're buying the vehicle, and you won't be driving it after purchase. Thus, that will be a situation where you will search for “can you buy a car without a license?”

  • Caregiver cars 

Some people with disabilities might want to own a car and have someone drive them from point A to B. Therefore, these people don't necessarily need to have a valid driving license to make this happen. 

  • Cars for minors 

If you're planning to purchase a car for your teenager, you might be in a situation where you have to finance the car yourself and then have your teenager drive the car with a valid driver’s license. Thus, you don't necessarily need to have a valid driver’s license to buy your teenage car.

  • Cars collections 

There are plenty of car lovers who would like to collect different car brands and styles without driving them. In that case, they don't necessarily need to have a valid driver’s license to add to their collection.

  • Private drivers 

If you have a private driver who usually drives you from point A to point B, you can easily purchase a car under your name and have him drive you. The situation is very similar to caregivers who buy the car and do not drive it. 

Can you register a car without a license? 

One of the biggest challenges that you might face after purchasing a car without a license is registered. Did you know that your car cannot hit any public roads without being registered in your local DMV office?

Yes! Unfortunately, most DMV offices require a valid driving license so you can register the vehicle under your name. However, the good news is that there are some workarounds that you can follow to eliminate any hassle in this step:

  • Business cars 

If you purchased the car for business purchases, you could easily register the vehicle under the business name entity. Thus, you don't have to worry about getting your driver’s license and put it under your name. Keep in mind that whoever wants to drive this vehicle must have a valid driver’s license. Do not worry about ownership because even if you don't have a license, the ownership belongs to the company itself, not the driver.

  • Gift cars

If you purchased the car for someone else, you could easily put it under their name when registering it. However, if you are still worried about ownership, you can't consult a professional lawyer to ensure that you have authority or need your permission before selling the car.

By registering the car enter another person’s name, you simply give the whole ownership to that person. Therefore, unless you're trusting him 100%, do not do that. 

  • Cars collections 

If you purchased the car as part of your collection because it's a historic or classic car, you would have to register it in most areas. However, you need to review your state's regulations and ensure that the purchased car is considered classic or historic.

Keep in mind that even if the car is considered historic or classic, if you wanted to drive it anywhere around public roads, you must register it to prevent getting involved in legal issues. 

The general rule of thumb here is that your car must be registered within one month of purchase if you're planning to drive it on public roads. Whether it's you driving the car or someone else, the car must be registered.

If you purchase the car through a dealership, usually dealerships take care of registration and help you go through paperwork easily without any hassle. However, if you purchased this car through a private buyer, it can be a little more challenging for you to figure out what needs to be done regarding registration. 

Keep a valid photo ID 

Although you will purchase a car without a valid driver’s license, you still need to be armed with a valid photo ID.

You can't get the vehicle registered or get an insurance plan without having a valid photo ID in most states.

So, the best course of action you can take at this point is to visit your local DMV office and get some idea about what needs from your side so you can obtain a valid photo ID. In most states, you will need proof of residency, a proof of identification, and your Social Security card.

Once you have your valid photo ID, you can simply shop for insurance and probably get a loan if needed to finance your vehicle. 

Can you get a car insured without a license? 

Another huge challenge when buying a car without a driver's license insurance. It can be extremely challenging, if not impossible, to get an insurance plan without being the primary driver of the vehicle.

Insurance companies use your information as one of the main factors determining the rate they will propose for you. For example, they will ask you for your credit score, the location where you're going to drive the car, your driving habits, your driving history, etc.

Insurance companies will ask for higher rates if you're not a responsible driver or you've been in a lot of car accidents in a very short time. Therefore, it's not fair for you to pay very high rates because your family member or friend doesn't have a good driving history, right?

So, if you would like fair entrance rates, you need to have your driver’s license available when purchasing and insuring the car. 

How is it like to shop for a car without a license? 

Another big issue about shopping for a car without a license is test driving it. The dealership or car seller will not let you test drive the car without having a valid driver’s license. 

What you can do here is that you can write you're a family member or friend who has a valid driver’s license. However, if you don't have someone with a valid driver’s license, you can always ask the salesman to take you for a quick ride with the vehicle.

Keep in mind that it's your responsibility to keep an eye out for any weird noises or behaviors from the vehicle during the test drive. It's never going to be the same when you have someone test driving the car versus when it's you who's driving it.

That's why there are very high chances where you might buy a car with significant problems because he didn't test drive it. 

Can you finance a car without a license? 

Financing a car might be the biggest obstacle for those planning to buy a car without a license. First, the lender will ask you to prove insurance coverage. As we had mentioned before, getting the right insurance can be challenging without having your driver’s license.

Second, many lenders will not help you or provide you with any loan if you don't have a valid driver’s license. If they do, they will ask for additional paperwork to prove that you can pay the loan.

One of the main reasons behind that is that unlicensed people might get arrested for any reason, which means that the lender will not collect his money. 

You might be able to work around with some lenders who are a little more flexible by showing them to will drive the car and explain at what specific circumstances. 

If you failed to get a huge loan from a bank, you might start with small credit cards to help you pay a good portion of the vehicle. However, that's not the ideal option for many car shoppers, especially those looking for modern vehicles. 

Save yourself time and effort and get a license! 

As you might notice, buying a car without a license is possible; however, the hassle you'll be dealing with afterward is a lot!

Therefore, if you know for sure that you will be obtaining a driver’s license at some point, it might be worth waiting until you get your license. This way, you don't have to worry about transferring ownership or reaching out to the insurance company to change the policy to match your records, etc.

Whenever possible, having a driver’s license is the safest and easiest way to purchase a new vehicle.

However, if you are in a situation where you can't really get it for whatever reasons, you must sacrifice on many areas, including insurance rates, finance, etc. 


Whether you are purchasing a car for a friend, minor, or collections, there might be a point where you need to purchase a car without a license.

Buying a car not without a license is possible. However, there will be a lot of hassle in getting the best insurance policy, financing, and registering.

This article provided you with simple workarounds to help you complete the car purchase without needing your license.

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