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Can I Register My Car Online? How To Register A Car Online 

Can I Register My Car Online? How To Register A Car Online 

In today’s day and age, doing most of what we need done online can be convenient and quick. If the question of your hour is “can I register my car online?” Then the answer is “yes”. Depending on where you live, you can register a car online, as long as you provide the details and information to your local DMV or your car registration office. So, let’s get into how to register a car online, quickly and conveniently! 

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Registering A Car is a Requirement for Most

Vehicle registration is an act that connects the vehicle owner to the vehicle. Additionally, vehicle registration is required for most states in our union, in order to prove ownership. Although registration requirements vary from state to state, as well as from year to year, it’s important that you know what your state requires for registration. Some states require that you register a car just after its purchase. Other states require that you register a car every two or even three years. So, if you want to skip the lines and the waiting at the DMV, then check out some general steps you need to take to register your vehicle online. 


When Do You Have To Register a Car? 

Check out the times you need to register a vehicle below. 

Register Your Car When You Buy It 

You need to register your vehicle when you purchase it. Whether that car is a new or a used car, you need to register that car, based upon your state. Most of the time, the dealership will handle the registration of your vehicle, and arrange for your license plate tags to come in the mail, without you having to call your DMV or visit any local DMV office. But if you buy your car from a private seller, then you will have to take care of the registration yourself. 

Register Your Car When You Change Your Residence 

Did you move to another home, city or state? Then you may need to register or re-register that car. You never want to get stopped by an officer and have an unregistered vehicle that you’re driving. 

How To Register A Car Online

Given our days and times, lots of states offer vehicle owners a quick and convenient way to register a car online. You can register your vehicle on your state’s DMV or car registration website. Many online services will provide you way to complete the whole registration process on your computer, from the comfort of your own home. Other states will ask that you download a particular form, fill it out and then upload it back to their website.  You can also fill out the form on the computer and then send it after you complete all areas of the online document. 


Additional reports indicate that many states that allow car registration online, will then mail you your plates alongside your registration. This certainly makes life quite easy.  Although some states require brand-new transfers and car renewals be done in person, you can always fill out the paperwork at home and bring it to the local DMV or vehicle registration office.  While we encourage you to contact DMV officials in your particular state, we want to provide a general framework for you to follow, as you look to register your vehicle online. Check out our steps below! 

Gather all of your documents 

First, you want to make sure that you have all of your documents. If you are the title holder, then make sure that you have the title in hand, ready to go. Secondly, be sure that you have proof of vehicle insurance. You want to have that on hand and ready to share with your DMV. You also want to bring your driver’s license and birth certificate too. 

Look for the registration portal on your state’s DMV website 

Believe it or not, many DMV sites are really easy to navigate. There are tabs at the top or the side that help to guide car owners to the correct department they need. For example, on the California DMV website, you can click on the “vehicle registration” tab, on the home page of the site. In fact, the “vehicle registration” tab is the first one. California drivers, click here now to register your vehicle

Complete the online application with care 

Once you have clicked on the registration tab on your DMV website, be sure that you look for the registration application and then download it.  You may also be able to complete it online, which is really cool. You can type in your information and answer, without someone having to read handwriting. Take the time to complete the entire application, so that you will not have it rejected and hold up your car registration process. 

Submit your application and payment too

After you fill out your application, you want to click the “send” button. Then you have to pay the required fees for the registration of your car. So, this means you need a credit card. 

How To Register a Car Online In Various States 

Now that you have a general framework of how to register your car online, let’s take a look at a few states that allow online vehicle registration. 

Registering a car online in Texas 

In the “Lone Star State”, you can register a vehicle online. Did you know that once you do, you can get a small discount on your final fees? In Texas, your own vehicle registration is allowed to be renewed online 90 days before the expiration date. Additionally, you can register your car online up to nine months after the expiration date- as long as you didn’t get a ticket for expired registration. In Texas, your expiration month will not be altered or changed. Texas does advise car owners to allow for a two-business day processing time for payment before your sticker is printed. Texas also advises you to allow up to three weeks for the processing of your registration as well as mailing. Click here to learn more! 


Can you register a car online in NY?

According to New York state law, You or your brand or business have to register and title any vehicle that you lease or own. In New York, vehicle registrations don’t have to be in the owner's name, or for just once person. Once you buy a new vehicle though a dealership, the car sales person can register and title the vehicle, as well as issue the plates. New York requires that you do the following to register your car: 1. Get that vehicle insured, 2. Gather all of the required paperwork, 3. Give your papers to the DMV, 4. Obtain certain documents from the DMV, 5. Get an inspection on your vehicle, 6. Pay all required fees. Click here and learn more, New York drivers


Can you register a car in Florida online?

In Florida, you can go to GoRenew.com for a fast and convenient way to take care of your vehicle registration. At the GoRenew.com website, you can: get a paper title, renew or replace your vehicle registration for a vessel, mobile home or a motor vehicle, or renew or replace your Florida driver license or identification card. Click here to learn more from the GoRenew.com website. Click here to also learn more from the Florida License Plates and Registration Department. 

Can I register my car online in Illinois?

In the state of Illinois, the ERT or the Electronic Registration and Title System provides Illinois drivers a way to complete as well as print an Application for Vehicle Transaction(s) which is form VSD 190 from the comfort of your own computer, online. Drivers can also get Title and call toll-free within Illinois: 1-(800) 252-8980 to get more information.  Click here to learn more! 


Registering a car online in Michigan 

In the state of Michigan, you can perform a host of services online, or at local self-service stations. For registration renewal, you have to renew your registration every year in. Yes, renewing a vehicle plate as well as registration/ tabs, is an annual activity for Michigan drivers and car owners. Generally, a license place will expire on the car owner’s birthday. So, once your birthday nears, you can count on having to renew that car. Generally, the Michigan Secretary of State will mail a renewal notice about 45 days before your car is up for registration renewal. This gives car owners an opportunity to renew car registration online. Michigan also has several self-service stations, that guide drivers on what to do, and how to do it. Click here to learn more about the self-service stations. 


Global Crisis and Online Car Registration 

Just as we have had to alter our lives in response to COVID-19, so have state DMV and car registration offices across the country. So, before you have to register your car online, check your state and see how they are responding to drivers who have to renew their registration, as they work to keep COVID-19 cases at bay and keep drivers safe and healthy. Many of these online services will be around long after the COVID-19 pandemic is over. So, check with your state and see how you must register your car. 

In Texas for example, there is a “temporary waiver of vehicle title and registration requirement”. You can click here to learn more. In California, the state is encouraging drivers to use online services whenever possible. Lots of transactions such as license renewals and registration renewals can be done online. Click here to learn more about the virtual office of the DMV for the state of California. 

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