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California’s Ban on Gasoline Cars By 2035: All You Need to Know

California's Ban on Gasoline Cars By 2035

According to the Washington Post, California was moving forward to fight climate change and proposed the California's ban on gasoline cars by 2035. Automakers are required to step up and produce cleaner vehicles starting in 2026.

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Climate change is one of the very critical problems facing the world. Climate change can increase the frequency of natural disasters like flooding, tropical storms, wildfires, and others.

One of the most important factors that played a significant role in accelerating climate change is gasoline vehicles. These vehicles produce tons of emissions that could significantly impact the air quality and might cause people to lose their lives worldwide.

Among the different moves to tackle climate change, the Washington Post provided recent details about the Californian's ban on gasoline cars by 2035.

This article provides you with all you need to know to help you understand the reason for this ban and insights into how this will impact the automobile industry in the coming years.

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How do gasoline cars impact the environment?

Before we dive into the details of the California ban on gasoline cars by 2035, we must understand the main impacts of gasoline cars on the environment.

Gasoline cars are known to have adverse environmental impacts, and many studies were done to track the different consequences of driving gasoline cars on the air quality. Here are some of the major negative impacts of gasoline cars on the environment:

1.    Produce bad emissions

The first and most important reason gasoline cars are bad for the environment is that they produce lots of harmful emissions. These emissions are not supposed to be in the air, and if they're produced in large quantities, they can easily damage the air quality and cause people to get sick, if not die, in some areas.

Although governments worldwide work very hard to put together regulations to control these emissions, there are many locations where the emissions are not controlled, or people drive cars in large quantities, resulting in degrading air quality.

2.    Increase temperature

Not only will the bad emissions impact air quality but also the planet's overall temperature. This is because the planet must stay within a specific temperature sufficient for animals and different creatures to live safely. However, with the increased number of automobile emissions, the temperature is expected to increase and has been increasing over the years.

As a result, the high temperature in many locations can lead to significant disasters like wildfire, tropical storms, extensive flooding, and others.

Therefore, the temperature is expected to increase by driving more gasoline vehicles, and the frequency of noticing natural disasters will increase significantly. Thus, more people and more lives will be lost to these disasters.

3.    Consume nonrenewable energy

Aside from the negative consequences of gasoline vehicles, one of the most important things that many might underestimate is that these vehicles run on nonrenewable energy.

In other words, we're going to run out of oil at some point, and there won't be any source for these vehicles to run. Therefore, environmental advocates always call for more sustainable approaches that do not deplete the existing amount of nonrenewable energy. So, for example, you can rely on electric vehicles or any ways of reducing the energy that does not consume any noble resources.

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California's ban on gasoline cars by 2035

Governments worldwide have been working very hard to eliminate the impact of gasoline vehicles as much as possible. One of the biggest pushes happened when president Biden signed the reduction inflation act that included billions of dollars towards tackling climate change.

California signed a new executive order to ban gasoline cars by 2035. This executive order was released recently and will make a huge step towards tackling climate change in larger states like California.

The signed executive order will provide details about the action items required to meet the goal on time. In addition, it will provide some details about what exactly will be done and how the state will deal with any manufacturer who produces cleaner cars in California but nonclean cars in other states.

The whole goal of this policy is not only to achieve 50% emission reductions but also to get to a point where there are zero emissions from the state. This will require a lot of work, and it will not be an easy step for the state and the residents, and automakers.

Furthermore, the state is not only focused on gasoline vehicles but also will provide some restrictions on the number of allowed hybrid or plug-in cars. In other words, the whole goal here is to have everyone driving an electric car at some point of time soon.

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Will California ban selling used gasoline cars?

California did not yet ban any selling of used gasoline cars. However, the focus is now on producing only clean vehicles by 2026 and banning any production of gasoline cars after 2035.

The state still allows selling used gasoline cars and does not prohibit any gasoline vehicles from driving around the state roads.

The whole intention of this ban is to give the customers and the residents the signal for transitioning to cleaner energy and to get used to seeing more electric vehicles around the roads in California.

That's why if you're a current driver of a gasoline vehicle, you should not panic because your vehicle will not be a problem, and even as we reach 2035, you can still drive this car. However, since it's going to be more than ten years until we see the executive order implemented, you got to be prepared for what's coming next. Once your vehicle reaches ten years old, it could be a great time to operate to another vehicle. At that time, you might want to consider purchasing an electric car.

What is the next step for California bans gasoline cars by 2035?

At this point, this ban is just an assigned executive order, and it will be sent to the Environmental Protection Agency or the EPA for final approval. So as of August 2022, we are yet to wait for the next steps and to learn more about how this executive order will be implemented statewide.

Once the EPA approves this order, we'll see more secretary actions. It will be translated into some of the local permits and probably will be incorporated in the inspections and other paperwork that automakers need to operate.

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How does banning gasoline cars in California compare to the Inflation Reduction Act?

As we indicated before, the inflation reduction act is one of the biggest bills in the history of the United States that is focused on tackling climate change problems. It has a lot of regulations and action items to contain the problem as fast as possible and resolve it within the next ten years.

However, the inflation reduction act does not specifically ban wrestling cars. Instead, it provides some incentives and encouragement for automakers to create more environmentally friendly vehicles and stay away from gasoline cars.

What California did was a more strict and braver step to eliminate the problem and force people to use cleaner energy rather than keeping it as a voluntary step.

This does not necessarily mean that California will be the only state moving in this direction. We might see some other states encouraged to take further actions because the way to tackle climate change will differ from state to state and depending on how much effort each state puts in, we will see different results.

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Why is California the first state to provide more strict regulations?

One might wonder why California is starting as the first state to create these strict regulations that are stricter than what was proposed by the inflation reduction act.

It's not surprising to hear that California is the first state to do so because of what we know about the current climate problems in California.

For example, the state is suffering from a significant drought impacting water sources and preventing many residents from accessing clean water.

Furthermore, California also faced several major wildfires resulting in catastrophic outcomes that killed many animals and impacted many people.

California is known to provide very strict regulations in general when it comes to the automobile industry.

This is always an important and good thing at the same time because it makes the state the leading state for environmental-related issues and helps provide a cleaner environment to tackle climate change as fast as possible and protect the residents.

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Should I get rid of my gasoline car now?

If you're living in California and you have a gasoline vehicle, based on the policy, you don't necessarily have to get rid of your car because you are still allowed to drive this vehicle around the state.

However, if you're planning to upgrade for whatever reason, you should consider the policy and be prepared to purchase a cleaner vehicle that will have more time to be driven around the state.

For example, if you just got a new job or were expecting a new family member, it could be a perfect time now to upgrade to a cleaner vehicle that considers the environment, so you're prepared for what's going to happen next.

Finally, if you're planning to sell your vehicle today and hesitating to move forward with posting it because people might not be interested in purchasing gasoline, you can always consult Cash Cars Buyer.

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How will this California ban on gasoline cars impact the auto industry?

Based on what we've seen around the news, this California band of gasoline cars will significantly impact the auto industry's future.

For example, we will see more and more produced electric vehicles to meet the expected demand in a state like California with a large number of populations.

Furthermore, we are expecting to see more affordable electric and hybrid vehicles. Although, at this point, not everybody can purchase these vehicles and, in many instances, they are considered at the high end or low, we've started seeing cheaper vehicles.

Automakers are creative enough to create innovative ways to produce clean vehicles while not burning the customer's budget.

Finally, as people purchase new vehicles, they will see a larger inventory of used electric cars, allowing people who can't purchase brand new cars to purchase used ones.

However, customers need to be prepared for ways to inspect these vehicles and detect their problems because it is something new that not everybody is aware of.

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Final thoughts

We've been hearing a lot about the problem with climate change and how driving gasoline vehicles increases the amount of emissions and leads to natural disasters. However, it's been a surprise to hear that one of the biggest states in the United States is moving forward with stricter guidelines and policies, the California ban on gasoline cars executive order.

This article provided you with all you need to know about this executive order, and it highlighted some of the confusing points about whether used gasoline vehicles will still be allowed by 2035 or not.

Based on the whole policy in California, people will get away from gasoline vehicles more and more, and that's why if you're planning to upgrade to a new vehicle, it's recommended that you consider these regulations and be prepared for similar regulations in your state depending on your local state policies pure

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