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Boxy Cars – What Are The Different Models?

Boxy Cars

Are you looking to purchase a new car? There are plenty of options out there on the market nowadays. Have you ever considered buying a boxy car? These cars have become very popular in recent years. Car manufacturers are starting to bring this boxy look to many of the new cars they are producing. This boxy look trend is starting to come back again. Manufacturers were creating boxy cars in the ’80s and then things started to change to a more curvy look. We are starting to see the trend move back to the boxy look. 

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The History Behind Older Boxy Cars


The boxy car look was popular in the ‘80s. This is because they were easier to construct and that was the fashion among US and European automakers. As technology started to advance, these car makers were able to construct more curvy cars. You started to see this in the ‘90s because they felt like the boxy look was going out of fashion. Back in the ‘70s when these cars were constructed, it was common to see three connected boxes. These boxes were the hood of the car, the cabin, and the trunk. 


One of the benefits of these boxy cars is that they saved space. These cars were a lot easier to park because of their size and overall boxy look. You could fit these in small spaces if you were in crowded places. This was very convenient. Even though these cars had a more boxy shape, the inside of the car was still very spacious. Manufacturers made sure that they could create a spacious car while keeping the outer shell a box shape. 


What Are The Common Older Boxy Cars?


Datsun 510: This car came out in 1957 and the most individual’s considered the boxy design to be elegant and modern. This car had a lot to offer besides its great looks. The mechanics and rear suspension were great. The engine was a 1.6-liter four-cylinder car. This car may look little, but it had some great power to it. The performance of this car was impeccable. This car was also available as a two-door coupe, a wagon, or a sedan. It was a very popular car back in the day. 


Ford Galaxie Starliner: In 1957, Ford introduced this car with two engine options. This set a great standard for their high-performance cars. These cars were very highly respected by many individuals. The car was an 8-cylinder engine with a lot of power. This car definitely had some get up to it. It was originally intended for racers so they had great supercharged engines. 


Ford Mustang 289 HiPo: This car came out in 1964 and many individuals were fascinated with this car. It was a compact car with a sporty look. It had a long hood and short decks. This was an affordable car for many individuals, it seemed unreal. The engine of these cars was 6-cylinder. Their power was nothing special but the overall performance of the car was pretty good. Mustang fans were very excited for this car to come out because it was a good car at an affordable price. 


Hummer H1: This Hummer model was originally created for the military. This car was promoted by Arnold Schwarzenegger. At the time, individuals who purchased the Hummer H1 felt like a celebrity while driving their new car. Today, these cars are not as trendy as they were back in the day. You can find good deals on these cars today to get them for a much cheaper price. These cars are not the most fuel-efficient. They use up a lot of gas so individuals have started to purchase more fuel-efficient cars to save money and to help the environment. 


Land Rover Defender: The Defender was released in 1993 in the United States. This car had an 8-cylinder engine and a five-speed manual transmission. This car has a rugged look and a sturdy hardware exterior. Individuals who are adventurers love this car. It is the perfect car to go off-roading in. This car was made for individuals who want to explore on back roads and off-road. 


What Are The Most Popular Newer Boxy Cars?


Trends are changing and this boxy car look has come back. Manufacturers are starting to create these boxy cars again. They are very popular right now. Listed below are some of the common newer boxy cars.


Mercedes-Benz G-Class: This new model of Mercedes-Benz is totally redesigned. It has a brick-like exterior with many mechanical features in the interior. This car is one of the most capable off-road vehicles in the world. Do you like off-roading? If so, this car is perfect for you. This is a great off-roading car because of its boxy shape and it is a safe car. It is heavy-duty so it can tackle tough terrain. It is also a great cargo hauler. It can hold up to 5 people and the seats are standard leather. 


Kia Telluride: The new Kia Telluride has a cube-like design with a spacious passenger area. It is rated at the top of the midsize cars currently and is available in all-wheel-drive. This car offers synthetic leather that will last a long time. The leather seats are included on the upper trim models. This car can hold up to eight people depending on if you choose a second-row bench or a captain’s chair. You can transport a lot of cargo with this car because the seats fold down to make more room. It is a great car for families to transport their kids to school or sporting events. 


Toyota 4Runner: This car is another great off-roading car. The boxy design allows for large tires and a massive suspension for travel. There is plenty of room throughout the car for carrying gear. This car can seat up to five individuals. The car is the most capable member of the 4Runner family because of the extra skid plating and high-performance off-road shocks. Additionally, the 4Runner comes with a 4.0-liter V6 with a 270 horsepower. This car has great get up to it. It is very powerful and will take you through the toughest trails. It is a great car for all the adventurers out there.  


Mazda Flairwagon: The Mazda Flairwagon offers an incredibly roomy interior with a lot of legroom. This car is great for individuals looking for a bigger car but one that also won’t take up too much space on the road. This car is easy to park and can still maneuver around other vehicles. It has a boxy look with sliding doors. This car looks like a small minivan bus. It is great for transporting a lot of individuals or cargo. 


Boxy Hatchbacks and SUVs


Jeep Renegade: This jeep was introduced in 2015. It has a fun boxy sport look to it. This car has front-wheel-drive and also offers all-wheel-drive for those interested This car is considered an SUV and also has a hatchback which many individuals find convenient. Since the car has 4-wheel drive, you can off-road with it and it has great traction modes. If you are looking for a model that has all-wheel-drive, make sure you pay attention to all of the details the model offers. Many of these Jeep Renegades have 4-wheel drive only. You should always look at all of the details a car has to offer before purchasing a car. 


Nissan Cube: The Nissan Cube is truly a one of a kind car. There are not many of them out on the market. This car has some very unique features. It has asymmetrical bodywork. The Cube has C-pillars which is a traditional design on the driver’s side but the passenger’s side has pillars that blend in with the window. This gives it a very unique 90-degree design on one side. The Cube also has a small piece of shag carpet on the dashboard. There is color-changing ambient lighting throughout the interior. The power comes from a 4-cylinder. This is a charming vehicle. 


Kia Soul: Do you remember the commercial with the boxy car and the hamsters? I believe many individuals associate the Kia Soul with that commercial. It was a great sales tactic because everyone thinks back to that commercial when they see this car. This is another boxy car with a hatchback. This car is intriguing to many individuals because it has a boxy look but there are angles incorporated within. It has a sleek front end style with great headlights and low-set fog lights.


This car has a 4-cylinder engine with a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. This means it will perform great getting up to a speed of 60 mph in only 6.4 seconds. These cars come in a variety of different fun exterior colors with great interior accents. This is a great reliable car to drive if you are looking for a boxy car. 


Scion xB: This car's brand is all about quirkiness. The first generation of these cars is extremely boxy with virtually no curves other than the wheels. The second generation was made with more curves, but it still looks quite boxy. This car gets its power from a 4-cylinder making 158 horsepower. This car is considered a compact car but has grown in size over the years with different models. If you are looking for a quirky boxy car, this is the one for you. 


Jeep Wrangler: The Jeep Wrangler is one of the original boxy cars that went onto the car market. This is an off-road car that has a removable roof and doors. You can also fold down the windshield if you would like. It can take some time and effort to do this, but it can make your off-roading experience more thrilling. This car has a standard solid front axle so it is very stable for rough off-roading activities. This car was designed specifically for individuals who want to off-road. 


Honda Element: The Honda Element debuted in 2003. This car started the most recent spark of boxy vehicles making a comeback. This car offers all-wheel drive and has a unique rear half-door. This SUV has no carpet in the interior and offers exceptional utility. The Element is powered by a 4-cylinder. This car went through some upgrades in 2007. The majority of the plastic bodywork was replaced with metal panels. This gave it an overall better look. The metal also offers more protection around the car. This allows individuals to drive more comfortably with more metal around them. 


Ford Flex: This model does not get as much publicity as some of Ford’s other models. This car has a great style and an efficient boxy design. This car was first introduced in 2009. The flex offers three rows of seats in the back. It is a unique car because it has attributes of a minivan, an SUV, and a station wagon. The seating capacity in this car is six people with a second-row captain’s chair. The Ford Flex is an all-wheel-drive with a 6-cylinder to power it. This car has some serious get up and go. It is a great car for big families who need a lot of space and like to travel by car. 




The boxy cars have made a comeback to the market. Many individuals like the look of these cars and they are highly functional. They can fit into small parking spaces but still have very spacious interiors. Overall they are really great cars to own.


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