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Blend Door Actuator Symptoms: Everything You Need to Know 

Blend Door Actuator Symptoms

A blend door actuator is a car part that most of us probably don't spend a lot of time thinking of. In fact, there's a good chance you haven't even heard of this before. This is part of your car's HVAC system. It helps control the temperature and air flow within the vehicle. When you have a problem controlling the temperature of the air circulating in your car, or if you can't stop it from shooting out full blast, there's a good chance that you have a problem with your actuator.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


Actuator is basically another word for motor. The blend door actuator is a small electric motor that features sensors connected to your car's climate control system. As you adjust the temperature up and down, or the intensity of the air flow, the signals go through the actuator. This controls things like defrost as well as whether or not the air is going to come through the floor vents or the mid-level vents and so on. Your car may have more than one of these if you have the ability to control the temperature in different zones. Most modern vehicles have the ability for rear passengers or front passengers to alter their personal climate, which means they'll have a separate blend door actuator for controlling that.


The blend door actuator itself is a very small plastic box. There are a couple of plastic gears inside, the electronics, and then the plastic case that houses the whole thing. It's a very small piece of technology, you can fill it easily in your hand if you were to remove it. 


The blend door, which the actuator controls, is what diverts and controls the flow of air. There should be controlled by some plastic gears that are responsible for moving the blend door where the actuator sends the correct signals. The blend door is called a door because it really is just a flat panel of plastic. It opens or closes to allow air flow in whatever direction is required. It's about as low-tech as your car can get, where the actual technology is in the actuator itself.


Signs of a Bad Blend Door Actuator 


When the blend door actuator in your car starts going bad, there are signs you could be on the lookout for to help you properly diagnose the problem. Temperature control is a fairly minor system in your vehicle, but it can be finicky. There are a number of things that can potentially cause your car's air conditioning and heating to go wrong, and the blend door actuator is just one of them. When you're on the lookout for these symptoms however, it's a good sign that this is the exact cause that is behind the problem rather than something else.


Noise: If you're hearing a sort of droning or squeaking repetitive sound from somewhere within your dashboard around the Center area, in the more or less general area that you are control knobs for the HVAC system are located, that's a good sign there's something wrong with the blend door actuator. This will be most prominent when you turn on the AC, or try to adjust the temperature and intensity settings. In most cases, you'll get this noise when there is a problem with those plastic gears inside the actuator. If some of the teeth have worn down or broken off, then the gears will start slipping and create that bothersome sound. These gears are just plastic after all, and they are subject to some wear and tear at a much greater frequency than metal gears would be.



Knocking: This is an unusual symptom, but if you're experiencing this, it's almost definitely a problem with your blender actuator. When you start the car, or just the AC system, and notice a knocking sound like someone tapping on your door, that is indicative of a problem with the blend door actuator. 


Inconsistent Airflow: If the blend door is moving back and forth, then the airflow will be diverted incorrectly or maintained incorrectly. That's a pretty standard indication that there's a problem with the blend door actuator.


If your blend door actuator has gone bad in some way, it's basically one of two problems. The gears, as we said, have failed in some way. The other option is that the motor has burned out entirely. Since this is just a small electronic part, this won't be unheard of. If that happens, the blend door won't work, and it's likely your temperature will just be stuck on one setting with no ability to adjust the intensity up and down, or alternate between things like the lower vents or the defroster.


Blend Door Actuator Replacement Cost


The cost of replacing a blend door actuator is typically between $300 and $400. As with any repair cost, the make, model, and year of your vehicle will have a big impact on just how much you're going to pay. The cost of getting this job done in a common vehicle like a Toyota Corolla is obviously going to be a little bit cheaper than what you're going to have to pay if you're driving around in a Bugatti Chiron, for instance.


Likewise, your geographical location will also have an effect on what you're going to have to pay to get this job done. Mechanics in a place like Beverly Hills are typically going to charge more for some repair jobs then you'll have to pay in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


 As you no doubt if you noticed, even within the same town the fees charged by mechanics for the same job can vary greatly. Your best bet is to get some recommendations from friends and family about who's going to give you the best service for the best price when it comes to a job like this. If that’s not an option, then the internet is your friend. Years ago, you just had to test your luck when it came to mechanics if you didn't already know what kind of service they provide. These days you can readily find lots of reviews on Google or Yelp to let you know what kind of service to expect from a mechanic, and what kind of price they're going to charge.


If you head to AutoZone, you can find blend door actuators for sale that you can use to replace the part on your own if you're so inclined. The average price of an actuator from AutoZone seems to be between $25 and $150. Obviously, this is going to depend on the kind that will fit in your specific vehicle. Luckily, on AutoZone you can easily organize parts by the make, model, and year of your vehicle so you know you'll be getting the right one. You never want to get a part like this if it wasn't specifically for your vehicle because it simply won't fit and then you'll have a part for no reason that you can't use. It's always in your best interest to double-check that you have the exact right part you need before investing your time and money and getting it. 


Can I Repair my Own Blend Door Actuator?


The process of repairing a blend door actuator is not universal. Its location will likely be slightly different in every single vehicle, which can make it a little bit tricky when it comes to DIY repairs. The basic idea is the same from one to the next. If you're looking for a specific walkthrough on how to change it in the model that you drive, you may be in luck as there are numerous different walkthroughs and videos available on the internet.


For most vehicles you'll need a 5.5 mm socket set to get this job done, and you'll have to be comfortable taking the dashboard of your vehicle apart. This isn't the most complicated repair job by any means, but it's not necessarily the simplest one either. Taking your dashboard apart isn't hard, but if you've never done it before it can get a little frustrating to pull the parts off and it can be stressful get it all put back together again in the proper order win sometimes the tabs that hold everything together don't always stick in the exact right way that you want them to.


As we said, this isn't an advanced repair job, but it can be considered somewhere in the intermediate repair range. For that reason, many drivers would rather take their vehicle into a skilled mechanic to get this done rather than trying themselves. You are working in a pretty confined space; you may need to get under your steering wheel up behind the dash to get this done. It's working in a cramped space, with a lot of small parts.


 If you are up to the task, like we said there are a lot of guys that you can find online that can walk you through the process. There are also a number of videos that can show you on your specific model how to get the job done. Unfortunately, if you have a more obscure vehicle than something like a Chevy Silverado or a Toyota Camry, you may have a hard time finding the exact walkthrough that explains how to do this job on your own. It's up to you to decide if you want to risk it or not with general information or wait till you find the specific instructions for make and model.



The Bottom Line


 A blend door actuator is one of those parts that most of us have no idea is even included in our car anywhere. Obviously you know that something controls your air conditioning and heating, but we don't tend to give a lot of thought to what parts may be inside the vehicle that are responsible for this. As a result, it's not something we can easily identify as a problem when something goes wrong with it.


 If you are having a problem with your heating or cooling system there are of course several problems that could be at the root of it, but the blend door actuator is definitely a place to go to check especially if you're noticing those sounds that we've mentioned. Those are the clearest indicators that the actuator is the source of your problem and not the cooling system itself.


It can be tempting to let a repair like this slide for a while because the blend door actuator is not integral to the way your vehicle works. It's more of a nuisance problem than one that can end up causing accidents or bigger problems down the road for your vehicle and for that reason it's one of the Lesser appreciated parts of a vehicle and one of the Lesser appreciated problems that you can be afflicted with.


Still, if you're driving around in the oppressive summer heat which can get pretty awful these days, then you know the value of having a fully functional air conditioner in your vehicle. It can be very dangerous to operate a car with no air conditioning. We all know the dangers of leaving pets in a locked car on a summer day, but we don't often consider how dangerous it can be when we're still in the car because the AC is typically running. The temperature in the car can rise 20 degrees in just 10 minutes on a hot day. The windows open will definitely ameliorate this problem somewhat when your AC doesn't work, but you know that on truly hot days that just barely takes the edge off.


So you don't need to get the blend door actuator repair to make your vehicle function properly by any means, and a lot of times were tempted to let the repair slide if they don't have the utmost importance. That said, it's still in your best interest to get a problem with your blend door actuator repaired when you can just doing sure you have a more safe and comfortable ride for everyone who may be in your car on one of those brutally hot summer days, and also on those incredibly cold winter days when you need to warm up on the ride to work. 

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