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Bigger. Better. Bolder. What is the Biggest Chevy SUV? – Here’s What You Need To Know

Bigger. Better. Bolder. What is the Biggest Chevy SUV

The Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban have been top leading SUVs all these years, known as good large SUVs, which despite their sizes have composed handling and guaranteed smooth ride. They boast of a long list of standard technologies as well as user friendly infotainment systems, with plenty of space in the first two rows. 

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Barry Engle, the executive vice president and president of General Motors North America, said that Tahoe and Suburban is unlike any other SUV – which have starred in Hollywood movies, carried military heroes and world leaders, and helped create countless family memories. And that Chevrolet has taken what people love about pioneering SUVs and made them even better by adding more room for people and even cargo, coupled with more advanced technology and an unrivaled driving experience.


Founded in 1911, Chevrolet is known as one of the world's largest car brands, serving more than 100 countries, with sales of 4.0 million cars and trucks every year. Chevrolet also boasts of  fuel-efficient vehicles that promise engaging performance  and design that makes the heart swell. 


And they are making history once again with the introduction of the all-new 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban. Marketed as  “Bigger, Better, Bolder…” they are improving the already iconic SUVs by making it the most versatile and advanced SUVs to date with a more spacious and bigger cabin. Chevrolet also assures its customers of a “better ride and handling, and a commanding presence that’s impossible to ignore.”




Tahoe continues to build new ways to put comfort and convenience first by creating a spacious cabin that has been reimagined to become roomier and more open. And if that is not enough Chevrolet has created innovative enhancements by putting in a Power Sliding Center Console (late availability) to let you configure the space based on your needs. 


The  all-new 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban have been redesigned to become the ultimate SUV with the most interior space of any SUV in their class. Boasting 66% percent more cargo room behind the third row for Tahoe, and 19 % more maximum cargo space behind the first row for the Suburban compared to the current model. The Tahoe also improved with 10 additional inches (254 mm) added for its third-row legroom (40% more than the older generation) to make sure each of the passengers has the room they need. The third row has also enhanced to offer a more comfortable chair height.


As America’s best-selling full-size SUV, accounting for more than 25 percent of the segment, the newly designed, fifth-generation 2021 Tahoe features a substantially more usable space.  It has a 4.9-inch (125 mm) longer wheelbase, with a 6.7-inch (169 mm) increase in overall length compared to the current model.


At 85 years old Suburban has the longest-running nameplate in automotive history and it remains as a trusted partner for customers who especially need maximum space. With 4.1-inch (105 mm) added in the wheelbase and a lower cargo floor, the all new Suburban has the most passenger and cargo space of any SUV. Its legroom has also increased for both its second- and third-row passengers.


Both its second- and third-row seats can also be  folded more easily compared to the current model, and the load floor both lower and flatter than older models – causing more ease during loading and unloading. The rear-door openings for the Tahoe also have become larger, thanks to the increase in wheelbase.


Bigger & bolder proportions 


The Chevy designers also created an overall new refreshing look for Tahoe and Suburban, complete with a bolder stance and proportions. Six unique models double the trim lineup for both the 2021 Tahoe and Suburban to give customers more choices of eye-catching designs and comfortability based on preference. The six trims also gave designers the freedom to explore distinctive personalities across the range from the street-inspired style of RST, the legendary off-road capability of Z71 to to the top-of-the-line comforts of High Country. Each and every trim has a more dynamic appearance made possible by its new architecture all with its unique capabilities and style. The Chevy truck designers have truly designed the EXTERIORS with their customers in mind. 


Phil Zak, the executive design director for Chevrolet said that the longer proportions enabled them to add more sophistication and surface detail. He also added, “The design builds on what generations of owners have known and loved about the Tahoe and Suburban and gives them more, with confident, bolder stances that remain reassuringly familiar, but with greater detail than ever before.”


The all-new interior was especially designed to make the most of it being the class-leading in space and in technology features, with the mission to create the “ultimate road trip environment.” The interior is also made brighter with the expanded glass areas that includes a panoramic sunroof and class-leading display technologies – with more sophisticated premium materials.


The 2021 Tahoe was built with driver-centric enhancements that includes a leading 15-inch diagonal Head-Up Display that projects turn by turn directions, safety alerts if included, incoming calls and more features onto the windshield.  It also has a class-leading nine camera views to help you maneuver into a tight space or to help you see what’s behind you. 


And to help keep you and your passengers connected and entertained, Tahoe offers a built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi connection along with Wireless Android Auto compatibility, multiple USB charging ports on all of its models except LS, wireless charging with charger cooling, and Wireless Apple CarPlay. And if that is not enough say hello to its Rear-Seat Media System — the most advanced and capable in the full size SUV Segment. The system includes a pair of 12.6-inch diagonal LCD touch-screens – that are both capable of displaying its own content (so passengers are able to watch different content on each side) and are positioned for optimal view of both the second and third row passengers. 


The system also has a bonus of keeping everyone connected by allowing them to share content from one screen to another, or share navigation points, like pit stops or restaurant locations, with those at the front-seat by sending them to the 10.2-inch diagonal Chevrolet Infotainment screen up front.


Both the Tahoe and Suburban’s higher level of technology is made possible by an all-new digital vehicle platform that has 5 more times data-processing capability than the system in current models. It does not only drive new technologies with promising speed but is also made to support vehicle health monitoring and over-the-air updates capability, with ample bandwidth to be able to add future technologies yet to be offered. This new platform also leads in the industry when it comes to cybersecurity protection.


Tahoe and Suburban have an expanded range of standard and available safety technologies as Chevrolet has improved its key safety and driver awareness features for the all-new Tahoe and Suburban. A recent study conducted by University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute found out the effectiveness of active safety technologies that shows dramatic reductions in specific types of vehicular crashes equipped with advanced safety features that include a 21 percent reduction in crashes with Forward Collision Alert.


Tahoe and Suburban have 30 safety and driver convenience technologies that help you stay confident and in control when driving.  It has standard features that includes Following Distance Indicator (indicating gap time in seconds bet you and vehicle you’re following), IntelliBeam that automatically turns the vehicle’s high beam headlamps off or on according to your surrounding traffic conditions, automatic emergency braking, forward collision alert, Hitch Guidance for trailering and front pedestrian braking. It also has other available features at your disposal namely, adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist with lane departure warning, rear cross traffic alert, lane change alert with side blind zone alert, HD surround vision, safety alert seat, and OnStar Safety & Security.




Both Chevy Tahoe and Suburban have the best driving dynamics in the full-size segment. Wherever you are headed you would want an SUV that’s ready for it and with independent rear suspension coupled with Magnetic Ride Control and a first in class Four Corner Air Ride Adaptive Suspension you can be sure that Chevy Tahoe and Suburban wouldn’t fail. They have the most advanced available suspension in their class.


For the best driving experience, engineers for the 2021 Tahoe and Suburban came up with an all-new chassis that integrates the longer wheelbase spans and the independent multilink rear suspension. 


Executive Chief Engineer Tim Herick said, “I think the most impressive aspect of the all-new Tahoe and Suburban is how well they handle. — Despite being big, they offer responsive, confidence-inspiring handling that will change expectations for the full-size SUV driving experience.”


Both vehicles’ independent multilink rear suspension essentially revamps their driving dynamics, allowing each rear wheel to separately handle road conditions to dramatically enhance the riding quality, steering response and overall driver control, compared to the old live axle design.


In addition, both vehicles’ new multilink independent rear suspension, which is made up of a large longitudinal arm, three lateral arms, coil springs and a robust stabilizer bar, provides the isolating characteristics and ride sophistication usually associated with smaller vehicles, but scaled for the superior capability requirements of full-size SUVs.


The vehicles also offer more powertrain choices than any competitor — which includes two V8 options that offer efficiency-enhancing Dynamic Fuel Management technology. With that you’ll have a choice for finding the perfect mix of capability and efficiency that you need.


The powertrain options include:


  1. The 5.3L ECOTEC3 V8 with Dynamic Fuel Management has an EPA estimate of 20 mpg highway, has 355 horsepower and 383 lb.-ft. of torque, has 10-speed automatic transmission that is standard on LS, LT, RST, Z71 and Premier models.
  2. 6.2L ECOTEC3 V8 with Dynamic Fuel Management has an EPA-estimated 20 mpg highway, 420 horsepower and 460 lb.-ft. of torque, has 10-speed automatic transmission, which is standard for the High Country model.
  3. DURAMAX® 3.0L Turbo-Diesel has 277 horsepower and 460 lb.-ft. of torque, 10-speed automatic transmission. This option is available for LS, LT, RST, Premier and High Country models.


Highly reliable materials make up the 3.0L Duramax’s critical components, which includes a forged steel crankshaft, iron cylinder liners within the aluminum engine block, connecting rods and blended silicon/aluminum pistons for reduced expansion and greater heat resistance.


The FOUR-CORNER AIR RIDE ADAPTIVE SUSPENSION is also available for Z71 and High Country models. This first-in-class Four-Corner Air Ride Adaptive Suspension enhances ride comfort and height by adjusting the suspension to your driving conditions.


The system makes it possible to adjust the vehicle’s height by raising Tahoe to provide more clearance when driving conditions are not ideal and rough, and by lowering it to improve efficiency and enhance aerodynamics . When parked the car can also be lowered to make getting into and out of your car easier.


Trailering technologies


Trailering is one of the most important features looked for by many full-size SUV customers. With that the new Tahoe and Suburban includes new trailering technologies, which was pioneered by the Silverado pickups. Customers have the option to get a Max Trailering package which includes a high-capacity radiator, cooling fan, a Hitch Guidance with Hitch View feature, an integrated trailer brake controller, and the Chevrolet trailering app. Tahoe and Suburban also have up to nine camera views – which is more than any competitive full-size SUV.


The available options are there to help enhance the trailering experience with easier hitching using Rear Camera Guidelines, which could boost your confidence when towing a trailer. Additional optional features includes a trailering app with trailer profiles, Side Blind Zone Alert1 for trailering and trailer tire pressure and temperature monitoring. 


Both Chevy Tahoe and Suburban have Chevy’s industry-first trailering label that can be located on the driver's side door jamb. This label gives drivers the information necessary to be able to calculate their vehicle’s exact capacities.


Bigger.. Better.. Bolder… Chevrolet has topped up its game once again, proving its the best SUV in town with its space, design and driving performance and capabilities.

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