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10 Best Windshield Sunshades In 2022: A Review of The Pros and Cons

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If you would like to purchase a windshield sunshade, consider these 10 best windshield sunshades in 2022:

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  1. EcoNour Car Windshield Sunshade
  2. ShadeSox Car Sunshade
  3. Shades Sunshield
  4. EzyShade Sunshade
  5. mAuto Car Sunshade
  6. Road Charms Windshield Sunshade
  7. Coveted Shade Car Sunshade
  8. Magnalex Windshield Sunshade
  9. Ohuhu Car Sunshade Cover
  10. FORTEM Car Windshield Sunshade

The windshield sunshade is a great invention! It provides your vehicle with many benefits, including protecting the glass itself and preventing harmful sun radiation from damaging the dashboard and the interior.

Windshield sunshades are not very expensive but choosing the right one requires some research. If you checked on Google for the best sunshade, you'd find tons of examples, and sometimes it can be hard to decide which ones to choose.

This article provides you with a summary of our detailed review of the main pros and cons of the 10 best windshield sunshades in 2022! We highly encourage you to review these pros and cons before making any purchase decision.

What to look for when purchasing a windshield sunshade?

Before we dig into the details about the 10 best windshield sunshades in 2022, you must understand the main factors you should consider before selecting your sunshade of choice.

Typically, there are five most important factors that you have to look for, including:

1.     The windshield size

The most important thing you have to look for before selecting a sunshade is your windshield size. Not every sunshade comes at the proper size, and not all of them will fit every type of vehicle. Some manufacturers might claim that their windshield sunshade size fits every vehicle, and that's what they refer to as universal sunshades, but that might not be the case.

Therefore, we highly recommend that you check the size of the sunshade and compare it to your vehicle's windshield size before making a purchase decision.

2.     The way to use it

While it might sound that everyone shield sunshades should be easy to use, that is not always the case. Therefore, you must understand how much effort you should put into installing the windshield sunshade.

Imagine if you're sitting in the middle of the parking lot and it's extremely hot outside, and you're spending more than 15 minutes trying to put the windshield sunshade! Therefore, you might want to read through their views that we will highlight below and check out whether you are interested in purchasing a certain windshield sunshade that requires some work to be installed.

3.     Amount of heat reduction

Not every sunshade acts the same. In other words, when you install these sunshades on your windshield, you should expect variability in terms of the amount of heat protection.

It is recommended that you go through the details about the sunshade before purchasing it to confirm that it provides you with the required amount of heat protection.

Sometimes, the windshield quality might not be what you were looking for. In other words, it might provide you with more heat protection than what you're looking for, which means that it's designed for certain very hot areas. Therefore, you don't want to invest your money in such a windshield sunshade unless you need it.

4.     The capability of UV protection

Protecting your vehicle from sun rays might not be the same in every type of windshield sunshade. Therefore, check with the characteristics and confirm that this sunshade helps protect your vehicle from radiation because it is harmful to your vehicle's windshield and your

5.     The windshield sunshade portability

Finally, when you purchase a sunshade, you don't want to get overwhelmed with how you want to store it. Therefore, consider checking the portability of the windshield and make sure that it's convenient and very easy to store whenever you don't need it.

10 best windshield sunshades in 2022: pros and cons

Now you have a good understanding of the different factors that you should look for before selecting the best windshield sunshade, let's take a closer look at the 10 best windshield sunshades in 2022, along with their pros and cons:

1.     EcoNour Car Windshield Sunshade


The best feature about this windshield sunshade is the way you store it. It is very simple and convenient, and you can easily fold it and hide it anywhere in your vehicle's trunk. In addition, it provides you with strong sun protection and is very durable.


The only drawback about this when shield sunshade is that it might leave some black marks on your vehicle's windshield between time to time, which several customers reported.

2.     ShadeSox Car Sunshade


If you're looking for a unique windshield sunshade that provides you with very gentle shade inside the vehicle, consider this one! It is very dense and very portable. However, it's not very complicated, so you don't have to worry about any complications when installing it, especially if you're in a rush.


Unfortunately, if you're looking for a high-quality, durable windshield sunshade, you should not consider this one because the material is not that good. Also, you will need to stop your vehicle completely if you would like to dismount it.

3.     Shades Sunshield


Are you looking for an affordable windshield sunshade? Consider this one! It's very solid and provides you with strong UV protection along with heat protection. In addition, the material is very good and more durable than the previously mentioned windshield sunshade.


The biggest drawback about this sunshade is that it might require some effort to install because it's not very easy to use, and some customers complained about the quality of the windshield sunshade accessories.

4.     EzyShade Sunshade


If you're looking for an affordable windshield sunshade, you should consider this one! It comes at a very good price and provides it with really good quality. In addition, it has very strong UV protection and heat protection. According to customers, the sunshade comes in two pieces, making the setup very easy.


Some customers complained that the mounting mechanism is not that strong and might fail occasionally.

5.     mAuto Car Sunshade


If you're interested in purchasing a uniquely designed sunshade, you should buy this one! This is one of the cutest sunshades ever because it has unique nice drawings that attract many customers. Not only you'll enjoy the style, but also you'll enjoy the high-quality material and the strong UV protection.


Despite the great features that you'll get from purchasing the sunshade, some customers complained that it does not provide you with the best temperature protection. Therefore, if you're living in areas with a lot of heat, this option might not be the best for you.

6.     Road Charms Windshield Sunshade


If quality is your top priority, check out this windshield sunshade! It comes with very durable material and is very easy to use. Also, you don't have to worry about storing this windshield sunshade because it is very portable.


This windshield sunshade is only suitable for larger vehicles, which means that if you're driving a smaller or midsize car, you won't be able to use it. Also, it might not be the best option if you were looking for a windshield sunshade that reflects sun rays.

7.     Coveted Shade Car Sunshade


This is another great example of a very affordable when she had sunshade. It comes with different sizes to choose from based on your vehicle windshield size. The biggest benefit about purchasing this product is the one-year warranty that you might not find in any other products on this list.


Customers complained that the overall experience is not the best when purchasing this windshield sunshade.

8.     Magnalex Windshield Sunshade


This windshield sunshade comes at an affordable price that fits every customer. It comes with very good quality and is very easy to use. It has very strong protection, and you can purchase the steering wheel cover that matches it.


Unfortunately, some customers complained that this windshield sunshade does not provide you with the best performance, especially if you're driving in very hot environments.

9.     Ohuhu Car Sunshade Cover


If you're looking for a high-quality windshield sunshade at a very good price, you should consider this one! It is made of very durable material and has unique metallic frames that satisfy every customer.


While this windshield sunshade might sound the best among all mentioned in this list, unfortunately, it doesn't come at larger sizes, which means it is only suitable for smaller vehicles.

10.  FORTEM Car Windshield Sunshade


Finally, this windshield sunshade is another affordable example that provides very strong protection and is very easy to mount.


The biggest drawback of this windshield sunshade is the quality because some customers complain that the craftsmanship is not very good.

What are the main benefits of the windshield sunshade?

Although it might be obvious that windshield sunshades are useful for protecting your vehicle from sun rays, there are some additional benefits that you should be aware of. Let's take a closer look at what would you get when investing in windshield sunshade:

1.     Protect your vehicle's interior

The biggest benefit of investing in a windshield sunshade is protecting your vehicle's interior from harmful sun rays. Sun rays can not only impact the dashboards but also can shorten the lifetime of the vehicle's interior, especially if you're driving a car that has leather seats.

2.     Keep your interior warm in winter

While it's important to protect your vehicle from hot sun rays during summer, it is also useful to keep your vehicle warm during the winter season. Therefore, when you place the windshield sunshades, you'll also keep the interior warm, saving a ton on the heating system.

3.     Protects your children

If you're driving with children, investing in a windshield sunshade can be extremely important. This windshield sunshade can protect your children's skin from harmful sun rays, especially when driving long distances.

4.     Not a huge investment

To get all these benefits, you don't have to worry about the price because typically, windshield sunshades are not very expensive, and they're definitely worth the investment.

10 best windshield sunshades in 2022: Final thoughts

Sunrays impact our vehicles in many different ways, and choosing some items that help protect our vehicles from bad sun rays is extremely important. Windshield sunshades are great inventions that help protect the vehicle's dashboard and interior from any radiation coming from the sun.

This article provided you with a summary of the 10 best windshield sunshades in 2022. Highlighted the main pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.

While it is great to purchase a good windshield sunshade to protect your vehicle, sometimes, if your vehicle has major problems, it might not be worth the investment, even if it's a very small investment. In other words, if your car has significant issues with the transmission on the engine cover, it might be time now to change the vehicle and purchase a better one that is worth having a good windshield sunshade.

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