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Best Used Cars Under $5,000: What You Need To Know!

Best Used Cars Under $5,000: What You Need To Know!

Are you looking for a new set of wheels? Don’t have a ton of cash to spend at the moment? No problem! At Cash Car Buyers, we pride ourselves on helping our customers find the right vehicle to best fit their lifestyle and budget. Read on to discover the perfect Honda, Toyota, Nissan and so much more for under $5,000!

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Why Should I Buy a Used Vehicle?

For many of us especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, times are tight. Financially, many of us may not be able to afford a brand-new car right out of the dealership. However, do not despair! Buying a used vehicle has many perks, like usually you can purchase the vehicle right on the spot for cash. The price posted on the vehicle or online is the price you will be paying the seller forgoing the extra fees and taxes traditional car dealerships may add on. Also, in many instances you can find used vehicles in almost mint condition due to the fact there are many levels to the word “used vehicle”. Stacy Johnson, from Money Talks News elaborates on these levels, “When it comes to cars, there are many versions of”used “. There’s the one-year-old car that’s virtually identical to new, with the exception that it costs 20% less. Then there’s the half-price car, three or four years old with 50,000 or 60,000 miles on it. Then there’s the car that’s the subject of this story: the $5,000 car.” With these levels in mind this opens up our options and our budgets to what is possible in the used vehicle world. Of course, purchasing a used car is not for everyone, but we at Cash Car Buyers know with a little research and some face to face time with the seller you can find the right used car for you and the entire family for under $5,000.


Three Tips For Purchasing a Used Vehicle Under $5,000

Now, that we have settled on purchasing a used vehicle it is important to remember the strategy and process involved. Much like purchasing a traditional vehicle there are tips, tricks, and warnings to heed while starting and finishing this used vehicle journey. We have discovered a few tips that will save you time, money, and peace of mind when searching for a used vehicle online or in person.


1. Create Your Car WishList

When making a large purchase like a used vehicle you want to create a list of items you absolutely must have in the vehicle like air-conditioning for example. Then, create a list of items you could do without , like power side mirrors as one thought. Writing a list like this on a piece of paper or a note on your Iphone will help you mentally narrow down your search. This list will inform your budget, and will ultimately help you find the right vehicle that checks off all of your boxes. Be sure to explain to the seller all of your wishes and bounce some of these ideas off of friends or colleagues who have been through the same process. With the right list in the back of your mind we are sure you will find the perfect vehicle for you.


2. Always View The Vehicle In Person

With many things in the world right now transactions either buying or selling are done on the internet. Either through Craigslist, Edmunds, you name it there is going to be a place online where you can discover used vehicles. These websites will usually offer stunning photos of the vehicle from forgiving angles, and perhaps they might present only the positive aspects of the vehicle. That is why it is crucial for you or someone you trust to go in person to see the vehicle in question. It does not have to be a long drawn out meeting but just enough time to lay eyes on the vehicle to make sure it is the perfect one and that it fully matches the photo and description. Without this in person viewing you run the risk of purchasing a car that may have more issues or problems than what can be seen from website photos. Another pro tip is to take your own photos of the vehicle to have in your pocket so after the initial viewing you can go back at your leisure and more closely examine your potential new ride.


3. Before Buying: Receive an Official Inspection

Now that we have created a checklist and viewed the car in person the only step left is to buy the vehicle, right? Wrong. One of the biggest mistakes a car buyer could potentially make is buying a car without an official inspection. What’s the big deal with the inspection, you might ask. Well, for starters, an official inspection allows whomever you hire (it could be a mechanic you trust) to use their expertise to give you a nitty gritty overview on the vehicle. This inspection will allow you to really see the vehicle’s pros and cons upclose from a third party whose only objective is to give you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. In addition to finding smaller problems with the vehicle like a worn brake pad, this individual inspection will highlight potential safety hazards with the vehicle. Identifying these safety hazards with the vehicle upfront will give you a chance to suss out the full cost of the vehicle plus these minor fixes and give you a chance to view the entire scope of the vehicle from end to end. Though this inspection may cost you a bit upfront it is a crucial piece of the car buying experience, especially a vehicle under $5,000. 


Six Best Used Cars For Under $5,000 Listed By Make & Model

Now that we have created our checklist and committed to seeing the used vehicle in person, we need to start thinking about vehicle brands you would like to drive. Is a Honda calling your name? Maybe a Subaru has been catching your eye? These are all possibilities (and many more) for you to find a gorgeous car, truck, or GMC under $5,000 with a little help from our friends! We scoured the internet and found six vehicle makes and models ALL at or under $5,000 for the family driver, the speed demon, or the adventure-seeker.


1. 2005-2009 Subaru Outback

The Subaru Outback is a fantastic vehicle for those with adventures in mind. A rugged exterior combined with coveted AWD make this Subaru a vehicle built for mountains, beaches, and so much more. In addition, the Subaru Outback boasts ample cargo space for storing and organizing all your adventure accessories and even your groceries for the more mundane daily adventures. Lastly, given the years 2005-2009 you are sure to locate a Subaru Outback for under $5,000 wherever you are searching for a used vehicle.


2. 2005 Toyota Sienna

The 2005 Toyota Sienna is the ultimate family vehicle. Whether you are driving the kids to soccer practice or lugging that new lawn furniture in the spacious trunk this van has it all. Featuring a plethora of safety features peace of mind and a great price point go hand in hand with the 2005 Toyota Sienna which can be found from $3,500 – $4,000. Much like you would expect from a family brand like Toyota, the safety features on the 2005 Toyota Siena are thorough allowing you and the entire family peace of mind every time you get behind the steering wheel.


3. 2010 BMW 3 Series

For the speedster who doesn’t want to break the bank the 2010 BMW 3 Series is the perfect vehicle for you. A sleek exterior design accompanied by automatic transmission to boot this speed demon is ready to roll for the amazing price point of $4,700. This may go without saying but for those without prior knowledge the perks and benefits just with the BMW name alone are also a laundry list. With all of these notable positives about the 2010 BMW 3 Series, what’s not to love about that!?


4. 2003 Ford Mustang

Another speed demon and another $5,000 price point. Again, what’s not to love!? The 2003 Ford Mustang offers a V-8 powered driving experience complete with the iconic Mustang exterior sure to turn heads anywhere and everywhere you drive. In addition, the 2003 Ford Mustang for under $5,000 is definitely a rare breed so keep your eyes peeled and ear to the ground for this steal of a deal.


5. 2009 Pontiac Vibe

If you are seeking a car under $5,000 and looking to make a bold statement the 2009 Pontiac Vibe is for you. A rounded unique design, above average fuel economy, and complete with hatchback detailing the 2009 Pontiac Vibe is a fantastic choice for an even better price point. Particularly noting the hatchback design, this is a vehicle that can store and accommodate all sorts of equipment, toys, you name it the 2009 Pontiac Vibe can deliver and then some. If you are looking for the perfect vibe in the year 2020 but in classic 2009 style the 2009 Pontiac Vibe is ready and waiting for you wherever you are searching for a used vehicle.


6. 2007 Ford Escape

The 2007 Ford Escape is a versatile vehicle that can handle just about anything. Similar to the Subaru Outback the Ford Escape combines strength with ample cargo space; the perfect vehicle for your outdoor adventures. This SUV is a Ford, so it is built to last and unlike some other SUV vehicles the repairs and parts for the 2007 Ford Escape may come at a lower price point compared to most. The 2007 Ford Escape is the perfect vehicle for you and the entire crew especially at the coveted price point of $5,000.


Used Vehicles Under $5,000 Final Thoughts

Here we are, at the end of the line! Here at Cash Car Buyers, we hope you feel more informed and empowered to discover the perfect used vehicle for under $5,000. With our tips and vehicle examples for brainstorming shown in this article we know you will be able to discover the perfect ride that won’t break the bank. From the rugged 2007 Ford Escape, family-friendly Toyota Sienna to the speed demon 2003 Ford Mustang your vehicle options for under $5,000 are seemingly endless and varied. With this wide variety at your fingertips we are confident you can discover the vehicle that seamlessly blends with your lifestyle, budget, and aesthetic. Happy searching and don’t forget to check Cash Car Buyers for the latest tips, tricks, and automotive trends.