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15 Best Places to Sell a Car In 2022: All You Need to Know

What's The Best Way To Sell A Car Remotely?

If you're looking for the best places to sell a car in 2022, consider checking these 15 websites:

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

  • Auto Trader
  • eBay Motors
  • Craigslist
  • Com
  • Hemmings
  • CarGurus
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • TrueCar
  • Carvana
  • Vroom
  • CarMax
  • Bring A Trailer
  • Car Direct
  • Auto Tempest
  • Shift

If you're trying to sell a car in 2022, you'll need to familiarize yourself with all that's going on regarding the auto market. As you might already know, well, what's going on with COVID-19 impacted the availability of vehicles and the way people sell and buy cars. That's why you'll see many virtual or completely online car selling services.

Furthermore, 2022 is a year associated with the major car shortage that makes cars very scarce and hard to find new vehicles. While that might not be the best news for people looking to purchase new cars, it is great news for someone looking for a specific car. Think about how many people out there are looking for any used vehicle, whether this car is in good condition or has some damage.

By understanding that you have a good chance of selling your car and getting a high profit, you still need to understand what to keep in mind, so you don't get scammed because of the many potential scammers out there. You also need to know which website you can investigate other than the known ones like Craigslist or eBay motors. You must investigate all open doors that are possible for selling your car so you can get the best deal ever.

This article provides you with our in-depth review of the 15 best places to sell a car in 2022. Since it's the COVID-19 pandemic, we focused this review on websites only or places you can communicate with and get in touch with by searching on Google for the best place to sell a car.

15 best places to sell a car in 2022

When anyone tries to sell a car, the first thing that comes to mind or is recommended by family members or friends is Craigslist or eBay motors. However, you might not already know that tons of other websites are very legitimate and provide you with other chances to meet with potential buyers in no time.

Let's take a closer look below at the 15 best places to sell a car in 2022:

1.     Auto Trader

Autotrader is one of the top websites designated for selling and buying cars. It is one of the very old websites with a lot of reputation and is recommended for selling your car by many automotive experts.

The nice thing about Auto Trader is that you can get help through customer service throughout the car selling process. They also have a lot of tutorials and other tools that you can use to sell your car best and get the top deal.

Unfortunately, posting is not free on Twitter, and there is a membership price that you have to search for and learn about before making a final decision. This could be very important, especially if you're trying to sell a vehicle that's not in great condition and might not be worth a lot of money.

2.     eBay Motors

Many of us heard about eBay, but not everybody knows that there is a specific section in eBay focusing on The automotive industry. For example, eBay motors are this specific section, and you can list your vehicle and get connected with thousands of people in no time.

The nice thing about eBay motors is that you can pick different types of selling your vehicle. So, for example, you can post a fixed price, but also you can have people bid on your car, so you get higher chances of getting better benefits.

Despite the great features of eBay motors, some people find it overwhelming to deal with strangers, especially those who are not serious buyers and might be just wasting their time. Also, since eBay motors do not charge on selling cars, there is a very high chance for scams and other troubles that many people complained about.

3.     Craigslist

Like eBay motors, Craigslist is even a more popular website that most of us use at least once in a while. Like posting any used item in your car, you can also post your vehicle. However, Craigslist started charging a specific amount of dollars for selling used cars because of the high number of reported scams from many customers.


That's why many people who plan to sell multiple vehicles through clickers list do not find it worth it to pay this charge. However, if you're planning to sell one vehicle, it's definitely worth the charge because you know that you'll be connected with many people.

Craigslist is another place known for the scam, especially in the auto market. Therefore, we advise that you familiarize yourself with different scams that you might encounter when posting your vehicle on Craigslist.

4.     Cars.Com

Cars.com is another great option for those looking to sell their cars. More specifically, cars.com is recommended for someone looking to get connected with dealerships. They have a very strong program that connects you with men dealerships and provides you with the best offer your vehicle can make in your area.

While you can get your car sold fast on cars.com to a dealership, this doesn't guarantee that you can get the top offer because, typically, dealerships do not pay the highest amount of money for cars.

5.     Hemmings

Hemmings is probably one of the least popular websites that not everyone is aware of. That's not surprising, though, because it focuses on classic vehicles, which means a specific targeted audience might be looking through Hemmings to buy a car.

While you won't be connected with many people through Hemmings, it is a great place because it will get you connected to the right people interested in buying your car. Therefore, instead of wasting your time posting the car on websites that will get you many people who are not interested, Consider posting on Hemmings.

6.     CarGurus

CarGurus is an amazing place for selling cars. It has tons of monthly visitors and guarantees that you will reach someone interested in your car. However, while you can post your car for free, you'll have to pay a flat rate of $99 once your vehicle is sold.

The $99 might be a good deal for someone who's looking to sell a car that's worth $10,000, but it's not that good of a deal for someone who's looking to sell a car for $500 only. Therefore, we advise that you evaluate the website and confirm whether it matches your goals and needs and your vehicle's value before deciding to sell your car through cargurus.

7.     Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is another amazing opportunity that gets you connected to people from all over the country. It's a very easy website that you can navigate easily without any issues. You don't have to learn very specific things other than what you know about Facebook.

Unfortunately, some people complained that posting your car has to be connected to your account unless you want to create one specifically for selling your car. Also, it seems like there isn't that much audience to target through the Facebook marketplace because it's still new, but this doesn't mean that it's not another great option to increase your chances of selling your vehicle.

8.     TrueCar

Hold on! You know that TrueCar is a website for buying cars, not selling cars. However, many people use this website to get connected with dealerships to sell their vehicles. Therefore, consider TrueCar an option if you want to get your car sold fast, but money is not your top priority.

As we highlighted before, any website connected to dealerships does not get the most money. Still, it is a nice way to get your vehicle removed fast without worrying about anything that has to do with the paperwork or any of that hassle.

9.     Carvana

Who didn't hear about Carvana? It is all over the Internet and the commercials. But, it is well deserved because it provides a unique, convenient method for selling your car quickly without dealing with potential buyers.

The website allows you to sell your vehicle and have the card delivered to the customer, so you don't have to deal with face-to-face interactions, which is a great option, especially in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Note that Carvana might not be the best place to get the full money If price is your top priority.

10.  Vroom

Vroom is another option very similar to Carvana. Conveniently, you can sell your vehicle completely online without dealing with any buyers or sellers. However, as we indicated before, these websites are now the best options for someone looking for the maximum profit. There is more for someone who doesn't want to interact with the people while getting the car sold quickly.

It's important to note that Vroom might require the type of vehicles they accept. Therefore, we recommend that you go through the website and see if your vehicle is legible because we don't expect that they accept completely broken or damaged cars.

11.  CarMax

CarMax is a massive series of dealerships that are not completely online but have a strong online presence. It gets you the chance of getting connected with your local dealership to get your vehicle sold fast if you're


One of the biggest drawbacks about CarMax is that you're not going to get the top offer, which is very similar to what we indicated before. However, they will consider the prices they have to pay for the overhead and the lot costs that might not be similar to any other website that is completely online.

12.  Bring A Trailer

Bring a trailer is another website that is not very common compared to the ones we mentioned in this list. However, it is another great opportunity for you to increase your chances of finding the best buyer as long as you can manage your posting on all these websites.

It is critical to note that this website charges you $99 for the listing no matter what. Other than this, everything else should be covered by the buyer and not by you.

13.  Car Direct

Car direct is another website that is focused on buying cars. We want to highlight this list if you're interested in buying a new vehicle for a very good deal. They provide you with an online form that you can fill to get connected with potential dealerships around your area to purchase the brand-new car of your interest without any hassle.

14.  Auto Tempest

Auto tempest is a website that collects cars listings and puts them in one place. Instead of people wasting their time looking through multiple websites, going through this website provides a nice collection.

15.  Shift

Finally, shift is an auto website that deals with buyers and sellers. It gets them connected while preventing any chances of scams. They have a very nice inventory of individuals but not auctions. Learn more about this website because it might be very helpful for you to sell your car and buy your future car.

15 best places to sell a car in 2022: final thoughts

If you're looking to sell your car in 2022, that's great news because there are tons of people out there looking for any possible vehicle. With a great car shortage nowadays, your chances of getting the top offers are doubling if not tripling. However, you still need to find a legitimate place that is trusted so you can find the potential buyer without dealing with all hassles or scams.

This article provided you with a summary of the 15 best places to sell a car. We focused this summary only on online websites to list your vehicle yourself without needing a specialist.

Although they mentioned websites are great ideas for getting connected with thousands of people, they involve a heavy learning curve. You'll need to go through many things until you learn how to post the vehicle and deal with all the policies or the ways to get connected to people. This does not guarantee that you will find a potential buyer immediately, which means that you should look for a better alternative that guarantees to buy your vehicle and will not take any time from you. We recommend that you get connected with Cash cars buyer!

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