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Best Place To Sell A Car Online

Best Place To Sell A Car Online

Is your whip looking tired? Or perhaps you’re over listening to your favorite jams on a base model stereo system? It could be that you desire something that drives harder, faster, and smoother. Whatever the case may be once you make the decision to sell your vehicle the next step is to determine the best way to sell your car and get into something new. 

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No doubt, the thought of putting your car on the market is daunting especially when you think of all the work that goes into selling a used vehicle. Now is the time to begin gathering all of your important paperwork for your cars such as the title and any maintenance records you may have.


Best Place to Sell A Car – Why Now Is the Time to Sell Your Car

According to experts, used car sales are significantly higher than usual. In fact, an article published by Kelley Blue Book revealed that the average pre-owned vehicle is approximately $1,000 higher than it was during the pre coronavirus period. Therefore, your old car or SUV could be worth a nice chunk of change. One of the main reasons, the sale of pre-owned vehicles has gone up largely due to the fact that more people are moving away from public transportation due to the continuous spread of COVID-19. Because the market is booming you can expect to get top dollar for your used vehicle. 


Last year, when the virus first surfaced auto manufacturers were forced to shut down their entire operation. With a halt in the manufacturing of new vehicles, consumers were forced to turn to the used car market. Some auto manufacturers have yet to return to producing new vehicles at full capacity. This is another major reason why now is the perfect time to put your used vehicle on the market. 


These days, people are looking to get the best bang for their buck. Where is the best place to sell a car at competitive prices?


Best Place to Sell A Car – What’s The Value of Your Vehicle

Of course, before you put your car on the market, you’ll need to determine what your car is worth. Figuring out the worth of your vehicle is a pretty straightforward process especially considering the fact that there are a host of online appraisal tools such as Kelly Blue Book Value that will help you determine how much your car is worth.


A used car’s value is determined by a variety of factors including; the year, make, and model. Some additional important factors that are considered to determine the value of your vehicle include:


Mileage and Condition

It’s no secret that the mileage and current condition is what ultimately determines the market value of a used vehicle. As the mileage increases so do the wear and tear on a car. Buyers are less likely to pay top dollar for a car that has 200,000 than they are for a vehicle with 40,000 miles. 


When it comes to assessing a vehicle’s value, the condition is more subjective than mileage. A used car with low miles could show signs of wear and tear which brings down its value. Sometimes mileage isn’t always an indication of its value. Vehicles with high miles could be properly maintained, accident-free, and void of any scratches or dents. Torn seats, malfunctioning electronic equipment, and other cosmetic flaws can drastically bring down the value of a car. 



Personalizing a car with aftermarket parts such as oversized wheels, installing stereo speakers and gaudy rims can lower its value. While the original car owner may have believed such customizations boosted the overall appearance of the vehicle potential buyers aren’t always keen on such alterations. If you’re looking to sell your vehicle quickly you might want to consider taking off the window tints and losing the leopard print seat covers. 


Best Place to Sell A Car – Using Third-Party Websites 

Nowadays owners have a multitude of options when it comes to selling their used vehicles. There are several trusted websites that allow you to get cash for your car right from the comfort of your home. Here are the top-rated online portals that allow you to sell your used vehicle virtually:



Carvana is the highest-rated online vendor for used vehicles. According to Carvana’s Car Buyer’s Report, the company purchased a car from owners all over the United States every 2.5 minutes. This averages out to 203,000 cars purchased which represents sixty percent of all the vehicles the company has ever purchased. As the used car market continues to expand companies like Carvana are continuously on the hunt for decent used cars. 


The great thing about selling your vehicle on Carvana is that it’s hassle-free and literally takes less than twenty minutes to complete the questionnaire process. When you sell your car on Carvana you’ll be required to provide important information such as the mileage, color, list of mechanical issues, loan status, and accident history. Based on your answers, the team at Carvana will instantly make an offer that’s only good for seven days. 


If you decide to accept the offer, you can make an appointment to have an agent come to your home to inspect the vehicle. If everything checks out fine, they’ll cut you a check on the spot and the car will be taken off of your hands. 


Pros of Selling A Car on Carvana

  • Easy to use interface
  • Fast, stress free selling process
  • Sell your car from anywhere in the country


Cons of Selling A Car On Carvana

  • Offer is sometimes less than what you would get in a private sale



Carmax is another one of the best place to sell a car. This online used car dealer boasts a “no haggle policy” which is supposed to make it easy and stress free for people to sell their used cars. Although Carmax has over 200 physical locations around the country the entire selling process can be completed right from your couch.


 However, you have the option of taking your vehicle to one of the CarMax locations to have it inspected or you can schedule an appointment to have a rep come out and thoroughly inspect your vehicle. You can get a quote online if your car is eligible which is good for seven days. 


The process begins as soon as you go on the CarMax website. You’ll have to fill out a brief form that will ask for specific information about the vehicle you want to sell such as the; year, model, and make. Depending on the state you live in you may be required to provide some additional information.


What are some of the pros and cons of selling a car on Carmax?



  • Easy to use online interface for selling a car
  • Carmax will purchase a variety of car makes and models
  • Simple, hassle free process
  • Carmax has been in business for thirty years



  • If your car isn’t eligible for an online offer you will have to visit one of the physical locations
  • Offers are lower than what you may get in a private sale



Autotrader provides a plethora of tools for both buyers and sellers. They have one of the biggest online inventory with over three million listings from used car dealers and private owners. This portal is based on a different model than Carmax and Carvana. You can use the site tools to create a listing to sell your car in their marketplace. Your listing will also appear on the Kelley Blue Book website as well which generates millions of visitors daily. 


However, if you are looking for a quick and easy way to sell your car you have the option of using AutoTrader’s free Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Program. All you have to do is fill out some basic information about your vehicle and you’ll get an offer from a car dealer in your area. If you’re interested in the offer, you will have seven days to take your vehicle to the dealer who will then verify the information you provided on the website. Once everything checks out you will get cash on the spot or you can trade your car in for something different. 



  • Two ways to sell your car
  • Instant cash offer 
  • Lots of free tools to help you sell your car


  • Sellers have to pay listing fees that can cost up to $90 for the premium package
  • Not as automated as other websites 
  • You have to interact a lot with potential buyers
  • It can take some time to sell a car in the marketplace



Vroom is similar to Carvana in that it makes selling your car super convenient. This internet based company picks up and delivers used in vehicles in just forty-eight states. The great thing about Vroom is that they will buy all types of used cars in any condition even if it doesn’t meet their resale standards. 


When you sell your car on Vroom you will have to provide some basic information about your car and the condition it’s in. You’ll get an instant offer that’s only valid for seven days or 250 miles or whichever comes first. A representative from Vroom will come to pick up your vehicle and you’ll get a check in the mail within 2-3 business days.




  • You can sell any type of car even if it’s not in the best condition
  • Instant offers
  • Vroom will pick up your car so you don’t have to worry about any extra fees
  • Fast and simply selling process



  • Vroom doesn’t operate in two states
  • $599 delivery fee if you decide to trade in your car
  • You have to wait a couple of days to get a check after they pick up your car after a sale



Auto Nation is quite similar to Carvana and Vroom. Once you provide the required information about the vehicle you want to sell the company will review the details and send you an offer within thirty minutes. You will have seven days to redeem the offer and you’ll have to visit an AutoNation dealership close to you.



  • Fast and hassle free process
  • Get an offer on your used car within thirty minutes
  • The offer is good for seven days or an additional 500 miles which gives you ample time to consider the offer



  • You will have to find an AutoNation dealership close to you to redeem the offer
  • They don’t offer pickup services for used car sales
  • They may make an offer that’s lower than the Kelley Blue Book Value of your vehicle


Best Place To Sell A Car – Why You Should Sell Your Car Online

The internet has made it easier than ever to sell your used car for cash. It’s true that you may be able to get more money for your car in a private sale since you’ll be setting the price but if you prefer a convenient and hassle free experience then you should let modern technology do all the work. When you sell your car on a classified site you’ll have to take time to compose a decent ad, field calls, and interact with potential buyers. Services like Vroom and Carvana are the best place to sell a car because it eliminates the need for third parties which makes the process so much easier.


Whenever you are selling your car online you should always be honest about the condition of your vehicle especially if you are considering trading it in. Since you likely won’t get the market value for your car when you sell it to an online dealership you can try to maximize your profits by selling it in a different city through the website. Some vehicles are in higher demand in other areas. Compare offers in different nearby cities to get extra money for your used car. 


Also, if you still owe a few payments on your vehicle they’ll settle with you on the difference and pay the remaining balance off. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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