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10 Best Multimeters In 2022: Reviews and Buying Guide

10 Best Multimeters In 2022: Reviews and Buying Guide

If you're planning to purchase a new multimeter in 2022, consider these 10 best multimeters in 2022

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  • Fluke 117
  • Fluke 116
  • INNOVA 3320
  • Extech EX330
  • Amprobe AM-510
  • Tekpower Mastech MS8268
  • Klein Tools MM500
  • Tekpower TP9605BT
  • Fluke 87-V
  • Fluke 115

The multimeter is an essential tool to test any electrical device in your vehicle. Depending on the complexity of the multimeter, you might test for different properties, including resistance, voltage, etc. Note that not every multimeter is the same because some of them might be of higher quality than others, which means that investing in a good multimeter helps you achieve reliable results and provides you with accurate information about any internal electrical issues in your vehicle.

If you did a quick search on Google for the best multimeter in 2020 will, it'd be overwhelmed with the number of options because there are tons of them out there. Therefore, many inexperienced drivers feel challenged to select the best multimeter because of the lack of experience.

This article walks you through the 10 best multimeters in 2022. It highlights the main pros and cons of making an informed decision before the purchase. It is critical that you go through the entire list and never go with the first one because depending on your goals and needs, what's considered the best multimeter for you might not be the same for someone else.

What are multimeters used for?

Before we dive into the details about the 10 best emitters in 2020, we must get a general understanding of the multimeter and its main purpose.


Think about the multimeter as a small device used to diagnose any electrical component. More specifically, it targets the electrical circuits and tells you whether there is any opening or issue with the circuit itself. That's why it can be used widely for testing your vehicle's battery or any similar components in your car.

Investing in a high-quality multimeter is a great idea because it helps you understand the status of the electrical components before you reach the mechanic, so you don't spend tons of money on labor costs without being prepared.

The 10 best multimeters in 2022: reviews and buying guide

Let's dive into the details about the best multimeters in 2022. Take a look at these pros and cons of each one before making your decision:

  1. Fluke 117

The first multimeter is designed by one of the nation's highest qualities and most reputable brands. While many people think that those mentors are a little more expensive than others, they deserve the money because of the high performance and the full information you'll get when using them.


When purchasing this multimeter, you achieve the best display and enjoy the amazing backlight. In addition, according to the company, this is one of the safest multimeters that an average driver can use without needing advanced mechanical skill sets.

Furthermore, the nice thing about this multimeter is that it achieve additional benefits and learn more about your device of interest. Finally, the multimeter also has a long life compared to other millimeters in this list.


Despite the amazing features, you'll get from purchasing this multimeter, there are still some drawbacks, including the high price and the limited warranty. Therefore, before making your final purchase decision, consider whether you're looking for advice that has a good warranty or not and whether it's within your budget or not. Sometimes going to the most expensive device might not be your best option, especially if you're not planning to use it frequently.

  1. Fluke 116

The same company designed tons of examples of multimeters. That's why the second option here is another multimeter from the same company because of the top qualities that you will achieve. This device has a larger display and a good backlight. Furthermore, it is very suitable for use during the dark and has additional features Making it worth the money.


In addition to the mentioned pros, the device provides you with strong features that allow it to work on HV AC applications. Also, it is suitable for testing my cramps and has very high accuracy.


Unfortunately, this device might not be the best if you plan to use it for temperature readings.

  1. INNOVA 3320

If you're not a fan of expensive multimeters and would like to buy a high-quality multimeter, then this one should be one of your options. It comes with great accuracy at a very lower price, which is a great deal. Let's take a look below at the main pros and cons of this multimeter:


One of the biggest benefits of purchasing this multimeter is enjoying the UL certification, which means that this device is trusted and has an easy-to-use characteristic. In addition, you don't have to be an expert electrician or mechanic to know how to use it. Finally, affordability is one of the top features of this multimeter, attracting many regular drivers who are not technicians or who are not using it for work.


This multimeter's only drawback is that it's not designed to test temperature, which might not be the main requirement for a regular driver.

  1. Extech EX330

Are you shopping for a multimeter that provides you with additional critics than the traditional ones? Are you worried about the budget? Then this one should be one of your options. It comes with very high safety to test the wires without touching them. Here are some other benefits you'll gain from purchasing this multimeter:


The multimeter is also certified, and it provides you with the ability to test the devices without touching them. Furthermore, it has an older power-off function, so you don't have to worry about forgetting it turned on. Finally, it comes with one-year parts and labor warranty.


If you're looking for a multimeter to use during nighttime, this might not be your best option because it doesn't have a backlight, and sometimes it might be when changing functions, which could be a little bit annoying to drivers.

  1. Amprobe AM-510

Have you ever heard about the multimeters that can be used in multiple applications? This one is an example. It can be used for your vehicle's electrical components or household components. In addition, it comes with high safety that allows you to use it hands-free by relying on the design it's coming with.


The device has one of the highest safeties compared to the other devices in this list because it provides you with hands-free or no-touch option. Furthermore, it's very easy to use and is recommended for people who work during the dark time because of the amazing flashlight.


Regarding the drawbacks of this multimeter, be prepared for the poor sampling speed compared to the other multimeter indicated in this list.

  1. Tekpower Mastech MS8268

Are you new to the world of multimeters and don't know where to start from the concern mark? Enjoy this option! It provides you with some capabilities to choose the right options. In other words, if you selected the wrong option, the multimeter will be showing you that you should change your options and select the correct one.


This multimeter comes with an LED display, making it amazing during dark times. Furthermore, as we indicated earlier, it comes with the capability to guide you throughout the usage process to help you use it successfully. Finally, the biggest benefit you'll get from purchasing this multimeter is price because it's one of the most affordable options on this list.


While there are many benefits and pros you'll get from purchasing this multi-matter, there are still some drawbacks if you write, for example, customers complained about the short auto shutdown, which can be a little bit frustrating to many of them. However, if that's not an issue for you, then there you go, enjoy the best multimeter on this list!

  1. Klein Tools MM500

This multimeter was designed by another amazing company known in the field. The multimeter itself comes with durable material and easy to use design. You don't have to be a specialist to use it, and it's suitable for all types of electrical testing.


One of the first features of this multimeter is the easy-to-use options. It is very simple, and you can understand it without needing previous experience. It is waterproof and dustproof, and the price itself is not very expensive. This multimeter is recommended for beginners


Regarding the drawbacks, there Walter might lose accuracy at some point. Therefore, you might want to repeat the test a couple of times to confirm that you're getting the actual true results.

  1. Tekpower TP9605BT

Are you a fan of tools that can be connected to your phone? Then, this should be in your options! It is very high quality and can be easily connected to your phone so that you can enjoy the flexibility of the additional options.


It is considered one of the advanced multimeters and comes with a very high-quality design and material at a very affordable price.


The biggest challenge about using this multimeter is understanding the software because there is little documentation. Furthermore, there are some complaints about the issues with the battery's lifetime.

  1. Fluke 87-V

The same company also has great options that include different multimeters in this list. If you're interested and a comprehensive auto range system, this multimeter should be one of your options if you take a look at the main pros and cons of it:


Unlike other multimeters, this multimeter is a great option for measuring temperature, and it provides you with accurate and precise results. Furthermore, it is very reliable and considered safe compared to the other multimeters in this list.

Another great option is the warranty that comes with it and the amazing customer service that could help you anytime you are dealing with some issues.


Some customers complained that the manual is available only online, and the multimeter itself might be a bit pricey compared to other multimeters in This list.

  1. Fluke 115

We would like to include another multimeter by the same company, which should be in your list of options. They designed great options that didn't give us chances, including options from different brands.


This multimeter enjoys precise and accurate reading at very high technology. Moreover, the data is auto arranged and stored in a very organized way, and it comes with an auto power-off option to save the battery.


The biggest drawback about this multimeter is the very thin test leads and the weight issues.

10 best multimeters in 2022: Final thoughts

Investing in a normal timer is a great idea. It comes in very handy in cases of electrical issues in your vehicle. However, selecting the best multimeter can be a little bit overwhelming, especially if you don't know which brand you're looking for.

This article provided you with a list of the 10 best multimeters in 2022. In addition, it highlighted the main pros and cons of each one and provided you with additional details that help you select the best multimeter that achieves and matches your goals.

Owning a small component like the multimeter might not be the best solution for someone dealing with major electrical or mechanical problems. Instead, you should be focusing on the main problems and getting in the result rather than diagnosing them. If your car acquires very high repair costs, it could be worth selling your vehicle and using its money to buy a better car that doesn't have any problem, and we are your multimeter will be worth the investment.

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