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Back to School Car Maintenance Checklist – All What You Need To Know!

Back to School Car Maintenance Checklist – All What You Need To Know!

The back-to-school car maintenance checklist includes inspecting the following:

1-    The engine oil level

2-    The headlights

3-    The braking system

4-    The tires

5-    The wipers

6-    The other fluids

7-    The paperwork

8-    The emergency kits

9-    The battery

10- The spare tire

As the school season approaches, people get busy preparing the school supplies, including pencils, pens, papers, notebooks, etc. However, there is another important thing that you must check off your list: car maintenance.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Whether you're driving your kid to school by himself or probably carpooling with another kid, your vehicle must be in good condition to prevent undesirable car breakdowns. Being proactive about car maintenance is critical, especially before the winter season approaches when you're very busy with your work or the kid’s schedule.

The good news is that automotive experts put together what's known as a back-to-school car maintenance checklist. This article walks you through this checklist to help you prepare well and enjoy a great school year!

Back to school car maintenance checklist

Getting ready for school requires a specific type of car inspection. It is not very similar to preparing for the summer or winter seasons. The biggest component and preparing for school involve driving kids to school, which means you have to have a safe vehicle that does not put your life and the kids at risk.

In general, if you walk through the following list and ensure that everything in the list is in good condition, you should be good to start a great school year. However, if you noticed some issues, we recommend fixing them before school starts, so you don't deal with surprising car breakdowns.

Let's take a closer look at the back-to-school car maintenance checklist:

1-    The engine oil level

The first and most important element that you need to check is the engine oil level. Since the oil is responsible for lubricating the internal engine moving components, it plays an important role in preventing engine overheating.

The last thing you want to deal with is your engine overheating and a lot of smoke coming out of the hood when you're driving the kids. This does cause not only some safety issues but also causes a lot of panic from you and the little ones driving with you.

Therefore, consider checking the last oil change that you've done. If the next oil change is very soon, it might be worth investing in the oil change earlier and preparing for the coming school season.

2-    The headlights

The headlights are very critical, especially since you're going to be driving in the morning, and the visibility might not be the best. It can also be more critical if fall is approaching, and you will rely on the headlights a lot to see and notice that kids walking on the street and prevent some major accidents.

Therefore, look at the headlights and see if any signs of dim headlights or bulbs need to be replaced and take care of them before school starts.

3-    The braking system

What's more critical than the braking system? Think about how many students will be walking on the street, and you can tell the importance of having a perfectly working braking system.

Look at the brake pads and the brake fluid. Make sure that there is no fluid leak and the brake pads are in good condition. In many cases, after the long summer season, you might have been using the brakes harshly, which means that they might be prematurely damaged. Thus, it could be the right time to replace the brake pads and inspect the braking fluid.

4-    The tires

The tires are also important elements in your vehicle. You must have the right tire pressure level to save on fuel consumption. In addition, sometimes commuting from home to school can add up to your expenses in terms of guests, and therefore, having the right tire pressure level can help you save a little bit on guests.

Also, consider taking a closer look at any signs of cracks or premature damages in the tires. This way, you can tell when it's the right time to rotate the tires or replace them completely.

You don't want to leave the tires till the last minute where winter comes, and the car gets very slippery, and you can't handle it with kids walking around the streets.

5-    The wipers

The wipers are also very important to be in good shape. Maybe during the summer, these wipers might get exposed to a lot of heat and got damaged. Therefore, look at them and be concerned that you will be using them once it rains at any time soon.

Of course, depending on where you live, rain might come more in the full or probably in the winter. Either way, you need to have perfectly running wipers to have good visibility and prevent safety issues for yourself and the people walking around you.

6-    The other fluids

Although engine oil is a critical fluid, it is also a good idea to inspect the other types of fluids. For example, consider checking if you have the right coolant level to prevent engine overheating.

Also, make sure that there are no leaks in the steering fluid or probably the breaking system fluids. Finally, ensure that the windshield was are or has the right fluid level so you can use it when necessary.

7-    The paperwork

Paperwork is extremely important, and it's probably a good idea to take a closer look at the insurance, the registration, and your driver’s license. If you haven't driven a lot in the summer, you might need to check whether the insurance is due for renewal or your driver’s license is past due.

Make sure that you take care of all his paperwork before school starts because once it starts, you won't have enough room and time to deal with extra pressure than getting the kids ready and have them jump into the vehicle to get to school.

8-    The emergency kits

Preparing an emergency kit is a great idea, especially if you're driving with kids. Think about all probable accidents that could happen and put whatever you think is needed in one secure location.

The emergency kit does not necessarily have to deal with medical issues. It might be something like a couple of snack bags or probably a small blanket and a flashlight. All these items can be very handy, especially if there is a storm outside or for whatever reason that could prevent getting you stuck in the vehicle for extended times.

9-    The battery

The battery is responsible for providing the initial charge to your vehicle to get started. Without a perfectly running battery, you will end up with difficulty starting the car. In other words, if your battery expired or it reached the end of its lifetime, you must replace it immediately to prevent any delays in this cool day morning.

Look at your battery and make sure that there are no signs of corrosion or rust or around the battery terminals. This is because even if the battery is in good condition, the terminals might need to clean up or loose so you can tighten them and get your vehicle going without any issue.

It is also a good idea to keep a pair of jumper cables in the vehicle in cases of emergencies or anything that happens to the battery that you will not pay attention to.

10- The spare tire

Finally, you never know when you are vehicle's player requires replacement or blows out suddenly. These things happened suddenly without any previous signs. Therefore, consider inspecting the spare tire and ensuring it's in good condition and well prepared for any emergency.

How do I prepare my car for college?

Some parents might even pass the stage of little kids, and they're probably passing their vehicle to their kids were going to college.

You must teach your kid and your teen about the main car maintenance to be prepared for, so they don't deal with cars breakdowns when help is not around.

For example, here are some of the items that you need to highlight to your team on how to prepare his vehicle for the college school year:

1-    Scheduled maintenance

There are many car maintenance basics that you are familiar with and your team might not be aware of. For example, you must walk your team through the list of scheduled maintenance that the vehicle needs to go through. For instance, your team might not be aware of the importance of frequent oil change and when to pay attention to it.

Similarly, your teen might not be prepared for the type of fuel the vehicle must run on. For instance, if your car only runs on premium gas, it's critical to highlight this to your teen to prevent damaging the engine or voiding the warranty.

2-    Paperwork

Another important thing that your team needs to be prepared for is understanding what paperwork must exist in the vehicle. For instance, explain the importance of having the car registration, insurance, and driver’s license available at any time in cases of emergencies.

3-    The campus

Depending on where your team is going, it's also important to understand the campus system when it comes to parking. For example, probably the college will most likely provide them with certain parking spaces where they can park at a lower price than other people who are not students.

It also might be more convenient to take public transportation in areas where it's available. The college probably provides some discounts to encourage students to use public transportation or walk to help the environment.

4-    Gas saving

There are plenty of ideas to save on gas, and one of the common ones would be to use the vehicle whenever necessary and combined trips. In other words, if you are a teen is planning to live on campus, it might not be necessary to drive the vehicle for every single mile. In addition, many students are encouraged to walk as much as possible for their health and protect the environment.

However, if the weather does not allow it and extremely hot or cold, driving the vehicle would be a better idea.

Also, certain gas stations might provide some discounts for students or probably for members, and it's a great idea to tell your teen to join a certain membership.

5-    Important elements

Finally, there are many items that your son or daughter can benefit from when keeping in the vehicle. For example, he might need the following items:

  • Jump cables
  • Blanket
  • Flashlight
  • Spare tire
  • Extra batteries
  • Phone charger
  • Ice scraper


With the school year starting, parents are very busy preparing all necessary school supplies spot. However, many of them might not pay attention to inspecting their vehicle and preparing it for the best school year.

Car breakdowns are surprising, and they're not convenient. Therefore, it is very important to be proactive about car maintenance and go through the back-to-school maintenance checklist mentioned in this article.

If you noticed major issues in the vehicle, it might be the right time now to sell your car and use the money towards a better vehicle that doesn't have any problem and will not surprise you once you start the school year.

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