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A Guide To ‘Autotrader Sell My Car’

A Guide To ‘Autotrader Sell My Car’

Autotrader Sell My Car also means “transparent prices and simple, secure processes,” securing the said site the no. 1 rank for customer satisfaction on TrustPilot. It has been declared that with Auto Trader the chance of selling your car within a week is doubled as you are able to advertise your car in front of the most buyers than on any other site. Autotrader reach millions of car shoppers each week looking for cars or trucks for sale near you. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


Even before the age of the internet an Autotrader magazine rack can be found somewhere near the cash register of every convenience store. Autotrader (AT) has been eliminating the hassle of finding and buying a used car for the longest time. Every 16 year-olds back then must have a copy to find their first car for the right price. So Autotrader Sell My Car business has been a long trusted way of doing business. It’s one of the top online sites to sell your car.


Fast forward AT has continued to be a major player in selling used cars. Their magazine may have ended publication but their website has taken all of the best features of the original magazine, and expanded it even further. 


The website offers all the tools you’ll ever need to make a decision about buying a used car. One step up regarding this new Autotrader platform is that it offers transparency, a major development compared to the old Autotrader magazines where they have private party sellers. Autotrader Sell My Car also means you will be dealing with professional car dealers.


Autotrader Sell My Car Price


Autotrader is a perfect avenue to sell your used car for the price of advertisement fees. If you intend to have the ad run for a month then you will have to pay the basic $25 ad package. Price can go up to $100 for Autotrader Sell My Car Premier package of “Run ‘til it Sells” option. 


AT also offers VIP Service. You will get expert help selling your car. They will do all the work and even offer a privacy shield that will screen phone calls from solicitors as they provide you with an anonymous phone number. So that will resolve any concern you may have putting your personal information out on the internet. This surely will be a very convenient way to sell rather than selling your car privately, but it comes with a price.


Autotrader Sell My Car Kelley Blue Book


If you want to trade your car in with a dealer, AT has a partnership with KBB that lets their users receive a cash offer from participating dealers. All you have to do is enter your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or manually fill in the data points, and then register with the KBB/AT system to be able to receive the instant coupon cash offer.


Besides the trade in part KBB also provides Autotrader tools for investigating used cars by make or body style and technical specifications. You will also be able to access reviews and at the same time compare invoice prices versus the MSRP. 


Autotrader Sell My Car Valuation


Autotrader has a Car Research & Review section, which helps you calculate how much car you can afford. You will be able to find out your expected monthly payments based on a set price and loan interest rate, while comparing it to certified pre-owned programs.


They are able to provide these tools also through a partnership with Kelley Blue Book KBB. And if that is not enough Autotrader also has an app for iOS and Android conveniently available.


How does Autotrader sell my car?


You may opt to sell your used car to a dealership or to a person via Autotrader. The method of doing both is about the same. Expect, however, that you will get a lower price if you will sell it to a dealer, as opposed to possibly waiting longer for an individual to buy your vehicle and pay a sum similar to the actual value of your car.


Here are some tips and steps when selling your car through Autotrader:


  • Tip 1: Before anything else prepare your used car for the sale. This is not only for Autotrader sell my car business but this is a tip that can be applied in general when selling your car. Make a critical inspection of its condition. Take note of any damage, and that includes small dents or stains on upholstery, especially mechanical issues. These will all be taken into account as you make your sale listing on Autotrader.


  • Tip 2: Clean your Car. One step never to be overlooked is thoroughly cleaning your used car. Make it look its best by presenting it at its best to get the best price for your car. You do not need to fix every little crack and scratch but you must wash and clean the car and remove all the dust that's been collecting over the years. 


For newer, more expensive used cars, giving it a professional detail is great. But the higher the price, the longer it will take to sell the car, and after a few weeks, the gleam of detail will wear off. But then again, never take for granted the significance of giving your car the best curb appeal possible.


  • Tip 3: Don’t neglect the quality of the photos you will be posting. When selling a car online, it is very important as it will be the first thing a buyer will be looking at. Make sure you have clear photos taken from multiple angles of the exterior and interior of the vehicle so potential buyers can see it in its entirety and would not have second thoughts. Do not settle for mediocre photo quality – borrow a good quality camera or smartphone if you must. 

Autotrader Sell My Car Steps


  • Step 1: Pick your selling option on Autotrader. Go to Autotrader.com and press the “Sell My Car” tab, and then input your zip code. On the left side of the browser screen, you will find the option button to get an instant cash offer coming from a dealer for a straight sale or trade-in. This will be valid for 3 days.


Then on the right side of the screen, you can place an online ad for your used vehicle that will appear on Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book. Again, the benefit of selling to a dealer is that you will have a quick sale, but selling to an individual will more likely get you more money. So the decision you will have to take depends if you prioritize speed over profit or vice versa. Select the appropriate option that will serve your needs.


  • Step 2: Carefully follow the steps on the Autotrader website. Once you are able to select your selling option, the website for Autotrader Sell My Car business will be able to guide you in filling up various information about your vehicle. You will be entering info like the make, model, and year of your used car, and upload the photos especially taken. When asked to describe your vehicle’s condition, be upright and honest to include any damage or issues you have noted.


  • Step 3: Whenever a dealer or an individual makes an offer on your posting, you will be receiving an email alert along with a link to that offer. So monitor your email. Press the link to review the terms and make a decision whether to accept or decline the offer. 


After selling your used car on Autotrader, take note that you can also buy a replacement car there. When you purchase another car just make sure you have the right insurance coverage. This is especially true if you bought a different type of vehicle than you had before.


Autotrader Sell My Car Other Frequently Asked Questions


What paperwork do I need to sell my car?


  • Title: have it signed to pass on to the new owner.
  • Maintenance Records: provided by your dealership or mechanic 
  • Bill of Sale: you will have to take care of this if selling privately, contains terms and conditions of the transaction, and releases you from specific liabilities.
  • Release of Liability:  will free you from being liable for any damage incurred after the vehicle is sold.
  • Warranty Documents: still applicable manufacturer’s warranty or an extended warranty need to be passed on.

Can I part exchange my car on Autotrader?


The answer is yes, you can do a part-exchange of your car on Autotrader. After finding a car you like, all you have to do is use their part exchange tool to get an instant valuation on your current vehicle. They will then send a guide price to both you and the dealer, then you can discuss with each other what the final price will be.


Autotrader has long been a household name not only for buying but also for selling used vehicles. Either you want to sell it to a dealer or an individual this website is a go to, all you need to do is know what you want in terms of priority when selling your car, prepare the car and follow a few simple steps.


Feel free to visit their website but if you find that it’s not the one for you can do more research to find what’s the best website to sell your car.