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Audi Oil Change Cost – What to Expect?

Audi Oil Change Cost

Changing your Audi’s oil is one of the most critical repairs you need to perform at the right time. This is because as your engine’s oil gets older, it collects contaminants, reducing the engine’s oil's overall functionality. 

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While you can still change your own Audi’s oil, it is important to know the Audi oil change cost. 

In this article, we provide you with Audi oil change cost estimates for most years and models. Furthermore, we provide you with some guidance on how to change your own Audi’s oil to save on repair costs by eliminating labor costs. 

Why does my Audi need an oil change?


Your vehicle needs a certain amount of oil to lubricate the engine and prevent moving parts from wearing out against each other. Without the proper amount of oil, the moving parts of your engine might generate a lot of heat due to friction and damage each other and destroy the entire engine part.

Your engine’s oil has a lifespan and must be changed once in a while to maintain proper engine performance. The frequency of changing your engine’s oil differ by car’s make, model, and year, and by the type of oil you are using and the environment you drive in. 

Despite all these factors, you cannot ignore an oil change, and it must be done at the right time. 

Audi oil change cost


Like any other automotive repairs, your Audi oil change cost is divided into parts and labor costs. Usually, changing Audi’s oil costs between $129 and $155 on both parts and labor costs.

When looking at Audi oil change cost, parts required between $78 and $93 while labor requires about $51 and $65.

That been said, many people find it worth learning how to change their Audi’s oil on their own to save on labor costs. However,  if you don’t feel you have the required mechanical skills, do not attempt to change your Audi’s oil unless you know exactly how to do it. 


How often to perform Audi oil change?


Luckily, your vehicle would tell you when it is due for an oil change. The frequency of changing your Audi’s engine oil depends on the type of oil you use and on your driving style.

For instance, you can wait up to 7,500 miles using a synthetic oil without needing a new oil change. Some people even go up to 10,000 miles without getting a new oil change.

It is important to note that some local services might advise changing your engine’s oil once every 3,000 miles; however, many of these services intend to make money only as your vehicle might not need it.

Therefore, the best and more trusted place to start from is your Audi’s owner’s manual. The manual would tell you what type of oil to choose and how long you can wait before your second oil change. 

Does Audi need synthetic oil?


There are three types of engine oil available in the market today, including:


  • The traditional engine oil



The traditional engine oil is the most common and the most widely used among other engine oils. While this engine oil is the cheapest, it requires frequent change about once every 5,000 miles. 


  • The semi-synthetic engine oil



The semi-synthetic engine oil is somewhere between the traditional and synthetic oil. It provides relatively good lubrication for a longer period when compared to the traditional engine oil.

You can wait for up to 8,000 miles before needing a second semi-synthetic oil change. The semi-synthetic engine oil is recommended for heavier vehicles and if you drive for a long time.


  • The synthetic engine oil



The top and best engine oil is synthetic oil. It is recommended for most high-performance and high-tech vehicles. This oil can last up to 15,000 miles without any need to change it. 

The oil is good enough to provide the best engine lubrication and allow smooth oil flow between your engine’s internal components. 

While your Audi’s owner’s manual doesn’t require synthetic oil, your Audi, like any other vehicle, can still benefit from synthetic oil, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA). 

If it is important to note that synthetic oil is not cheap, and you need to look at the overall picture to see if it is worth putting synthetic oil in you Audi.

What else is repaired during an oil change?


When you go for an oil change, there are several things done to your vehicle, including:

  • Your mechanic will drain the old oil and replace the drain oil plug if needed
  • He will also replace the oil filter as it gets bad approximately while your vehicle is due for an oil change.
  • Depending on your vehicle model and year, the mechanic might need to change the O-ring associated with the oil filter cap.
  • He will also refill the oil tank with the required amount and type of engine oil
  • Finally, your mechanic must reset the oil change warning light. This way, your vehicle knows when to remind you of the next oil change. 

How to change my Audi’s oil?

If you feel comfortable changing your Audi’s oil, the process is fairly simple and straightforward. 

All that you need to do is to follow these steps:


  • Prepare the required tools and parts


It would be best to have specific tools for any oil change, while other tools you must have for Audi’s oil change specifically.

For example, you need to know what filter your Audi needs and the quality and quantity of engine oil required. The best place to get this information is your vehicle’s owner’s manual. You can always request a copy of your Audi’s manual from your local mechanic or download a copy from the internet.

Additional tools are required for any oil change, including an oil filter wrench, an oil drain plug wrench, gloves, protective glasses, oil pan, etc.


  • Select a working station and prepare your Audi


Changing your engine’s oil can be a little messy; therefore, you need to select the best working station. Usually, working in your garage or driveway is ideal.

Once you selected the working place, you need to raise your vehicle using a jack and a jack stand because you will be working under your vehicle's front bottom.

It is important to learn how to jack up and secure your vehicle properly to avoid safety issues. 


  • Drain the old oil


Following your Audi’s manual, locate the oil drain plug and place the oil pan right under it to prepare oil draining.

Using the oil drain plug wrench, try removing the drain plug gently, so you don’t break it.

Allow the old oil to drain in the oil pan for about ten minutes. Once the oil is finished draining, wipe up any mess caused by the old oil then, reinstall the oil drain plug. 


  • Change the oil filter


Refer again to your Audi’s owner’s manual, locate your vehicle’s filter and try removing it manually.

If you couldn’t remove it, use an oil filter wrench to get it out. It is important to note that the oil filter is usually soaked with oil; therefore, before taking it completely, give it a couple of seconds to drain in the oil pan.

Please take off the old oil filter and compare it to the new one to make sure you are using the right one. 

Install the new oil filter and replace the O-ring if needed. Before installing the oil filter cap, it is recommended to add a little bit of oil on the O-ring to prevent its bending inside the oil housing.


  • Refill with new oil


Pop open your vehicle’s hood and remove the oil cap. Then, place an oil funnel and fill the tank with the required amount of oil.

Let the engine run or a couple of seconds to ensure the oil filter is filled with oil, and then measure the oil level using a dipstick to ensure you still have the right oil amount. 


  • Reset the oil change button


The oil change check light doesn’t go away after changing your engine’s oil unless you do it manually. Therefore, you must follow the following steps to get the oil change check light go away:

    • start the ignition without starting the engine
    • locate the reset button on your dashboard and by referring to the vehicle’s owner’s manual
    • Press and hold the reset button
    • follow the instructions on the screen to complete the reset.



Changing your Audi’s oil is vital to keeping your vehicle's value and preventing engine overheating.

Audi oil change cost ranges from $129 and $155 on both parts and labor costs. 

If you know how to change your own Audi’s oil, you can cut this cost to $78 and $93 on parts only.


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