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Are Winter Tires Worth It? All That You Need to Know

Are Winter Tires Worth It? All That You Need to Know

According to the Federal Highway administration, snow and sleet were the cause for more than 219,942 crashes per year. But are winter tires worth it?

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Even if we always try to avoid driving on snowy days, there will be situations where you must go out and drive to work, school, or to perform daily tasks.

If you’re living in a snowy area and frequently driving over snow, it might be worth Investing in better tires. 

One of the most common types of tires are winter tires. Many people consult us and wonder whether it’s worth investing in winter tires or not.

Does this article answer the question, are winter tires worth it? We highlight the main benefits of owning winter tires, and we also compare them to all-season tires. Finally, we provide rough estimates of the cost of installing winter tires. 

What are the benefits of winter tires? 


When it comes to driving in winter, the 1st and most important question we get is whether winter tires work or not. The short and fastest answer is yes! 

According to several automotive experts, installing winter tires help provide easier, safer, and more comfortable driving on icy and snowy quotes.

There are several benefits of winter tires, including: 

  • They provide better traction and grip 


What’s the worst thing about driving on snowy roads? Well, it’s slipping and handling the vehicle, especially when accelerating.

When you install winter tires, your vehicle will have better gripping to the road, and you will break much easier despite the bad weather condition.

Winter tires are designed to provide a specific type of tread pattern. This tread pattern is made purposely to grip on icy or snowy Rd. The tires are made of special material like the rubber or other durable material that can withstand very cold weather. In general, think about winter tires as the type of tire designed for temperatures lower than 45 degrees.

The best thing about winter tires is that you will have peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about slow driving or careful acceleration.  

Remember that even when you’re installing winter tires, you need to be careful about the drivers surrounding you. Not everyone will have winter tires; Which means that most drivers on the road will be driving slowly and carefully. Thus, keep an eye on any signs of crashes or slipping vehicles.

In other words, installing winter tires help you control the vehicle, but it doesn’t mean that driving would be much safer or Even so Mart to summer days. 

  • Get insurance discounts 


Did you know that you can get good deals from your insurance company if you have winter tires?

Yes! Many insurance companies provide deals and discounts for vehicles with seasonal tires. It’s not surprising, though. Insurance companies evaluate and provide you with the price depending on the amount of safety in your vehicle. When having winter tires, it’s not expected that your vehicle will be involved in crashes frequently. Thus, interest companies would be happy to provide you a good discount. 

  • Winter tires VS all-season tires 

Have you ever heard about the term old season tires? Well, all-season tires are not the same as winter tires.

Winter tires are designed to withstand very little temperatures, and you need to install them only on winter days. They reduce the risk of getting involved in car accidents.

On the other hand, all-season tires are designed to last for the entire year. In other words, you don’t have to worry about changing your tires each season. You don’t have to install winter tires before winter and summer tires before summer times. All-season tires are designed for people who don’t like to deal with tire replacement frequently.

Also, when installing all-season tires, you don’t have to worry about storage. On the other hand, if you have winter tires, you have to have space to store them when it’s not wintertime. 

How much do winter tires cost? 

If winter tires are great and provide you all these amazing benefits, why doesn’t everyone install them?

Great question! The only reason that many people want to install winter tires is the price! When your tires are expensive and depending on your car’s make, model, and year, expect to pay somewhere around $1000.

While many people might think of installing two tires instead of four to save on costs, this doesn’t guarantee safe driving on icy roads. You don’t have the full safety by having only two winter tires, and you can’t prevent kidding in icy Rd. 

If we break the winter tires price into two categories, you can either get something below $150 per tire or more than $150.

The first category has winter tires with OK traction on snow and ice. Most tires in this category don’t have a warranty, and they might not stretch the entire year.

On the other hand, the second category involves much durable and stronger winter tires. They can last up to 50,000 miles before you see signs of tire damages. Usually, more expensive winter tires come with two years warranty, if not more. 

What are the top brands for winter tires? 

While you don’t have to go with the top brands to purchase your winter tires, it’s important to familiarize yourself with them and compare their tire features to other more affordable ones.

The biggest winter tire brands are MICHELIN, YOKOHAMA, BRIDGESTONE, and GOODYEAR.

Are winter tires worth it? 

Deciding on whether winter tires are worth it or not depends on your budget, environment, and goals.

For example, if you live in a snowy area and experience dealing with snow most of the year, it might be worth investing in winter tires. You don’t have to frequently visit the mechanic to replace your regular tires or feel nervous about driving with your regular tires.

However, if you live in an area that doesn’t have a lot of snow and winters are not snowy, it might not be worth putting this amount of money for winter tires.