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Air Suspension Compressor Replacement Costs & Repairs

Air Suspension Compressor Replacement Costs & Repairs

Air suspension compressor replacement cost Ranges from $1063 to $1091. Labor cost is not the top and main component in this replacement cost because it ranges between $107 and $135. The part itself might cost up to $956.  

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

The air suspension compressor is a very important component of the air suspension system. It is responsible for providing the required amount of air to keep your vehicle at the proper height while driving.

These air suspension compressors are not designed to last forever, and there will be a point of time where you must replace it.

Luckily, certain symptoms are indicating that your air suspension compressor is going bad before it even does.

Unfortunately, air suspension compressor replacements are one of the most expensive repairs you might deal with.

As a driver, you need to know when the air suspension compressor is going bad and how much you should expect repair costs.

This article walks you through all the details you need to know about air suspension compressor replacement costs. We will highlight the compressor's primary job, the bad air suspension compressor's main symptoms, and estimates of the air suspension compressor replacement costs. 

What is the air suspension compressor, and what does it do? 

Before we dive into the details about the air suspension compressor, let's step back and make sure that we understand the air suspension system's whole idea.

Most of us might be aware of the traditional conventional struts and gas-filled shock suspension system. However, more recent modern vehicles are now equipped with an advanced air suspension system. 

These advanced suspension systems have their problems because they involve many components to operate together and provide you with the comfortable right you notice when driving a modern vehicle.

These air suspension systems are very complicated and involve several components. One of these components and one of the most important air suspension systems are air suspension air compressors.

As the name suggests, this compressor is responsible for compressing and pumping certain airbags into the airbags so your chassis can be raising off the axles and help you experience a good and smooth ride quality.

The compressor works in conjunction with another component called the dryer, and they are usually located in the same assembly, of course, depending on your vehicle’s automaker.

Once the air compressor fails, your air suspension system will not operate properly. In most scenarios, a failed air compressor results in the air suspension system stuck into an inflated mode which can cause air Springs to leak here, and you'll notice that your vehicle will experience some sagging.

It is not expected for your professional mechanic to  the air suspension compressor because it is not involve However, some good mechanics will notice anything weird happening with your vehicle's suspension system and advise you to look at the suspension air compressor. 

Is air suspension expensive to fix? How much does it cost to replace the air suspension compressor? 

Air suspension compressor replacement costs range from $1063 to $1091. Yes! It is very expensive!

To take a closer look at this cost range, you can divide it into labor and parts costs. Labor costs are usually ranging between $107.00 and $135. Unfortunately, the part itself is very expensive and can cost you up to $956. 

While some people might think of switching to small repair shops that you can save on the air suspension compressor replacement costs, it might not be a great idea for many reasons.

When you go to a small repair shop, you can only reduce the labor cost, which is not the major component in the air suspension compressor replacement costs. Also, you might hand your modern vehicle to an inexperienced mechanic who might not know exactly how they think it should be done.

As a result, you might introduce significant damages to your vehicle's air suspension system.

Many modern luxury vehicles associated with air suspension system prefer to go to a dealership even if it will cost them much more because the leadership technicians are not the brand very well and probably have previous experience with many similar vehicles.

Something to keep in mind is your vehicle's insurance coverage. Many drivers might skip this step and start looking for cheaper options without knowing that fixing their air suspension compressor might be covered under the extended warranty. 

What are the symptoms of a bad air suspension compressor? 

As you already noticed, replacing the air suspension compressor can be very pricey. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on any symptoms of a bad air suspension compressor.

By detecting the problem early, you can save yourself many repairs that might occur as a result of some complications associated with that air suspension compressor.

Here are some of the most comment symptoms and warning signs indicating that your air suspension compressor is getting bad: 

  • You will notice that your vehicle is lower than normal 

The most obvious system for a bad air suspension compressor is a lower vehicle. Since the compressor is responsible for providing pressurized air to inflating the airbag and has your vehicle adjust its height based on the system requirements, when this compressor goes bad, they will not inflate their bags. Therefore, you will always be riding on a lower vehicle than normal.  

  • You might hear weird noises when driving the car 

Another important and clear symptom indicated that your air suspension compressor is damaged by hearing weird clicking, whining, or grinding noises coming from your vehicle.

These noises are usually associated with a broken fan or motor within your compressor assembly.

If you did not take care of this problem immediately, you might cause significant damages to the entire compressor. Therefore, your vehicle cannot function without a safe, proper suspension system. In other words, your vehicle will have a disabled suspension system. 

Keep in mind that whining and clicking noises can also be associated with other problems in your vehicle. Therefore, once you hear any clicking, you can't immediately say that it's coming from your vehicle's air suspension compressor.

Instead, you should reach out to a professional mechanic and have him inspect the vehicle to pinpoint the problem. The mechanic might use certain tools to scan your vehicle's computer and read the errors. 

  • If you tried to turn on the compressor, it wouldn't work 


In general, your vehicle's air compression system works automatically. Your vehicle's computer will turn on and off the air suspension compressor based on the driving environment and your vehicle's requirements.

When the air compressor goes bad, your vehicle will not be able to engage it, and therefore, it will not inflate the airbags. 

How do you maintain air suspension? 

Since replacing the air suspension compressor is very costly and dealing with air suspension system problems can be a headache, it is very important to familiarize yourself with tips and tricks for maintaining the air suspension if possible

The first thing that you can do is monitor any signs of system leaks. Keep regular checking on your airbags and airlines for any signs of leaks. Unfortunately, detecting a bad air compressor can be slightly harder, but you still can see any uneven issues in your vehicle’s height.

You can also visually inspect the airline's connections and see if there are any damages.

Some drivers might even perform regular and routine service appointments to have professional mechanics inspect their air suspension system. Although these services might be slightly unnecessary, it doesn't hurt to have a couple of checkups occasionally. 

As we already mentioned, detecting an air suspension problem early can save you a lot of money as you can see minor issues for the lowest costs rather than waiting for more complications.

Can you drive with a bad air suspension compressor? 

The short answer is no. When your suspension system is disabled, driving your vehicle can be a little dangerous.

Imagine driving on a vehicle without any suspension system where your vehicle's alignment might get affected, which could cause significant damages to other components.

In general, you want to be prevented from driving your car because your vehicle will continue to function. However, your overall right experience will not be as usual, and you will not be able to control your vehicle, especially in emergencies, properly. 

How long does the air suspension compressor last? 

According to automotive experts, your airbag suspension compressor should last between 80,000 miles and 100,000 miles.

There is no accurate threshold about when you need to replace your air suspension compressor because it differs significantly depending on your driving style and the environment you are driving in.

For example, if you put a lot of effort into your vehicle and tow or haul large items, your suspension system components will wear out much faster than someone who's just driving his vehicle for regular commutes on well-paved roads.

Another thing to consider is the driving environment. For instance, if you drive in colder environments like the northern United States or even Canada, you'll notice that your suspension system might wear out faster than someone driving in a warmer environment. 

The best guess for you is to frequently inspect your air suspension compressor and the entire air suspension system as part of your regular maintenance. You don't have to do with it every time, Just a quick check every other time probably.

Also, keep an eye and ear for any of the mentioned signs of a bad air suspension compressor. By detecting the problem earlier, you can prevent dealing with complicated issues.

For instance, we indicated that some of the bad symptoms might not be associated with a completely failed suspension compressor; therefore, if you detect it early, you prevent dealing with a failed compressor, costing you a lot of money. 

Is it worth fixing my air suspension compressor? 

That is a great question!

Air suspension compressor costs are at the high end of any vehicle repairs. Therefore, before making your final decision and going forward with fixing this car, you need to evaluate the situation and make sure it's worth it.

The best way to do this evaluation is by simple math. Calculate how much each repair will cost you. During this calculation, consider anything that needs to be fixed. For example, if your tires are due for rotations, you might need to add those. If your engine is not in good condition, you might need to add any expected repair costs.

Once you, with a total number, compared to your vehicle's overall value and see whether fixing this car will add up to the vehicle's value or not.

Another thing to consider is that all repair costs in comparison to the value. In other words, if you've realized that repair costs are getting close to 75% or more from your vehicle's value, do not repair this car because it is not worth it. 

Instead, consider selling it and using its value as a down payment towards a better car.  

Bottom line

The air suspension system is usually equipped with more modern vehicles. Unsurprisingly, air suspension system compressor replacement costs are not cheap.

To prevent these high repair costs, it is important to familiarize yourself with old signs of a bad air suspension compressor to detect the problem early. Once you detect the problem early, you can solve it for a much lower price than waiting to deal with more complications.

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