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Active Suspension Air Spring Replacement Costs & Repairs

Active Suspension Air Spring Replacement Costs & Repairs

Active suspension air spring replacement cost is not cheap, and it ranges from $1423 to $1501. Labor costs can go up to $227, while parts costs can get up to $1274.  

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

The air suspension system is an advanced version of the traditional suspension system that uses springs and struts.

Although this type of suspension system provides you with a more comfortable ride, it has many internal components that might get damaged at one point in time, requiring much more expensive maintenance.

As part of the air suspension system, the active suspension air spring is responsible for raising and lowering your vehicle depending on the driving environment. These Springs are not designed to last forever, and you will face a point where you need to replace them.

This article provides you with old details you need to know about active suspension air spring replacement costs. It will highlight all signs of bad air spring to help you detect the problem early and prevent complications that require much more repair costs.

Will also answer a group of most frequently asked questions about the air suspension system and the air suspension Springs. 

What is the active suspension air spring, and what does it do? 

You might be familiar with the traditional coil Springs in any vehicle's suspension system. The active suspension air spring is the advanced version of these coil springs. It is usually associated with the air suspension system, and they use air pressure to ensure that your vehicle has the proper height.

The nice thing about these air Springs is that you can adjust them to any level you are interested in. They might provide you with more or less stiffness in your right. Most passengers find that air Springs are more comfortable than traditional coil springs.

On the other hand, these air Springs are more acceptable for damages and require a high level of professional mechanics experience. 

Air Springs work like air balloons. The air compressor will release pressurized air into these air Springs to increase or reduce their height. As a result, you will experience more Steven ride or less based on the adjustment.

As part of the air suspension system, a solenoid allows the compressor air to get into the air Springs. Also, some rubber bladders hold the air in place and don't allow it to leave the air Springs when you're looking for raising your vehicle.

On the other hand, if you would like to lower the vehicle at a certain side, you can release some air out of these air Springs, and the solenoid would work the other way around by allowing the air to leave the air spring, not get inside. 

How much does it cost to replace the active suspension air spring? 

Active suspension air spring replacement cost is not cheap, and it ranges from $1423 to $1501. Labor costs can go up to $227, while parts costs can get up to $1274. 

Replacing the active suspension air spring is expensive. That's not the whole story because it also requires a certain skillset from professional mechanics to replace them properly. Otherwise, you might introduce some damages to your vehicle suspension system.

Therefore, even if you're looking to save on labor costs, it might not be worth it because labor cost is not the biggest component in the active suspension air spring replacement costs, and you won't find the required level of skill sets to replace them without introducing any damages to other components. 

What are the symptoms of a bad active suspension air spring? 

Like any other component in your vehicle, your active suspension air spring will let you know that it's going to get damaged Swan before it even does.

There are very common warning signs that you can keep an eye and ear for indicating that your active suspension air spring is going bad. By detecting these warning signs early, you can prevent significant damages from happening, and therefore, you can save a lot on repair costs.

Let's take a closer look at the most common symptoms of a bad active suspension air spring: 

  • Vehicle sagging to one side 

Issues with the active suspension air spring can be obvious, and you will notice it immediately, especially if you're parking your car.

Take a look at your vehicle after parking it and see whether your car is leaning towards one side, indicating some sagging in the airbags.

When the air spring goes bad, it won't receive the required amount of pressurized air, and therefore, your vehicle might not be raised evenly from both sides depending on where the problem is occurring and which air Springs are affected. 

  • Vehicle making some hissing noise 

Exactly like a small hole in an air balloon, you will notice some hissing noise indicating that air is escaping from this balloon.

Your vehicles' air suspension spring acts the same and will make some hissing noise, indicating that some air is leaking from these Springs. Hissing noise will not continue to happen because, at some point, it will be obvious that your vehicle is leaking some air indicating a failed active suspension air spring. 

Can you drive with a bad active suspension air spring? 

It's never recommended to drive a vehicle with a bad active suspension air spring. This is because it might affect your safety, and it is considered very dangerous.

Without a properly working active suspension air spring, your vehicle will be very susceptible to damage, especially if you hit any small bumps. Immediately and even if you are driving at lower speeds, you will lose control of this car.

Furthermore, by driving with a bad active suspension air spring, you can easily damage any other components within your air suspension system. In general, air suspension system components are very expensive. We need to compare how much money you will lose by ignoring the problem compared to fixing the problem immediately.

Else, if you've noticed any of the symptoms we indicated earlier showing that your active suspension air spring is going bad, you must take your vehicle to a professional mechanic and have him inspect the vehicle and fix the problem immediately. 

How long do air Springs last? 

Active suspension air Springs or not like any other mechanical component that might experience some tear and wear or friction. Instead, the air Springs consist of some rubber components that might crack or become very dry over time if they're not used regularly.

Although most drivers do not need to change their active suspension air Springs during their vehicles' whole lifetime, there are some situations where you might need to change them and depending on when you see any signs of bad air springs.

A good recommendation for you is to maintain the air Springs in good condition and prevent leaving the vehicle without inflating these air Springs for a long time. This is very important for those who like to store their vehicles during seasons, and therefore, you need to consider using the air Springs between now and then. 

How often do you replace air suspension? 

Once between 50,000 and 70,000 miles, some estimates indicate that you don't need to change your air suspension system after ten years if your vehicle is used properly and depending on the level of maintenance and care you put towards this vehicle. 

Also, detecting early problems in some of the air suspension system components can be very helpful. For example, if you've realized that there is an issue with the air Springs, once you take care of them immediately, it prevents causing significant issues to the other components like the struts and the air compressor.

Thus, the more you keep an eye and ear for any signs of bad air suspension components, the more your vehicle does not need air suspension replacement early. 

Does cold weather affect air suspension? 

Yes, cold weather might affect your vehicle’s air suspension system significantly. This is because air usually becomes denser during winter conditions. Simultaneously, your suspension's rubber components become stiffer, which means that it can't hold and prevent air from leaking.

Plus, any small leak in the air suspension significantly affects your vehicles in winter compared to warmer days. 

How reliable is air ride suspension? 

According to automotive experts, air suspension is considered relatively reliable. However, since these types of suspension systems are usually equipped with modern vehicles, repair costs can be significantly high compared to any regular older vehicle using the traditional suspension system. 

Thus, when you deal with very high repair costs on your air suspension system, this does not indicate that the air suspension is more susceptible to damages than the regular or traditional suspension system. 

How to diagnose a bad air suspension spring? 

The diagnosis is not complicated, and the technician will do it in the following order. First, he will take a quick general look at your vehicle to identify any faulty components within your air suspension system.

For instance, he will first inspect the air Springs, air spring control solenoid, the pressure relief valve, and all other components associated with the suspension system.

As he is inspecting those components, he will look for leaks or degradation signs, indicating that a specific component is faulty.

Once he identified the culprit, he will ask you to replace the faulty component to get your vehicle's suspension system working again. 

Is it worth fixing my active suspension air spring? 

Determining whether it's worth fixing or selling your car can be a very case-by-case answered question. Depending on your vehicle's circumstances, you might see it worth fixing your active suspension air spring. Other people might not.

Thus, you will need to 1st evaluate your vehicle's situation and calculate the total repair costs, including repairing the air suspension spring. Once you have a final total number, compared to your vehicle, and see whether fixing or performing these repairs will increase your vehicle's overall value or not.

Also, you need to consider comparing the actual number of repair costs to your vehicle's real value. If you notice that repair costs are getting close to 75% or more from your vehicle's value, you don't need to fix this car, and instead, it's recommended that you sell it to someone interested in buying your vehicle is. Once you sell this car, you can use the payment towards a better vehicle, whether it's a brand new or a decent used car. 

There are plenty of potential buyers who will accept your vehicle even if it has significant air spring damages.

For example, Cash Cars Buyer is one of those companies hoping to pay you the top dollars for your car and remove it quickly within less than three days. 

Bottom line

The active suspension air spring is a very critical component of your air suspension system. It is responsible for raising or lowering your car depending on your driving input.

This spring will not last forever, and once you notice any signs of a bad air suspension Spring, you must get the problem resolved immediately.

Replacing the air suspension spring can be very expensive for some drivers. Therefore, before fixing this car and spending a penny on it, make sure that you evaluate the vehicle's overall situation and see whether it's worth fixing it or not.

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The process is very straightforward and won't take more than a couple of minutes to receive your instant offer after providing your vehicle's basic information. 

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