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A Few Reasons Your Brakes May Screech – Here’s What You Need To Know

A Few Reasons Your Brakes May Screech – Here’s What You Need To Know

Nothing is quite as annoying as the sound of brakes screeching when a car stops at a light. Sometimes it happens with old brakes that are starting to go bad. However, it also happens with new brakes. Obviously, brakes are one of the most important components of your car and you should never ignore anything about them. There are a few reasons that both new and old brakes might be squeaking. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Metal Fibers in the Brake Pad

There are brake pads that contain metal fibers. Sometimes those fibers are too close together and this can cause squeaking. The pad will typically wear past this point, and then the screeching will go away.

There is a Gloss Finish On the Breaks

If you are a nervous driver who makes a lot of hard stops, you should be aware that this can leave a glossy finish or glaze on the brake pad because the brakes get so hot so fast. This can cause a squeaking sound. If this happens a mechanic can sand them down so they will have a bit of friction.


The Brakes Got Stuck in the On Position 

Your brakes have two little caliper pins in them. The caliper guide pins are round they sit on each brake caliper. They guide the brake pad to meet the rotor. When one of the pins gets stuck in the depressed position, The brake pad will not connect properly to the rotor. If both pins stick, the brake pad and the rotor will get stuck together. This will cause noise and a burning smell as well as a screeching.


It is never good when something goes wrong with the calipers. You are likely to not only have to replace the calipers but the brake pads themselves.


You Have Cheap Brake Pads

Getting your brakes online or from that questionable auto body shop may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but cheap brakes can end up costing you more money in the long run. Cheap brake pads will generate more dust and that can cause noise.  Better pads are also riveted to the plates whereas cheap pads are glued.


A brake caliper pushes the pads against the rotor to create friction, which slows the rotor as it spins. If a highly-abrasive pad contacts an uneven rotor face, it will vibrate and squeak.



The atmosphere that you are driving your car in may have something to do with your breaks making noise. Moisture attracts dust and other materials into a car engine and body. Foreign materials can attach themselves to a rotor and cause that noise, especially if your rotor is uneven.

Brakes may also be affected by the area you normally drive-in. A person who lives in the city will use their brakes much more often than someone who drives in a rural area. This causes brake pads to become uneven and cause noise.

The Rotors Might Not Work with the Brake Pads

If the rotors and the brake pads were not replaced at the same time, the rotor won’t match up with the new pads.  If this is the case, it may take a car a longer time to stop than it normally would and that can cause screeching.

If you are having problems with your brakes, you need to take your car into a mechanic right away. If they are making noise, the repairs cannot wait at all. You can take the bus and Uber, or rent a car while your car is in the shop. It is a much better idea to go without a car for a few days than risk your life.

If you just need new brake pads it may cost anywhere from $100 to $300 per axle. If you get pads and rotors it can cost you as much as $500. The price may vary depending on the kind of vehicle that you have.  If you do decide to get repairs, you will have a couple of options for getting the work done. Each of them has benefits and drawbacks.

Get Your New Brakes at the Dealership

There is no place more expensive to get your new brakes than the dealership where you bought your car. Dealerships are notorious for overcharging for repairs. However, the dealership will have all the necessary parts on hand and they are unlikely to cut corners when it comes to the quality of the parts that they use. 


The dealership will charge you by the job and not by the hour, so you will not be surprised by the bill you get in the end. The mechanic will also be certified in your make and model of car.


Get Your Brakes fixed in an Auto Body Shop

Most people in the United States choose to take their cars to an autobody shop when they need repair. You can talk to the mechanic directly and they will charge much less than a dealership will. Some chain auto body shops even have loyalty programs.


You should make sure that the mechanic you choose is certified in your type of automobile. Be sure to do a bit of research and make sure they have a few recommendations on Angie’s List. You can also put the name of the company into the Better Business Bureau website to see if they have any complaints against them.


You can go on an online bulletin board or look in a local shopper and find a mechanic who works out of their own garage. If you do this, be sure to ask them for references and get a guarantee of their work in writing. 


What if new brakes are noisy

Sometimes breaks make noises when they are brand new. When this happens it may not mean that the brakes are defective. If may have to do with the materials that the pad is made out of, the quality of the rotors, and the type of climate in which the car is normally driven.

It can be helpful to understand what causes these noises and what can be done about them. If you got your brakes installed by a reputable mechanic, the noises might not be anything life-threatening. 

Brake Pad Materials

The materials your brake pads are made out of may cause your brakes to screech. Some brakes are made of silicon, but others are made from a combination of materials. They may have dust and metal shavings mixed together. Sometimes there will be protectants on the pads which keep them from degrading. The car might make noise before you have a chance to work in the brakes.

Bedding Process

New pads can be very abrasive. Some of them are coated with protective chemicals that can cause noise. After some wear, sometimes referred to as a “bedding process,” that noise will go away.

If the noise doesn’t go away after a long time you may want to take the car back to a mechanic. 

How to Make Sure Your Breaks Last a Long Time. 

Generally speaking, you should have to get new brake pads every 40,000 miles or so. There are some behaviors that drivers have that may cause their brake pads to wear down prematurely. 

Go Gentle on Your Brakes

Drivers who glide into their stops will have brakes that last much longer than those people who slam their brakes. Making fast stops from a high speed of travel will wear down your brakes. When you brake too fast, your front brakes will wear down faster than your rear brakes. You should avoid tailgating so you can come to stops at a reasonable pace.


You should always drive with the flow of traffic. If you weave in and out of traffic or if you do not keep up to pace with the vehicles around you, you will have to ride the breaks a bit and this can wear them down.


You should spray the rotors when you clean your car. If you do this, it will remove the dust that can add friction to your brake pads. The brakes will last much longer if you clean them regularly.


You should have your vehicle tuned up and inspected on a regular basis. A professional mechanic can not only fix existing problems, but they can also tell you if another problem is imminent.

If your brakes keep wearing out very quickly, or if you have other problems in addition to the brakes making noises, you may want to consider getting a new car. There are a few different ways you can make money from your old clunker. 


If you are buying a car from a dealership, they are likely to offer you a trade-in amount. In some cases, they may offer you an allowance that is far below what you should get. They may believe that you will take less to avoid the time it will take to sell your car independently.

Car dealerships may also offer you a very good trade-in price on your car, making you think that you are getting a good deal.  However, unethical dealerships will often tag the same or the entire amount of the trade into the final cost of your car. Be sure to read your final offer carefully.


When you go into a dealership you should never tell them you have a trade-in. Let them give you a final price and then tell them you have a trade-in.

Selling old cars online

The internet has become an option for selling junk cars. You may choose to sell your vehicle or l part it out. You can advertise the car online, but you will have to have to pay to place the ad. You will be competing with many other sellers if you list your car on online sales sites or bulletin boards.


If you sell your car online, you may have to meet with many potential buyers before you sell it and you may end up unable to sell the car period. If you sell the individual parts, you may end up having the car on your property for a long while and you will still have to have the body of the car towed away.



Selling your car online can actually be very dangerous. Remember that you will have people that you do not know coming over to your home. There have been more than a few crimes associated with online bulletin boards.


You can advertise on store bulletin boards and in shoppers. However, the chance of a serious potential buyer seeing the ad is very slim.


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