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5 Advantages Of Getting Cash For Damaged Cars

The Best Ways to Negotiate Price on a Damaged Car

What do you do with that old car that has been lying in your compound for ages? What about that damaged car that has such an expensive problem, it’s just not worth repairing?

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Do you just park it outside and wait till you can afford to have it repaired? Will the day ever come? What if you can get a reasonable price tag on it and save yourself all that trouble?

Say hello to damaged car dealers who give out cash for damaged cars.

Keeping an old or damaged car on your property only means you’ll incur maintenance and repair costs. Instead of stretching your budget for a vehicle that may not get any better, why not earn some money from it instead. With the money you’ll get, you could add some more and get yourself another car.

Let’s look at some more awesome benefits of getting cash for damaged cars.

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1. You’ll get Cash on Hand

One of the most significant advantages of selling your damaged car for cash is that you’ll get the cash right away. No special hoops and no paper trails to follow. How awesome is that?

You get rid of that old or damaged clunker and get cash in return. Has a deal ever been sweeter? Neither will you go through an application process, nor will you wait for any approval.

One simple phone call to one of the several professional junk car dealers and you’ll get an estimate and a pickup date.

With the car title in your name, the process will be smoother and faster. It’s also possible to sell your car without a title. Once you agree on the price and they ascertain the car is in the condition stated, you’ll be smiling with your wad of cash in hand.

2. You Can Free up Your Money

Damaged or old cars will cost you more to maintain, and the longer they sit around, the higher the budget rises. Gas usage in old cars becomes less and less efficient with time.

Worse, whether you are using that car or it’s just sitting in your garage, chances are, you are still paying insurance premiums for it. You also need a current registration, whether the car is roadworthy or not. Talk about a bummer!

Old or damaged cars also guzzle up more oil and fuels compared to newer cars. This means you’ll be using much more on gas than is necessary, and when fuel prices hike, it’ll be harder to maintain it.

If you have more than one damaged car, it becomes twice as expensive. Why not just get cash for those damaged cars instead of spending on them without much hope of getting better. You’ll free up your money, and you can do more important things with the extra cash.

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3. Say Goodbye to Car Problems

Junk or damaged cars can be such a headache. They rattle and hiss all the time. Just when you think it’s fixed, there goes another repair. As simple as the noise may be, chances are, there are more extensive and costly underlying problems

It’s worse with old cars because it becomes a vicious cycle. You keep dumping a lot of cash for repairs, but it’s never enough. Why pay for a car with such potential problems that you can barely tolerate?

Even if your car was damaged in an accident, once repairs begin, the expenses are always likely to add up and exceed the value of the car. The wisest thing to do is get cash for it and say goodbye to all those problems.

4. Upgrade Your Home and Save the Environment

We can all agree on one thing, damaged, old, and junk cars are such an eyesore. Unless you have yours stashed somewhere in a garage away from sight.

Even them, it’s still occupying space that could be used for something better. Regardless of where it’s parked, it’s a constant reminder that you need to save up for more repairs. The potential financial burden could mean stress for the whole family.

This car is also damaging your curb appeal and making your property look bad to you, neighbors and your guests. Think about all the things you could use that space for.

You can park a new car for instance, which you’ll be motivated to buy once you get rid of that old thing. You can build a workshop, better storage, a playground, a game room, or that man cave you’ve always wanted.

Besides this, you’ll be doing the environment a favor. Old or damaged cars that sit in one place for too long are a health and safety risk. Hazardous chemicals may seep from the car into the ground and make their way to your water supply.

Such scenarios threaten both humans and the ecosystem. Additionally, mining and manufacturing of new car parts is highly associated with pollution. Selling your junk car means the metal can be recycled.

Driving old or damaged cars can be a hazard for you and your family. Old cars may not have useful design features like airbags. Old components such as brakes can be unreliable and dangerous. Damaged cars may also have emission issues, which lowers the quality of air in the environment.

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5. Free Pickup Services

Once you locate a reputable company to sell your damaged car for cash, they’ll send an experienced and licensed tow truck driver to get it. This will save you the trouble of driving it to a junkyard yourself.

As long as you ensure the deal is a whole package, you won’t have to pay extra towing fees. You won’t have to fret about illegal parking or vehicle abandonment concerns either.

How Do You Go About Getting Cash for Damaged Cash?

Now that you know there are benefits to selling damaged cars for money, you are possibly thinking about getting rid of yours. How do you go about it? How do you find a reliable agency that will not deceive you?

Here’s how to get the most out of your damaged car and walk away with an excellent deal.

  • Call Several Dealers and Compare Quotes

Selling damaged cars for cash is easy, as long as you find a reputable dealer. To find the best deal you can get, call around and locate professional junk car dealers. Whether you are trying to sell your junk car in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Philadelphia or any city you are in, you will find a reputable dealer.

  • Ensure There Are Zero Additional Fees

Once you get several quotes, consider all the options and take the deal that beats the rest. Ask questions when talking with the dealers and inquire whether the tow will be free. If not, it will decrease the overall amount you get for the car.

Accept the deal with an excellent cash offer and a free tow service.

  • Ensure They Are Getting the Car as Is

Junk car dealers take the junk and damaged cars in any condition. With small dents, major damages or high mileage, there is always someone willing to take it off your hands.

Still, ensure you explain the condition it is in, and they accept a set amount for it. Some scrupulous dealers will look for a loop to decrease the money once they assess the car.

If for instance you tell then it starts, but for some reason, once they get there it does not, they may lower the deal. Ensure they are honest enough to take the junk or damaged car as it is.

  • Pick a Trustworthy Company

This is the most crucial step. You need a reliable and accountable dealer with a solid reputation. There is no point in getting a reasonable price from a company that will not live up to their word.

The company should be insured, licensed, and bonded. Go through their website and check out customer reviews and testimonials. If they have been dealing for several years with positive reviews, chances are they are suitable for business.

  • Ask for Cash on the Spot

Before you make the deal, ask about the payment process. This is where scammers take advantage of unsuspecting customers. If they tell you you’ll receive payment after a further car inspection, forget it.

The best junk car company is one that hands over the cash on the spot.

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Need Help Getting Cash for Damaged Cars?

Are you ready to let go of your old car and get cash for it? Now that you are more informed about it, it’s easier to make a decision. It’s also going to be easier for you to find a reputable junk car dealer near you.

Do you have questions about selling damaged cars for cash? Do you want to know more about getting cash for damaged cars? Or would you like a free quote?

Whatever the case, feel free to check out our website or contact us today! We can answer all your questions and help you junk your car for a great deal.

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