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2021 Ford Transmission and Engine Problems

2021 Ford Transmission and Engine Problems

It's no secret. Over the years, Ford has made a big splash in the automotive world and is known as a trendsetter when it comes to its line of revolutionary SUVs and pickup trucks. On one hand, the brand has garnered a reputation for being built tough. After all the F-150 we're amongst the first big mean machines to hit the road that was more than capable of navigating through tough terrain. On the other hand, when it comes to durability and reliability Ford is known for manufacturing vehicles that just don’t stand up to the test of time. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


In 2019, Ford’s wholesale vehicles dropped to an all-time low for the third consecutive year in a row. Last year, Ford’s wholesale deliveries dropped to four million units which is a 30% decrease when compared to its peak year in 2016. Ford transmission and electrical problems have turned consumers away from the brand. 


Here are some major issues that Ford is struggling with its recent line of vehicles:


Faulty Transmission Gear Position Indicator 

It’s always a transmission problem when it comes to Ford. The Ford F-150, F-2setter F-253 have faulty gear shift indicators that fail to illuminate when the driver switches gears. This can make it difficult to determine what gear the transmission is in. Hundreds of owners of these trucks have submitted complaints about this issue. Some mechanics recommend turning the indicator power on and off or turning off the indicator display and turning it back on. This hack has been successful for some people but failed to work for others.


Hard Shifting 

Several F-150 owners have reported that their truck has a hard time shifting gears. In fact, drivers tend to experience hard upshifts between the fourth and fifth gear. Hard downshifts happen when moving from the tenth to the ninth gear. According to some Ford dealerships resetting the Ford, transmission is supposed to eliminate hard shifting, shaking, and jerking when switching gears. 

Automatic Gear Shifting

There have been several complaints regarding the 2020 Ford Explorer. Consumers have experienced issues with the transmission automatically shifting from second to third gear. For most owners, this happened within just a few months of ownership with less than 2000 miles on the odometer.

Head Gasket Leak

Unfortunately, several of the recent Ford models aren’t strangers to engine trouble. One of the most alarming problems that consumers have experienced is persistent head gasket leaks. Several drivers on the official Ford forum reported that their vehicle's rear passenger head gasket leaked with less than ten thousand miles on their truck. There was enough fluid leaking to drip onto the exhaust and the owner’s driveway. 


Head gasket leaks are serious and can result in problems with the vehicle’s engine. Common signs of a head gasket leak include:


  • Engine stalling or power loss
  • Low coolant levels
  • White smoke coming from the exhaust


Repairing a head gasket leak in 2020-2021 Ford Explorer can cost up to $2,000. 


Power Shift Dual Clutch Transmission

The Ford Fiesta models manufactured in 2011-2016 and Ford Focus models from 2012-2016 were equipped with faulty powershift dual-clutch transmissions that just didn't perform well. A power shift dual-clutch transmission is a manual transmission that's controlled by an electronic computer that preselects the next gear for the driver so that the car doesn’t lose control when shifting from gear to gear. 


This problematic power shift transmission was implemented in Ford vehicles a little over ten years ago. In the first year, Ford was forced to release over 20 service bulletins to address the problems customers were experiencing with the transmission. 


In 2012, Ford modified this transmission after the automaker received low ratings by the Consumer Report and J.D. Power. However, customers didn't see any improvements in the modified transmission which sparked a slew of lawsuits regarding the faulty transmission. Ford made major improvements to the powershift transmission in the models that were manufactured after 2017.


Millions of Ford owners were experiencing problems with this advanced gearbox. Vehicles equipped with this transmission experienced defective conditions such as jerking, bucking, delays in acceleration, and extreme hard shifting. This defective transmission made headlines when a class-action lawsuit was filed against Ford. More than two million people who owned or leased a Ford Fiesta or Ford Focus with this transmission will be issued a repayment for their troubles. 

Defective Transmission Control Module

The transmission control module collects data and more importantly, it processes signals within the transmission. Numerous Ford owners have experienced issues with their vehicle’s transmission control module which caused the car to switch gears without warning, pick up speed at any given moment, and the inability to shift out of neutral. 


Despite countless software updates from Ford that were supposed to resolve this issue owners continue to experience issues with the transmission control module. Some owners are on their third and fourth transmission after only the vehicle for less than five years. Replacing the transmission control module has been beneficial for a few owners. 


Loss of 4th Overdrive Gear

Some Ford trucks that use a four-speed automatic transmission have reported experiencing an intermittent or continuous loss of the 4th gear overdrive. It usually starts as an occasional problem that tends to happen when it's cold outside but quickly progresses into a constant issue. Rather than engaging fourth gear override the gear will shift to neutral.


The loss of 4th gear can be contributed to a worn sealing ring or a fault within the overdrive servo. The overdrive servo loses the ability to produce sufficient pressure. Gradually the shifting issue will become more frequent. 


Slipping During Acceleration 

When accelerating fast in some of the Ford models, the automatic transmission tends to produce slipping sensations while accelerating. This is usually accompanied by a loud noise coming from the transmission. This also leads to downshifting problems The is a major safety issue.


Stalling and Jerking 

Regular stalling and jerking is a common problem for owners of the Ford Focus experience. You may notice that the transmission hesitates before suddenly taking off. Stalling might even occur when you are trying to switch gears. The stalling and jerking are a symptom of defective powertrain control modules and the wrong signal being sent to the transmission control unit. The Transmission Control Unit and Engine Control Unit are the brains of the modern Ford vehicle. 

Ford Transmission Recalls


Recall: 2020 10-Speed Automatic Transmission

Ford Motor Company issued a massive safety recall on over 50,000 vehicles. This recall applies to the 2020 Ford Ranger, Ford F-150, the Expedition, and all models with the 10-speed automatic transmission.


In the most recent recall for the 10-speed automatic transmission, the clip that secures the gearshift cable to the transmission may not have been properly seated. This could eventually cause the transmission to slip into a different gear than the gear shift that was selected by the driver. If this happens the driver could place the shifter into park, remove the key from the ignition and the transmission won't be in Park. This is very dangerous because the car would be able to move 


Recall: Range Fasteners

This recall covers over 270,000 vehicles which include the 2013-2016 Ford Fusion and all of the vehicles that are equipped with the 2.5-liter gas engine. These vehicles were manufactured at Hermosillo Assembly Plant and the Flat Rock Assembly Plant between 2012-2016.


These vehicles have a defective bushing. The bushings are designed to cushions and reduce unwanted vibrations. On the recalled vehicles the bushing degrades prematurely and can ultimately detach from the transmission. If this happens then the transmission won’t be in the gear that was selected. Ford has received three claims of this defect causing property damage. 


Spark Plug Problems

Typically, spark plugs can last for about 100,000-120,000 miles. Fords that were manufactured prior to 2004 have numerous spark plug problems. This led to a special aftermarket kit being developed that would allow car owners to troubleshoot and repair spark plug problems on their own.


Camshaft Phaser Failure

When the camshaft phaser fails.it completely throws off the timing of the engine. It can damage the engine to the point where the engine won't start or even warm up. The camshaft phaser is an adjustable sprocket that uses the engine oil pressure to help the timing valve. When the camshaft is in working condition the driver can enjoy a smooth riding experience and it is also able to provide a higher horsepower output. 


Fuel Injection 

Only Ford vehicles with the EcoBoost engine have a fuel injection problem. The EcoBoost engine problems are a result of the carbon being designed on the valves in the engine. This keeps the fuel from getting burned by the engine which can end up damaging the engine.


When Ford learned about this problem they altered their engine layout design for the 2018 EcoBoost engine.


Defective Hoses

The hoses are crucial components of a vehicle. They are responsible for transporting fluids and gases from one side of the car to the other. The hoses carry important fluids like coolant, oxygen, and fuel. In most Ford models the hoses are attached to the chassis and run all the way to each brake caliper. 2015-2018 Ford Edge models have defective front brake hoses that caused Ford to issue a recall last summer. 


Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta Extended Warranty

In the wake of recent class-action lawsuits over the faulty 10-speed automatic transmission, the automaker has decided to extend the transmission warranty. This updated and extended warranty applies to the Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta. The warranty covers over a half-million cars in both the United States and Canada. 


Models produced from 2014-2016 will be covered under the warranty. The warranty covers the clutch for an additional seven years or 100,000 miles whichever comes first. The transmission control module is also included in this warranty. When it comes to the TCM owners will be covered for ten more years or 150,000 miles. In this warranty, Ford is encouraging customers to have the software on their transmission updated. 


Reimbursements would be made to customers who paid out of pocket for new transmission and clutch installations. For a limited time, Ford is also giving owners of older Ford Focus and Fiesta models a chance to get a new transmission. 


Are Ford Reliable Cars?

Is Ford a reliable automotive brand? While the average Ford vehicle on the road today has a lifespan of 15 years or more with over 200,000 miles experts continue to put Ford at the bottom of the list when it comes to reliability. This American brand is known for designing and manufacturing some iconic vehicles such as the Ford F series. 


While Ford is a trendsetter in its own right consumer surveys have revealed that they aren't exactly a fan favorite. From minor mysterious electrical issues, faulty engine components, and catastrophic transmissions Fords are known for having an abundance of mechanical issues. 


In the last year, Ford has issued over three major recalls in which millions of years were affected. These recalls prove the point that Fords are the least reliable vehicle on the market. Millions of owners have reported experiencing serious issues with their Ford cars that had under ten thousand miles on the odometer. 


Ford Transmission Problems – Average Repair Cost

We all know that transmission problems can be costly to repair. The average cost of replacing a transmission is approximately $1,000-$5000. Ford transmission repair costs can vary depending on various factors such as whether you simply need a solenoid replaced or if you require a new transmission. 


Ford transmission problems are expensive to fix because of the labor. There are several hours of labor involved in inspecting and taking apart the transmission. 


When it comes to repairing your Ford’s transmission you might feel as if it's not worth the cost. After all, Fords are very unreliable and they tend to break down a lot. Some owners decide to purchase a new car rather than repairing the transmission. 


What can you do with your old Ford that has transmission problems? Cash Car Buyers purchase vehicles in all conditions.