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2020 Tacoma Transmission Problems: Is Your Transmission “Confused”?

2020 Tacoma Transmission Problems: Is Your Transmission “Confused”?

When you’re in the market for a new pickup truck, you don’t ever want to hear words like “confused,” “sluggish,” and “underwhelming” attached to its transmission. But that’s exactly what you’ll get when you invest in a 2020 Toyota Tacoma. These are some of the most common 2020 Tacoma transmission problems.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


Fortunately, it doesn’t appear as though there are any major 2020 Tacoma transmission problems that will require extensive repairs at this time. But even still, there are more than a few 2020 Tacoma owners who have suggested that Toyota should have spent a little bit more time fine-tuning the transmission in the Tacoma. They’ve been disappointed with the results that the 2020 Tacoma transmission is able to deliver.


If you’re thinking about buying a 2020 Toyota Tacoma or if you already own one, you should know all about the 2020 Tacoma transmission problems. They might make you think twice about either purchasing or keeping a 2020 Tacoma. Continue reading to discover more about the 2020 Tacoma and to learn about the transmission issues that sometimes come along with it.

2020 Toyota Tacoma Overview

Toyota has been releasing Tacomas for well over 25 years now. The Japanese company has proven time and time again that they know what they’re doing when it comes to designing pickup trucks that people love. And for the most part, they managed to do that with the 2020 Tacoma.


The Tacoma is widely considered to be one of the top compact pickup trucks released in 2020. Critics have praised it for everything from its powerful exterior and its gorgeous interior to its user-friendly technology and its extensive list of safety features. They’ve also fallen in love with the 2020 Tacoma’s impressive off-roading abilities and its towing capacity.


But it’s worth noting that there are also a few issues that critics have had with the 2020 Tacoma. The lack of engine power has been one glaring problem with the 2020 Tacoma. People have also criticized it for providing a stiff ride and have pointed out that it doesn’t offer a whole lot of headroom inside.


And then, there are the 2020 Tacoma transmission problems that have started to present themselves in recent months as people have begun racking up the miles on their 2020 Tacomas. You’ll want to have these issues on your radar if they’re not already there.

2020 Toyota Tacoma Transmission

In a moment, we’re going to talk at length about the 2020 Tacoma transmission problems that seem to exist with this particular compact pickup truck. But before we do, we want to spend a short period of time talking about the transmission that you’ll find in the 2020 Tacoma.


There are actually two different engines that you can get with a 2020 Tacoma. There is a four-cylinder engine that can produce up to 159 horsepower and a V6 engine that can produce up to 278 horsepower. But regardless of which engine you get with a 2020 Tacoma, it’ll typically come with a six-speed automatic transmission.


That alone has been a problem for some people who have picked up 2020 Tacomas. Many other pickup trucks from 2020 have eight-speed and even ten-speed automatic transmissions in them. It puts the 2020 Tacoma at a decided disadvantage right from the start and shows that Toyota could have done more to keep their customers happy by beefing up the transmission in the 2020 Tacoma.


The one thing that Toyota has done, though, is offer a six-speed manual transmission for those who choose to go with a 2020 Tacoma TRD Pro. That could potentially help you steer clear of some of the 2020 Tacoma transmission problems we’re going to discuss next.

Common 2020 Tacoma Transmission Problems

As we alluded to just a few minutes ago, the 2020 Tacoma transmission problems that we’re going to run through today aren’t necessarily deal breakers. There haven’t been any catastrophic issues with the 2020 Tacoma’s six-speed transmission as of yet.


But the 2020 Tacoma transmission problems that we’re going to touch on have made it difficult for many 2020 Tacoma owners to make the most of their pickup trucks. They’ve been shown to ruin some people’s experiences, and they could be enough to deter you from wanting to drive a 2020 Tacoma. Find out more about the most common 2020 Tacoma transmission problems below.

1. “Confused” Transmission

If you read through a bunch of the articles that exist about the 2020 Tacoma transmission problems, you’ll notice that quite a few of them refer to the transmission in the 2020 Tacoma as being “confused.” And that word seems to pretty much sum things up for the 2020 Tacoma’s transmission.


After test driving the 2020 Tacoma, many reviewers noted that it “couldn’t choose the appropriate gear at the right time.” They also noted that Toyota should have taken cues from the 2020 GMC Canyon, which has an eight-speed transmission, and the 2020 Ford Ranger, which has a ten-speed transmission, and bumped their transmission up a level or two.


Many 2020 Tacoma owners have also recognized this and blamed it for making their transmissions feel too “shifty.” They’re taken to sites like Edmunds to complain about it with one now-former 2020 Tacoma owner writing about how they went as far as to trade their Tacoma in for a 2020 Honda CR-V after experiencing 2020 Tacoma transmission problems.


“That shifty transmission seemed okay during my first week of ownership,” they wrote, “but eventually, it just seemed like [the transmission] was always in the wrong gear. Always.”


For what it’s worth, another 2020 Tacoma owner said that they were able to get used to the shiftiness of their transmission. But they still referred to it as being “a bit odd” and said that they’d noticed “shift points seemingly in a weird place.”

How to Fix This 2020 Tacoma Transmission Problem

The “confusion” that you might notice in your transmission when you drive a 2020 Tacoma is something that will, unfortunately, not go away. It appears to exist because of the way in which Toyota designed the transmission in the 2020 Tacoma.


The second 2020 Tacoma owner that we just spoke about mentioned that their transmission troubles got a little better once their truck’s computer “learned” more about their driving style. But there are always going to be some limitations on the 2020 Tacoma’s transmission. And you’re not going to be able to make repairs to it to get around them.

2. Sluggish Transmission

A “confused” transmission is one of the biggest 2020 Tacoma transmission problems that you’re going to find. But unfortunately, it’s not the only issue that you could face with regards to the transmission in a 2020 Tacoma. There are also some 2020 Tacoma owners who have reported that their transmissions feel “sluggish” to them.


One upset 2020 Tacoma owner jumped on VehicleHistory.com recently to explain all the problems that they were having with their compact pickup truck. They took shots at everything from the Bluetooth mic to the computer system in their 2020 Tacoma. They also ripped the transmission for being too sluggish for their liking.


“I think the transmissions in these things are junk,” they wrote. “I’ve only had [a 2020 Tacoma] for three weeks, and I am contacting a lawyer in 28 minutes just as soon as their office opens.”


In fairness to Toyota, it did feel as though this 2020 Tacoma owner had a bone to pick with Toyota right from the start of their review. But it’s still worth pointing out how unhappy they were with their transmission as a whole.

How to Fix This 2020 Tacoma Transmission Problem

If you find that the transmission in your 2020 Tacoma feels sluggish at all, it could be caused by the “confusion” that we mentioned earlier. But it could also be caused by a lack of transmission fluid. Low transmission fluid levels have often been to blame for transmissions that feel sluggish in the past.


You might want to arrange to take your 2020 Tacoma back to your dealer so that they can look at your transmission fluid levels. If they’re low, they might recommend that you do a transmission fluid flush, which should cost you somewhere in the $200 range.

3. Underwhelming Transmission

At the end of the day, one of the things that 2020 Tacoma owners have been most unhappy with with regards to their transmissions is that they’re simply underwhelming. One person after another has written about how they wish Toyota would have found a way to create a transmission that makes better use of the horsepower that the 2020 Tacoma’s V6 engine is able to produce.


On PickupTrucks.com, one reviewer had this to say when suggesting different fixes that Toyota could have—and should have!—made to the 2020 Tacoma: “The Tacoma’s automatic transmission does not make good use of all the horsepower the engine delivers. When climbing a hill with payload in the bed, there can be a horribly wide dead spot in the RPM range that can bog the truck down and have you quickly slapping the gear shifter to manual mode to downshift in a hurry.”

How to Fix This 2020 Tacoma Transmission Problem

Unlike the other 2020 Tacoma transmission problems listed here, this isn’t really a problem that you can fix. It’s simply one of the shortcomings with the transmission in the 2020 Tacoma that you’ll have to learn to live with if you’re going to drive around in the pickup truck.

Other Frequent 2020 Tacoma Problems

As if the 2020 Tacoma transmission problems that we just talked about weren’t enough, there are also a whole host of other issues that you might face if you own a 2020 Tacoma. From fuel system problems to brake problems to electrical problems, you’re going to want to keep them in the back of your mind while driving a 2020 Tacoma.


Here are some of the most frequent 2020 Tacoma problems:

  • Several 2020 Tacoma owners have reported their pickup trucks registering fuel trouble codes as a result of low fuel pressure
  • Some have also reported the brake systems in their 2020 Tacoma not working as intended with one writing about how they were able to push their brake all the way to their floorboard
  • One 2020 Tacoma owner reported not being able to start their car like normal as a direct result of an issue with their ignition and their electrical system

So far, there aren’t any major 2020 Tacoma problems. But that could be just because this Tacoma has only been out on the road for about a year and some change at this point.

2020 Toyota Tacoma Recalls

Those who already own 2020 Tacomas will be happy to hear that, despite all the potential problems that we just discussed, there aren’t many recalls out for the pickup truck yet. In fact, there is only one recall that has been issued for the 2020 Tacoma at this time—and it’s actually a recall that affects a wide range of Toyota models.


If you drive a 2020 Tacoma, you could very well have a faulty fuel pump in it that is causing low fuel pressure. If you do, Toyota has agreed to replace your fuel pump assembly with a new one that has a much-improved design. It should stop you from having to worry about fuel pressure issues as you move forward.

Should You Keep a 2020 Toyota Tacoma With Transmission Issues?

If you’ve experienced any of the 2020 Tacoma transmission problems that we’ve broken down for you here, you shouldn’t have to shell out too much money to fix them. They’re more or less going to be issues that you’ll have to learn how to live with as opposed to ones that you’re going to have to repair.


If you don’t mind living with these 2020 Tacoma transmission problems, you can continue driving your truck around like normal. But if you’re not willing to do that, Cash Cars Buyer might have a great alternate solution for you.


We would be more than happy to make you a fair offer for your 2020 Tacoma and take it off your hands. It’s the simplest way to avoid having to deal with the 2020 Tacoma transmission problems. All you have to do is let us know a little more about your truck and then sit back and wait for us to make you an offer. We’ll pay cash for your truck and arrange to pick it up from you so that you don’t have to worry about doing a thing.


Contact us now to see what your 2020 Tacoma could be worth!