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2020 RAV4 Transmission Problems: Take Note of a Stumbling Transmission!

2020 RAV4 Transmission Problems: Take Note of a Stumbling Transmission!

A stumbling transmission, a transmission that lags, and a leaking transmission are several of the 2020 RAV4 transmission problems that 2020 Toyota RAV4 owners have encountered thus far. These could potentially be serious issues that could put you and your SUV at risk.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


On a positive note, there haven’t been too many 2020 Toyota RAV4 owners who have reported these 2020 RAV4 transmission problems just yet. But on a not-so-positive one, the 2020 RAV4 has only been out on the road for a short time now. This suggests that there could be more RAV4 owners reporting these kinds of issues in the near future.


If you’re a 2020 RAV4 owner or if you’ve kicked the tires on a 2020 RAV4 and considered buying one, you should learn all about the 2020 RAV4 transmission problems that you could face at some point in time. It’ll provide you with the information that you need to make a smart decision as far as keeping or buying a 2020 RAV4 is concerned.


Find out more about the 2020 RAV4 below and then discover which 2020 RAV4 transmission problems you’ll need to be aware of moving forward.

2020 Toyota RAV4 Overview

If you’re in the market for a compact SUV, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re going to at least look at the Toyota RAV4. The RAV4 has been around for more than 25 years now, and in that time, it has established itself as one of the most reliable SUVs out on the road.


The 2020 RAV4 is more of the same from Toyota. It has a bunch of great features that will be attractive to those who are searching for a great compact SUV for their family. Some of these features are:

  • An elegant cabin that is spacious and comfortable
  • Excellent fuel economy (25 to 26 miles per gallon in the city and 33 to 35 miles per gallon on the highway)
  • Great standard features like driver assistance technology and an easy-to-use infotainment system
  • Plenty of cargo space

However, there are also some things that people haven’t loved about the 2020 RAV4 since it was first released. For instance, the engine is a little bit too noisy and doesn’t pack as much power as you would expect it to. At almost $26,000 MSRP, the 2020 RAV4 is also relatively expensive compared to other compact SUVs.


And then, there are the 2020 RAV4 transmission problems. Although they’re few and far between, they’ve caused some concern among those who own 2020 RAV4s or are considering buying one.

2020 Toyota RAV4 Transmission

Those shopping for a 2020 RAV4 will be interested to know that it’s available in six different trims. You can buy a 2020 Toyota RAV4 LE, XLE, XLE Premium, Adventure, Limited, or TRD Off-Road. 


But no matter which 2020 RAV4 you decide to go with, you’re going to get the same engine. All non-hybrid 2020 RAV4s have a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that can produce up to 203 horsepower. All 2020 RAV4s also have the same eight-speed automatic transmission tucked inside of them.


Critics have praised the transmission that comes standard in the 2020 RAV4 for providing “smooth and timely shifts.” They’ve also loved the fact that, when you put the RAV4 into Sport mode, the transmission in it “holds gears a little longer” than usual, which can result in improved performance.


But the transmission found in the 2020 RAV4 has also started to create some 2020 RAV4 transmission problems. We’re going to touch on a few of these issues next so that you know what to look out for when you’re behind the wheel of a RAV4.

2020 RAV4 Transmission Problems

As we noted earlier, there aren’t too many 2020 RAV4 transmission problems that have been reported by those who own these SUVs yet. If you check the 2020 RAV4’s page on CarComplaints.com, you’ll find plenty of other problems that have been reported (more on them in a little while!). But you won’t find a single transmission problem mentioned. It looks like Toyota has cleared up many of the transmission issues that existed with the 2019 RAV4.


But that isn’t to say that there aren’t any 2020 RAV4 transmission problems at all that you should be concerned about. There are a few issues that have been pointed out by those who have test-driven 2020 RAVs and those who have put a decent number of miles on their own 2020 RAV4s. Let’s learn about these problems now.

1. Stumbling Transmission

This is easily the most common problem that people have had with the transmission in 2020 RAV4s so far. Some people who have driven this RAV4 have noticed that the transmission seems to stumble, especially during downshifting.


If your 2020 RAV4 feels like it’s having trouble dropping down into a lower gear, it could be a cause for concern. It’s going to make it feel as though there is something seriously wrong with your RAV4 for a few moments, even if everything starts to feel better once you’re done downshifting.


And the truth is that your 2020 RAV4 could start to develop some serious 2020 RAV4 transmission problems if you don’t do anything about a stumbling transmission. You could find it even harder to downshift in the not-too-distant future if you don’t make it a point to have your 2020 RAV4 looked at.

Fixing This 2020 RAV4 Transmission Problem

As of right now, it doesn’t feel like those who are dealing with a stumbling transmission in their 2020 RAV4 are going to have many options when it comes to fixing it. The stumbling transmission problem seems to be something that has a lot to do with the design of the transmission used in the 2020 RAV4.


If, however, you’re worried about how your 2020 RAV4’s transmission is performing when you downshift, you should take it back to your dealer and let them sneak a peek at it. They might have some suggestions with regards to what you should do about your 2020 RAV4 transmission problems.

2. Lagging Transmission

Since the transmission in the 2020 RAV4 will often only stumble during downshifting, it shouldn’t pose too much of a safety risk to you. That doesn’t mean you should ignore it. But you also shouldn’t have to be overly concerned about your 2020 RAV4 putting you into harm’s way because of a bad transmission.


The same cannot be said for those who find that they have a lagging transmission in their 2020 RAV4. This is another one of the 2020 RAV4 transmission problems that has started to rear its ugly head for some 2020 RAV4 owners.


When a transmission is lagging, it will make it difficult for someone to get their RAV4 to go from one gear to the next. This could result in a slight hesitation between the time when they step on their gas pedal and the time when their RAV4 moves forward. It could also result in their RAV4 lurching forward without warning.


Both of these situations could prove to be dangerous. It’s why you don’t want to drive around in a 2020 RAV4 with a lagging transmission for too long.

Fixing This 2020 RAV4 Transmission Problem

More often than not, a lagging transmission isn’t something that you should let linger. If the transmission in your 2020 RAV4 lags, it could lead to you trying to push down on your gas pedal more and doing damage to either your transmission or engine.


You’ll instead want to bring your 2020 RAV4 to a dealer to have them check out what’s going on with your transmission. There could be clutches or bands that are damaged and causing your transmission to lag. You might also have an issue with your transmission fluid. Whatever the case, you’ll need to have this issue fixed before taking your 2020 RAV4 back out of the road.

3. Leaking Transmission

To be honest, a leaking transmission is a problem that all drivers should be aware of. Regardless of whether you drive a 2020 RAV4 or some other type of car, truck, or SUV, you could find yourself with a transmission leak on your hands.


But there are some 2020 RAV4 owners who have started to report having this problem early on. Even some 2020 RAV4 owners with less than 10,000 miles on their vehicles have said that they’ve faced issues with transmission leaks.


If your transmission doesn’t seem to be working the way that it should, one of the first things you should do is see if it has the right amount of transmission fluid in it. Even a small leak could cause a big problem for a 2020 RAV4 owner.

Fixing This 2020 RAV4 Transmission Problem

Fortunately, this is not one of the more serious 2020 RAV4 transmission problems—as long as you do something about it in a hurry.  You can clear up a leak in your transmission system and get your transmission working like new again in no time in most cases.


All you’ll usually have to do is arrange to have a transmission fluid change done. While this will cost you between $180 and $210 in most instances, it’ll be well worth the expense in the end.

Other 2020 RAV4 Problems

The good news for anyone who drives a 2020 Toyota RAV4 is that you shouldn’t see any 2020 RAV4 transmission problems right away. But the bad news is that there are some other problems that have started to appear in 2020 RAV4s.


What kinds of problems? Well, if you have a 2020 RAV4, you shouldn’t be shocked to see some of these issues with your SUV:

If you’re experiencing some other problem with your 2020 RAV4, don’t be afraid to check out more issues that people have had with this particular make and model over the last year or so. You might be going through something similar.

2020 Toyota RAV4 Recalls

The 2020 RAV4 transmission problems that we discussed at length earlier haven’t led to any recalls for 2020 RAV4 owners yet. But there are five recalls that have been put out by Toyota for other issues with the SUV. You should see if your 2020 RAV4 qualifies for any of them.


Here are the 2020 Toyota RAV4 recalls as of April 2021:

  • Some engines found in 2020 RAV4s may leak coolant, and it has prompted Toyota to put out a recall that offers some RAV4 owners the chance to get a whole new engine and engine block free of charge
  • The front lower suspension arms in some 2020 RAV4s might have cracked in them, and Toyota has agreed to replace these arms free of charge to make them safe again
  • There are a select few 2020 RAV4s with electric power steering problems that have prompted Toyota to replace the power steering gear boxes in these RAV4s
  • The fuel pumps in some 2020 RAVs have started to fail and cause engine problems, which has forced Toyota to replace the fuel pump assemblies in them
  • The steering columns in some 2020 RAV4s may have an impact on the airbags in them, which is why Toyota is offering to replace the steering columns in them

If you suspect that your 2020 RAV4 might be eligible for one or more of these recalls, you shouldn’t hesitate to speak with your dealer about it.

Is It Worth Fixing the 2020 RAV4 Transmission Problems?

If you’ve encountered any of the 2020 RAV4 transmission problems listed in this article, fixing them might not be too difficult to do. The problems don’t seem as though they’re that serious yet, which is why you might want to try and have them fixed.


If you continue to experience 2020 RAV4 transmission problems down the line, though, that’s going to be a different story. You might want to part ways with your 2020 RAV4 rather than repairing the transmission in it time and time again.


This is where Cash Cars Buyer can step in and help. We specialize in making fair offers to those who want to get rid of 2020 Toyota RAV4s. Just let us know a little bit more about your RAV4 and we’ll send an offer in your direction in a hurry. We’ll also plan to pick your RAV4 up from you if you choose to sell it to us for top dollar.


Do you want to see what your 2020 RAV4 might be worth and eliminate the chances of you having to deal with 2020 RAV4 transmission problems? Contact us today to get more info on selling us your SUV!