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2020 Corvette Transmission Problems: Everything You Need to Know!

2020 Corvette Transmission Problems

Fans of the Corvette have been begging Chevrolet to release one with a dual-clutch automatic transmission in it for quite some time now. They finally got their wish a couple of years ago when Chevy announced that the 2020 Corvette would feature a DCA in it. This made the 2020 Corvette the first Corvette in almost 70 years to be an automatic-only. And while this was obviously exciting news for those who love Corvettes, there have been a few 2020 Corvette transmission problems that have spoiled the surprise for Corvette owners. The 2020 Corvette transmission problems include a minor transmission control module glitch, bucking in the transmission, and in at least one case, complete transmission failure (after just 32 miles, no less!). Continue reading to find out more about the 2020 Corvette and its transmission problems.

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2020 Chevrolet Corvette Overview

Chevy has been producing Corvettes since the early 1950s. As a result, you wouldn’t think that they could do much to catch Corvette enthusiasts off-guard. But that’s exactly what they did when they released the first-ever midengine version of the Corvette in the form of the 2020 C8 Corvette. Equipped with a naturally-aspirated 6.2-liter V8 engine capable of producing 490 horsepower and 465 pound-feet of torque, it effectively turned the 2020 Corvette into a so-called “supercar for the masses.”


There are also some other things that really excited people about the 2020 Corvette when it was initially released. Outside of the fact that it provided them with an opportunity to get their hands on a midengine sports car that, at just under $60,000, wouldn’t break the bank, it also provided them with things like:

  • The ability to go from cruising around to being “track-ready” in an instant
  • A quiet and comfortable interior
  • Cutting-edge technology at every turn
  • A forceful powertrain

Some people have argued that the exhaust and acceleration might be a bit much for those who don’t plan on pushing their 2020 Corvette to the limit. They’ve also poked a hole in the excitement surrounding the 2020 Corvette by pointing out some 2020 Corvette transmission problems. These will need to be on your radar if you’re considering buying one and driving it around on a regular basis.

2020 Chevrolet Corvette Transmission

While all of the amazing features of the 2020 Corvette that we just mentioned are great, you could make the argument that it’s the dual-clutch automatic transmission that steals the show. It has turned into one of the best features of the 2020 Corvette for those who have invested in one at this point.


What makes it so special? Well, if you know anything about conventional automatic transmission, then you know that they consist of torque converters and planetary gear sets that are designed to help Chevy vehicles go. But the dual-clutch automatic transmissions in 2020 Corvettes operate differently in that they contain what amounts to two manual transmissions that are controlled by electronic controls that carry out every operation. They work like this:

  1. A pair of engine-driven clutches in the DCA keep two concentric main shifts spinning
  2. The helical gears that are strategically positioned on these two shafts mesh with gears located on a countershaft that runs parallel to them
  3. The output that is generated by the countershaft travels to the final-drive differential
  4. Electro-hydraulic actuators that are controlled by a computer engage with the two clutches in the DCA and all of the gears that are spinning on the three shafts

Because of the way that the dual-clutch automatic transmission in the 2020 Corvette is set up, you can choose from a wide range of driving modes while getting access to the smoothest shifting you’ve ever felt in each of them. The only things you’ll have to worry about when using the DCA are the 2020 Corvette transmission problems that could potentially pop up and ruin the party for you when you’re behind the wheel of this Corvette.

2020 Corvette Transmission Problems

There’s some good news, 2020 Corvette owners: You aren’t going to have to be too concerned about dealing with 2020 Corvette transmission problems. For the most part, the dual-clutch automatic transmission in the 2020 Corvette has proven to be a winner thus far. But you should be on the lookout for a few key problems that might plague those who own 2020 Corvettes. We’ve listed these issues below.

1. Transmission Control Module Glitch

One of the very first 2020 Corvette transmission problems that popped up shortly after the release of the 2020 Corvette was a transmission control module glitch. This glitch affected each and every Corvette model. Fortunately, Chevy caught wind of this problem early on in the process and released a statement that said the 2020 Corvette “may have a condition where diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) P1967 and/or P1968 may falsely set in the transmission control module due to a software misalignment.”


At the same time, Chevy recognized that this problem didn’t put any 2020 Corvette owners at risk, so they didn’t issue an official recall. Instead, they released a Technical Service Bulletin for the 2020 Corvette and told Chevy dealers that they would need to help people update the software in their 2020 Corvettes to fix the problem. They also instructed them to perform this update on any 2020 Corvettes still sitting on their lots.

Fixing This 2020 Corvette Transmission Problem

If you own a 2020 Corvette that hasn’t been updated in light of this problem yet, you should set out to do something about that as soon as possible. You should either take your 2020 Corvette to your dealer to have the software update done to it, or better yet, you should perform an over-the-air update to your 2020 Corvette yourself and have your software updated while you’re still at home.


There aren’t any parts that will need to be replaced in your 2020 Corvette due to this issue. You’re also not going to pose a threat to yourself or others if you don’t fix this issue. But you are going to want to get the software in your car updated sooner rather than later to avoid future 2020 Corvette transmission problems.

2. Bucking in the Transmission

In addition to having to deal with a transmission control module glitch, some 2020 Corvette owners have also reported having to deal with an unusual “bucking” in their transmissions when starting and stopping their cars. One 2020 Corvette owner brought this issue up on midenginecorvetteforum.com and mentioned how problematic it was for them.


“After 200 miles, I noticed a bucking when starting from a stop and also when I was stopping,” they wrote. “It seemed like it was a problem when upshifting or downshifting into 1st gear. The dealer told me they had another C8 with the same problem. They contacted GM engineers who told them to download a new software patch into my car. It did improve a bit but I can still feel a little bucking.”


Other 2020 Corvette owners chimed in to say that they were through something similar. Some suggested that this problem went away on its own after their car went through a brief “learning phase,” while others said that they eventually had to have their transmission flushed to get the problem to go away for good.

Fixing This 2020 Corvette Transmission Problem

If you sense any bucking in your 2020 Corvette’s transmission when you first start driving it, you’re going to want to get it down to a dealer so that they can check it out. They can tell you whether or not you have anything to worry about based on the miles you’ve put on your car, the condition of your transmission, and your transmission fluid levels. They might also be able to set you up with a software patch to make the problem disappear.

3. Complete Transmission Failure

Let’s make one thing clear before discussing the most dramatic of the 2020 Corvette transmission problems: The majority of 2020 Corvette owners will not have to worry about their transmission failing on them almost right away. But we’d also like to point out that one unlucky 2020 Corvette owner did find themselves in this unfortunate scenario—after driving their 2020 Corvette for just 32 miles!


That’s right. The owner of a 2020 Corvette had to have their entire transmission pulled out of their car and replaced after putting less than 50 miles on it. This happened to them despite the fact that they reportedly drove their 2020 Corvette as conservatively as they could to break it in like Chevy recommends that all 2020 Corvette do.


This happens a lot more than you might think when it comes to new cars, especially new cars that have undergone dramatic redesigns like the 2020 Corvette. But even still, it’s disheartening to hear about a 2020 Corvette owner finding themselves in this spot right after getting all excited about buying a new 2020 Corvette and driving it off the dealer’s lot.

Fixing This 2020 Corvette Transmission Problem

This is obviously the worst 2020 Corvette transmission problem that you can possibly have. If your transmission fails on you, you’ll have no choice but to get it replaced. The $5,000+ job should be covered by your car’s warranty, so you shouldn’t have to worry about shelling any money out for it. But it might make you a little bit gun-shy with regards to pushing your 2020 Corvette to the limit moving forward.

Other Common 2020 Corvette Problems

As you can see after checking out all the 2020 Corvette transmission problems, the issues that people have experienced with the 2020 Corvette are relatively few and far between. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. It also doesn’t mean that there aren’t some other 2020 Corvette problems that you’ll want to know about.


Take a look at some more 2020 Corvette problems to keep in mind when you’re behind the wheel of one:

  • Some people have complained about encountering understeering issues with the 2020 Corvette
  • They’ve also been disappointed with the lack of driver assistance features like Adaptive Cruise Control in the 2020 Corvette
  • They’ve been upset with some electrical issues in the wiring system for the 2020 Corvette as well

None of the 2020 Corvette that we just touched on are major ones. But they are things that you’ll want to know about if you own a 2020 Corvette or are thinking about buying one.

2020 Corvette Recalls

As of right now, there aren’t any 2020 Corvette recalls that have been put out in response to the 2020 Corvette transmission problems. The transmission control module glitch was enough to warrant a Technical Service Bulletin from Chevy, but not a recall.


There have, however, been a few 2020 Corvette recalls that have been put out at this point. There are recalls for:

  • Front trunk releases that don’t work in some 2020 Corvettes
  • Hoods that open up inadvertently when a 2020 Corvette is in motion
  • Seat belt retractors in certain 2020 Corvette that don’t operate as intended
  • Faulty sensors in the electronic brake boosts in a handful of 2020 Corvettes

You should find out if your 2020 Corvette has any open recalls if you’re driving one around right now.

Should You Repair 2020 Corvette Transmission Problems?

While there are some 2020 Corvette transmission problems that might knock you and your 2020 Corvette off-course, you shouldn’t let the possibility of them popping up stop you from enjoying your car. The 2020 Corvette provides even the most experienced Corvette owners with a whole new experience right from the very start.


If you do happen to be affected by any of the 2020 Corvette transmission problems listed here, your dealer should be able to help you get a handle on them. Thus far, all of the 2020 Corvette transmission problems (outside of the aforementioned transmission failure) have proven to be relatively minor in nature and easy to fix.


In the event that you find yourself with a more serious 2020 Corvette transmission problem on your hands, though, Cash Cars Buyer can help you out. We specialize in purchasing problematic vehicles from those who turn to us for assistance. Just send us some general information about your 2020 Corvette and we’ll get back to you fast with a fair offer and put some cash into your pocket in exchange for your troubled car.


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