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2019 VW Atlas Problems and Most Reported Complaints!

2019 VW Atlas Problems and Most Reported Complaints!

2019 VW Atlas problems are related to faulty brakes, defective electrical system, and unreliable engine, according to what was reported by vehicle owners to the NHTSA website.      

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

Since introduced in 2016, the Volkswagen Atlas attracted tons of customers over the years. The vehicle provides it with the amazing large, midsize SUV capabilities while still feeling that you're driving a small vehicle.

Despite the amazing features that came with the 2019 model year, customers immediately discovered some of the meter mechanical problems disappointing to many loyal Volkswagen customers.

If you are a current owner of the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas, you need to understand what major problems you might face during your vehicle's lifetime. Although the 2019 VW Atlas hasn't been on the road for a long time, some initial conclusions indicate some major mechanical problems to be aware of. 

If you're shopping for 2019, you also need to be aware of what to expect. By understanding the major event components, you can know exactly what to look for when inspecting the used vehicle. You might also rethink whether it is a good idea to purchase a used 2019 VW Atlas or not. 

This article summarizes our in-depth review of all reported complaints about the 2019 VW Atlas problems by real owners to larger platforms like carcomplaints.com, nhtsa.com, repairpal.com, edmunds.com, Ann more. 

2019 VW Atlas Overview 

If you're shopping for a used midsize SUV V, the 2019 VW Atlas should be on your list! The vehicle comes with a huge cargo room, the benefit of three seating rose, a user-friendly infotainment system, and great driving handling giving you a feeling of driving a smaller vehicle. 

The 2019 VW Atlas was featured and ranked as number 10 in the 2019 best affordable midsize SUVs according to cars.usnews.com

The 2019 VW Atlas comes with either 2.0-liter four-cylinder or 3.6-liter V6 engines. It is equipped with 8-speed automatic transmission. 

The vehicle has a towing capacity of up to 5000 pounds. Usually, the 2019 VW Atlas' basic model comes with either a six-year or 72,000 miles warranty and a six-year 72,000 miles powertrain warranty.

The vehicle seats up to 7 passengers and achieves between 17 and 22 miles per gallon on city roads and between 23 and 26 miles per gallon on the highway. You can choose between the four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive powertrain.

With this combination of specifications, the 2019 VW Atlas achieves between 235 and 276 horsepower.

Although the 2019 VW Atlas comes with amazing features, it did not get to some of the competitor's updates, including the Honda Pilot and the Mazda CX9. Most automotive experts indicate that the new VW Atlas for the 2019 model year lacked the base model's acceleration. 

 2019 VW Atlas problems 

Despite the known popularity of the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas, customers immediately reported some major mechanical problems that could increase the chances of getting involved in car accidents.

According to experts, “Considering the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas was marketed by the company as “I spy something big,” it made sense that growing families would look at this model. While the cargo space and passenger room might be large, so are the problems that come with it. From faulty brakes to a defective powertrain, there’s no end in sight to the malfunctions.”

The good news is that Volkswagen did a great job reducing the number of reported complaints significantly when comparing 2018 to the 2019 model year.

However, this doesn't mean that the current 2019 problems or not very major. It is also important to consider that the 2019 model year wasn't on the road for a long time so, there might be additional data to come before making conclusions. 

Let's take a closer look at some of the top reported complaints about the 2019 VW Atlas problems. 

  • 2019 VW Atlas brakes problems: brakes squealing!


When you buy a modern vehicle like the 2019 VW Atlas, you won't ever think about any major problems with the braking system.

The braking system is one of the most important features that have to do with your safety, and without any proper breaking, you might get involved in major car accidents that harm you and harms people around you.

Unfortunately, the top reported complaints about the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas problems to have to deal with a braking system. Many people indicated dealing with squealing noises and breaking not engaging at the right time. 

The automaker did not include any recalls or service bulletins focusing on the braking system problems despite the reported complaints. 

Customer complaints #1

I would definitely NOT purchase this car again. I have about 9000 miles on my 2019 Atlas. About 1000 miles in, the brakes began squealing when backing out of the driveway. Dealer said it was due to cold weather. Then it was described as a “feature”. Metallic brakes that “clean themselves off”. Contacted VW America and only one solution was offered…”drive fast on a country road and slam on the brakes.” Unreal. Make sure you search for owner reviews online before purchasing.”

Customer complaints #2

automatic collision braking system engages in sudden and unexpected braking when there is no obstacle (or cars) near vehicle. Automatic brakes have stopped car to a halt without warning when driving on or turning on slight slope city street that levels out to the road. The sudden braking has almost caused collisions as vehicle stops for no reason without warning in middle of street/traffic. Very concerned as no way to turn off system and afraid to drive vehicle for fear it will stop automatically for no reason in heavier traffic or on bridge where angle of road/bridge may slope. The sudden braking has occurred twice this week at location i have to drive to every day and cannot bypass.?”

  • 2019 VW Atlas transmission problems: defective transmission 

Sadly, one of the top reported complaints about the 2019 VW Atlas deal with major transmission issues.

Most customers complained about their disappointment with the transition behavior for this model vehicle. They indicated that it was poorly constructed and might be defective. 

Still, the automaker remained silent and did not address any transmission issues in their recent recalls. We don't know so far without the automaker will recall anything related to the transition. The number of reported complaints is increasing significantly, and we will see much more details over the coming years. 

Customer complaints #1 

This is a consistent issue and I’m worried powertrain damage is occurring. When accelerating from stopped or at low speed there is a very loud screeching/grinding sound coming from the powertrain/transmission – possibly the torque converter. It happens frequently and is very noticeable, usually when the vehicle starts to accelerate or increases acceleration at low speed then it usually goes away. I described the trouble to two VW dealership service departments and both said they hadn’t heard of that one. I was in for other service and was told they could not replicate the sound. However, it screeched when leaving the dealerships! The VW Atlas forums have many posts on this issue. And lots of folks like myself are not getting any information and are concerned about safety. I did not get any meaningful help from VW or their dealer service departments.”

Customer complaints #2

you hear wosshing sound when you start slow acceleration from almost stop, not completely stop, like 5mph. It happens every single time. The issue is that vehicle does not shift to 2nd gear, stays in 3rd when it’s around 5mph. This load is causing torque converter and pump to work harder to get vehicle rolling. I believe it is a transmission issue since it only happens in 3rd gear around 1500 to 2000 rpms. For me, i hear it the most when i am accelerating after coming to a “stop”. Once i hear the noise, i flip the car into manual mode and it is always in 3rd gear. Although you feel like you are almost stopped, the car is still in 3rd gear. Do the same “stop” while in manual mode and downshift to 2nd, and there isn’t a noise. Mechanic at dealership tried other new atlas’ on the lot and found same issues. There are a lot of people out there having same problem. Honestly, my noise seems to be getting worse and louder each day”

  • 2019 VW Atlas Engine problems: check engine light illuminating frequently! 


What's worse than dealing with transmission problems? Well, many customers had to do with major engine problems immediately after driving the vehicle for a couple of miles.

The customers mentioned the check engine light frequently illuminating without any previous warning reason.

Luckily, the NHTSA issued a recall for engine stalling issues that might be linked to problems with the fuel system. We're not short whether all reported engine problems has to do with the fuel leak that NHTSA addressed in their recall cured 

Customer complaints #1 

Bought my atlas on 3/24/19, a few days after i got the low coolant warning light while driving. Took it in to the dealer and they topped it off and said, “oh they come to the dealer sometimes a little low.” Not sure why they don’t check when prepping the car for delivery. On 4/3, light came on again while driving. Took it back to the dealer 4/4, no visible leak underneath or by the tank. A possible leak was found behind the engine near the firewall, i can see some pink pooling on something silver (engine or trans whatever it is). They determined that the coolant hose has failed and claim to have never seen that issue before. They ordered the wrong parts and couldn’t fit. They are ordering more parts and it could be a few weeks before i get it back. I have also engaged vw of america. This should not happen on a new car yet alone the dealer take so long to fix it. The car has only 400 miles on it. Please investigate. Thanks.”

Customer complaints #2

“the gas consumption is below what volkswagen claims and advertises. Our car averages 14 mpg instead of 19 mpg. On user forums, other atlas owners have complained about averaging 14 mpg.when we put the car in reverse, it starts to roll forward. Since we got the car, the check engine light has been on for an evap leak. The dealership “fixed” it. However, several hours later, the check engine light came back on.”

Are there any recalls on the 2019 VW Atlas? 

Although the 2019 VW Atlas hasn't been on the road for a long time, there are already six recalls Targeting several components and different categories in the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas vehicle. 

According to NHTSA.gov, “(Volkswagen) is recalling certain 2019 Atlas vehicles. The suction jet in the fuel tank may have been welded in the incorrect position allowing fuel to leak. Additionally, the vehicle may stall due to uneven fuel distribution. Volkswagen will notify owners, and dealers will replace the fuel tank, free of charge.”

Let's take a closer look at some of the top issued 2019 VW Atlas recalls: 

  • 2019 VW Atlas suspension (coil springs) recalls

On December 19th, 2018, the old maker decided to recall several vehicles from the 2019 model year due to the coil Springs issue. The automaker indicated that there might be a fracture in the cold spring that could cause the rear tire to get damaged, which results in a complete loss of control in the vehicle. Thus, affected vehicles might have higher risks of getting involved in crashes.

All affected models were asked to visit the nearest automaker dealership to resolve the problem. 

  • 2019 VW Atlas Electrical system recalls 

On November 26th, 2018, the automaker decided to recall many vehicles due to a problem with the instrument cluster panel. This issue might prevent the vehicle from informing the driver that the key was left in the ignition switch.

Thus, the problem might result in increasing the chances of crashes.

Therefore, all affected vehicles were asked to visit the nearest Volkswagen dealership to get the problem resolved free of charge. 

  • 2019 VW Atlas fuel system recalls 

On August 21st, 2019, the automaker also recalled a good number of the 2019 model year due to a fuel system problem. This problem might cause some fuel to leak, which raises the chances of fire risks. All affected vehicles were also asked to visit the nearest develops wagon dealership to get the problem resolved free of charge. 

Is the 2019 VW Atlas reliable? 

According to the JD Power dependability study, the 2019 VW Atlas received a reliable two ranking of three out of five, considered above average.

However, the vehicle did not achieve the same reliability ranking as other competitors in the same class. 

Several customers favored the 2019 Honda Pilot and the 2019 Mazda CX9 over the 2019 VW Atlas.

Besides the reliability ranking, you also need to be aware of the safety crash tests performed for this vehicle to consider whether it's safe to drive it.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the 2019 VW Atlas received a safety rating of five stars out of five. The vehicle achieved five stars in the frontal crash test and aside crash tests. However, it only received four stars for the rollover test. 

The Insurance Institute did another safety test for Hwy safety, where the 2019 Atlas received a rating of good in all their crash tests.

While the reliability ranking and the crash tests are good indicators about whether the 2019 VW Atlas is reliable or not, as a customer or a potential shopper for a used 19 VW Atlas, you also need to review customers' feedback about their experience with driving this vehicle.

Some of these problems might be related to certain regions where the temperature is very high or cold. Based on your environment and your driving style, you can't expect what type of problems you might be dealing with. 

How to avoid purchasing a 2019 VW Atlas with mechanical problems?

Buying a modern 2019 VW Atlas is a huge investment. People might put on some financing over the years, and others might use a huge part of their savings.

Therefore, if you plan to buy a used 2019 VW Atlas, you need to be aware of what needs to be done to prevent purchasing a 20 19 VW atlas with mechanical problems.

To do so, you have two primary options:

  • Bringing a professional mechanic to inspect your 2019 VW Atlas
  • Perform a thorough test drive for your 2019 VW Atlas

Although the test drive should be sufficient to detect any major problems, if you're not experienced with dealing with these problems and detecting any symptoms, and getting major facts, it might be easy for you to slip and buy a vehicle with mechanical problems.

Therefore, we advise that you bring in a professional mechanic and spend extra money to prevent dealing with major problems down the road. The mechanic will have better experience detecting some major problems by listening and noticing any abnormal behaviors of the vehicle. 

For example, You mechanic will look for symptoms of a bad transmission, symptoms of a bad engine, symptoms of a bad steering system, etc.

However, if you think that it will be expensive to bring a mechanic, you need to familiarize yourself with some of the major symptoms that might indicate major issues. Take your time inspecting some minor components like the air conditioning, the radio, the heated seats, etc.

These minor things might cost you a good amount of money down the road and it can be frustrating, especially if you're driving in colder environments and the heating system is a major thing to you. And it's the same case for people who are driving in very hot environments. 

The bottom line

The 2019 VW Atlas is a great midsize SUV. Many people loved to purchase it over the last couple of years.

However, customers immediately discovered some major problems in this car that got them extremely disappointed.

This article summarizes our detailed review of customer feedback about the 2019 VW Atlas problems. We also had lights the top reported recalls about this vehicle.

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