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2018 Ford Escape Problems – Watch Out For The Engine Misfiring and Overheating! 

2018 Ford Escape Problems – Watch Out For The Engine Misfiring and Overheating! 

Car owners need to know the most common 2018 Ford Escape problems before purchasing this vehicle. Being aware of each car category’s severe issues can help you keep an eye and ear out for warning signs of any damage. Lastly, taking note of the solutions and repair costs can give car owners an idea of how much they will be spending at their local mechanic’s shop for the required fixes. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

2018 Ford Escape Problems – Engine

Check Engine Light On

The check engine light on your Ford Escape might turn on due to a faulty fuel pump causing some of the 2018 Ford Escape problems in your car. 

  • The fuel pump is the part of your car that is usually electric and located just inside of the fuel tank, creating a positive pressure within the fuel lines and pushing the gasoline to the engine. A fuel pump is in charge of drawing gas out of the tank through a pipe to the carburetor, with the pump being mechanically-worked by the engine or electric.
    • Loud Whining Noise – Most fuel pumps will produce just a quiet hum when they are running smoothly, and they are not damaged, but a very loud whining noise indicates a problem with the fuel pump that can cause the 2018 Ford Escape problems. 
    • Trouble Starting the Car – Another common symptom that is more times than not associated with a failing fuel pump is difficulty starting the vehicle. Since fuel pumps constantly run when the car is turned on, they can eventually wear out and break down over time due to prolonged use. 
    • Sputtering Engine – If you notice that the engine sputters consistently in your car, the fuel pump cannot provide the right stream of fuel to the engine at the correct pressure. 

Engine Misfiring

When your car misfires, this means that the internal combustion in your car is not working correctly. Even with the misfire, your car will still be able to run and function, but you might notice that the performance is subpar and leads to jerking while accelerating and problems with smooth driving. Diagnosing the cylinder misfire causes can reduce any performance issues. 

  • Air to Fuel Ratio An imbalanced air to fuel ratio in your engine can lead to cylinder misfiring and performance hindrances in your vehicle.  If the air to fuel ratio is off within the engine, this leads to the internal combustion’s wrong timing. If there is too much fuel or too much air in the engine, then the imbalanced ratio causes a cylinder misfire.
  • Ignition System – When determining the cylinder misfire causes, the ignition system should be one of the first places you look. There could be an issue with the spark plugs, ignition coils, ignition cables, or any seals and connections in the ignition system. If any of these problems are present, the internal combustion will not contain the proper air and fuel ratio. 

Engine Overheating

There are many reasons why your car might be overheating in the engine. Let’s find out the main causes of this prevalent issue regarding the 2018 Ford Escape problems.

    • Leaks in the Cooling SystemYour engine will be too hot to handle if you have leaks in the lines and tubes that transport coolant. Coolant is an important liquid in your vehicle’s operation, transporting a low-temperature liquid to help prevent excess friction and provide lubrication to the internal parts. 
      • Suppose you discover leaks in the hoses, radiator, water pumps, heater core, head gasket, freezer plugs, or thermostat housing. In that case, these are all car overheating causes that can lead to excessively high temperatures. 
  • The average price for a coolant change is between $94 and $118, with the labor making up the entire price of the procedure to fix the 2018 Ford Escape problems. 
  • Coolant Pooling – One of the other most common car overheating causes is coolant concentration. The wrong type of coolant or the wrong mixture of coolant and water can cause the vehicle to overheat due to a lack of distribution of the liquid. 
      • If you find that the coolant is pooling in certain spots and cannot freely travel between the hoses and pipes in the engine system, this is a sign you are using the wrong type of coolant or ratio of coolant-to-water. 
  • The average price of a coolant flush is between $100 and $150, with the average price coming to $99 for a radiator flush to fix the 2018 Ford Escape problems. 
  • Faulty Thermostat – Your car’s thermostat is a key part of the cooling system, ensuring the right amount of coolant can pass through to the radiator. 
      • If the thermostat is stuck in the closed position, the coolant can no longer move through the hoses and reach the radiator. If the radiator is not cooled off while operating, this is one of the main car overheating causes. 
  • Replacing the engine thermostat is between $150 and $200, with the labor coming to around $125 and the parts cost around $50 on average to fix the 2018 Ford Escape problems.  
  • Broken Radiator – The car radiator reduces the temperature of the hot liquid coming from the engine. Reducing the liquid temperature and returning it cooled to the engine can prevent overheating and friction. 
    • If the radiator is not working correctly, you will find this is one of the most common overheating causes since the engine’s cooling will no longer be achieved.
      • Replacing the car radiator will cost between $300 and $900, with the mechanic checking for leaks, removing the radiator, flushing the system, and installing a new radiator. 

2018 Ford Escape problems – Transmission

Hard Shifting

You may notice that your car is having trouble shifting seamlessly and easily. In this case, you are experiencing one of the most severe 2018 Ford Escape problems in your vehicle. Keep an eye out for the following symptoms to prevent this issue from worsening over time:


  • Transmission slipping between gears while driving
  • Grinding and humming noises that are especially prevalent when in Neutral
  • The smell of the burnt fluid
  • Clutch is dragging, staying engaged, and causing grinding noises
  • Grinding or thumping when changing gears


If you notice any of these symptoms, it is an immediate sign that you should look into transmission fixes to prevent paying for an expensive replacement. 

  • If your car and transmission have more extensive damage than just a simple repair job or fix, then you can expect to pay much more for this fix. If your car has serious damage, it will usually require a complete rebuild or replacement, costing you upwards of around $3,500. 
  • The transmission replacement is one of the most expensive replacements to fix the 2018 Ford Escape problems.
    • The average cost of the transmission replacement typically ranges from around $1,800 to $3,400 for most cars. 
    • If you decide to save some money, a used transmission ranges from about $800 to $1,500, while a rebuilt transmission charges between $1,100 to $2,800, and a remanufactured option runs between $1,300 and $1,300. 

2018 Ford Escape Problems – Seat Belts

Seat Latch Broken

Although this is one of the scariest 2018 Ford Escape problems since the seatbelt is crucial to you and your passengers’ safety, replacing this part is actually quite simple for car owners to do on their own at home. This can help them save money on the overall repair and labor prices when compared to bringing their vehicle to a mechanic. 

  1. Inspect the Seat Belt – If the seat belt won't release easily or the buckle is broken, you should check the seat belt connector to see if this part needs to be replaced.
  2. Inspect the Buckle – In many cases, there might be foreign objects lodged inside the seat buckle that won't’ allow the buckle to release. 
  3. Remove the Seat Belt Buckle – Depending on the type of car you have, you might need to remove the front seats to gain access. 
  4. Remove Foreign Objects – Now that you have access, you can remove any foreign objects without disrupting the spring and the cam’s action. 
  5. Push The Red Button – Once this is done, push the red button to check for operation, you can use WD-40 to lubricate the buckle. 
  6. Replace the Buckle – This is the final step! You can now replace the buckle to prevent the 2018 Ford Escape problems from worsening in your car. 

If you want to bring your car to a mechanic to fix the issue for you, replacing a seat belt usually costs between $70 and $220, depending on the kind of car you own. 

2018 Ford Escape Problems – Steering System 

Steering Pulls

One of the main causes of your steering pulling to one side and causing the 2018 Ford Escape problems is improper wheel alignment. 


Wheel alignment sometimes can be referred to as tracking, a part of standard car maintenance that consists of adjusting the wheel angles to the car manufacturer’s unique specifications, meaning the exact wheel alignment will depend on what kind of car you own.

Causes of Steering Pulling to One Side:

  • Uneven Wheel Alignment – The most common reason your car pulls to the right when braking is that the wheel alignment is uneven and not leveled correctly when driving flat roads. Whether it gently skews to one side over prolonged use or whether it comes from hitting a rock or some other object in the road, wheel alignment can be drastically changed for the worse by driving conditions. 
  • Inconsistent Tire Pressure – The second most common reason your vehicle might pull to the side is inconsistent tire pressure. Sometimes, the problem can be fixed as easily as adding the correct amount of air to your tires, making sure each tire is filled to the required specifications, and pumped all tires evenly. 

Wheel Alignment Cost:

  • The wheel alignment cost for your vehicle can depend on a few different factors, like what kind of car you have if you need a full wheel alignment or just a front-end alignment. The overall damage was done on your vehicle, determining the amount of your wheel alignment cost. The average price of a wheel alignment cost is between $65-$100 based on the Kelley Blue Book.
  • The front-end alignment usually costs between $65 to $100, with some brands being more, and should take care of your entire car and become a regular part of your maintenance. If you decide to make the maintenance and the wheel alignment more economical and long-lasting, you could purchase a lifetime package at some automotive industries for around $200.

2018 Ford Escape Problems – Fuel System

Poor Fuel Mileage

There are a few main causes of poor fuel mileage in your car that are causing the 2018 Ford Escape problems. Some of the main issues are as follows:

    • Defective fuel injectors 
      • Replacing a fuel injector ranges between $800 and $1450 for a full replacement, with the cost of labor between $200 and $250 for between 3-4 hours of work to fix the 2018 Ford Escape problems. 
    • Clogged air filters
    • The wrong type of oil
      • Oil change prices range between $100 and $200 at a local mechanic shop, with the price only between $25 and $45 if you do it yourself. 
    • Poor driving habits
    • Excessive rough idling
    • Faulty spark plugs
  • Replacing spark plugs is between $16 and $100 for the parts, while the labor increases the total cost to between $40 and $150. 
    • Under-inflated tires
  • Replacing car tires comes out to around $150 per tire, depending on the brand and type of vehicle. 

The Bottom Line

As you can see, you must take note of the most common 2018 Ford Escape problems, the solutions, and the repair costs to keep your vehicle working at a high level!