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2018 Acura MDX Electrical Problems

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The 2018 Acura MDX electrical problems such as issues with its heated seat feature, rear camera issues, locks and tailgate not working are just a few of the things we are going to discuss in this article. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


The 2018 Acura MDX has earned a spot in the middle of the luxury midsize SUV rankings as it comes with a solid handling, smooth ride plus quality interior, J.D. Power, on the other hand, has given it a subpar expected reliability rating of 2.5 out of 5. And it also does not lead the midsize SUV rankings in any one area — with 2018 Acura MDX electrical problems also bringing it down.

2018 Acura MDX Electrical Problems: Car Overview


Before digging into the 2018 Acura MDX electrical problems let us first look into the car itself. 

The 2018 MDX is a well-loved midsize luxury SUV. It's a good option for a family car or a regular commuter. In reality, the MDX's combination of quality and value is unrivaled in the industry.


In all fairness, the 2018 MDX offers good gas mileage, all-wheel-drive models not excluded. It has active driver aids and optional (Super Handling- all-wheel-drive) SH-AWD system enhancing handling with all-season sure-footedness. It has good handling giving it a sportier feel compared to other midsize SUVs. You will be able to enjoy a smooth ride even on bumpy roads. You will also be able to acceleration smoothly and confidently courtesy of its V6 engine


In addition, it boasts of long lists of techy features including an updated infotainment system and Android Auto and Apple CarPlay that comes standard. Enjoy all these while being seated on comfortable and supportive first two rows of seats in its quiet and spacious cabin. 


Its downsides are as follows, predicted reliability rating that is below average, not good for hauling cargo, mistimed shifts of its transmission hinder engine performance and the fact that it has undersized third-row seats. The last being a common problem in most three-row SUVs.


The 2018 Acura MDX has an average price of $42,700 on listings. The price ranges from $38,000 to $49,600 and varies depending on the car’s location, condition, mileage and features.


2018 Acura MDX Electrical Problems: Importance of a Car’s Electrical System


The battery, along with the rest of the vehicle's electrical system, is a must-have feature. It not only starts the engine, but also provides power to all of the vehicle's comfort features, such as air conditioning, power windows and the radio.


The electrical system's three key components are the battery, alternator, and starter. Before the engine is started, the battery supplies the entire electrical current to the vehicle, including the fuel and ignition systems, which are necessary for starting the vehicle.


The starter rotates the flywheel, which spins the crankshaft and drives the pistons by using a small amount of power from the battery. The alternator takes over after the engine is started and keeps the battery charged and the electrical system operating. Although a vehicle with a faulty alternator will start, it will not operate for long.


2018 Acura MDX Electrical Problems: Common Reasons for Electrical Problems


Battery Issues: There's a fair chance the battery is the issue if the car won't start or even attempt to turn over. A Battery warning light can illuminate on most vehicles if there is a problem with the battery or one of the other electrical device components. The lights being left on are also the cause of a depleted battery. 


Batteries degrade with time and must be replaced eventually. A standard battery can last between three and four years. Corrosion on the battery hastens its death, but keeping it clean will make it last longer


Corroded Battery Cables: The battery cables are in charge of transmitting current from the battery to the vehicle's electrical components. Corroded battery cables could be the issue if the vehicle won't start, makes a clicking noise, or the radio and other electrical components don't work. 


Malfunctioning Alternator: The alternator transforms the power produced by the crankshaft into electrical energy, which is then used to charge the battery. The battery will die if the alternator does not produce enough voltage. A failing alternator would usually cause the Battery light to illuminate. The car will finally stop working if the alternator fails completely and the battery will not be recharged. A failing alternator can cause dim lights and a grinding or whirring noise.


Malfunctioning Voltage Regulator: The voltage regulator is attached to the alternator and regulates the amount of voltage sent to the battery by the alternator. The alternator will not transmit the correct voltage to the battery if this part fails. A failing voltage regulator can cause the Battery light to illuminate, dim lights to illuminate, dashboard lights to dim or flicker, and the engine to stutter.


Broken Serpentine Belt: The serpentine belt is responsible for driving the alternator, and if it splits, the alternator will stop working.


Blown Fuse: An exploded fuse may be the trigger of a malfunctioning accessory, such as the radio or power windows.


Failed or Burnt Out Fusible Link: Fusible links are high-capacity connectors that secure accessories attached to the battery directly. They will ultimately fail and, in some cases, burn out entirely. A pause before the starter turns is a typical symptom, as are slow-functioning accessories.

2018 Acura MDX Electrical Problems: From CarComplaints.com


Chapin with 2018 Acura MDX at 5, 600 miles reported: 


  • 9 different electrical failures in just 27 weeks of his new 2018 Acura MDX technology package. (1 failure every 3 weeks. Six problems have occurred in just a single time, 3 problems ongoing intermittently)


  • The most concerning issue is the heated seat feature. 


  • The circuit closes even without activation. When the vehicle is started, at times the led indicator lights are on and a few times affect the driver's seat, also once the passenger seat, and another instance both seats. 


  • When the car was put in reverse, the rear camera activated and stayed working as the consumer drove forward to destination. 


  • With a wireless remote in the consumer's pocket  the vehicle unlocked itself just when he passed by without even touching the door. Another instance both of the side mirrors tilted down and it doesn't matter where the mirror switch was on the driver door. 


  • A number of times the radio does not activate when the on/off button is being pressed.


  • A few issues with the hands free link system. Pressing the talk button and it would say, “No device was found.” Pressing the talk button, giving the phone command it would say, “no device paired,” etc. 


  • Turning the back wiper on and then off, but wiper continued to work for like two minutes.


  •  When the consumer parked the car with the electric parking brake on, a message on display later on showed, “trouble with electric parking brake,” but when taken to the dealership the service department said, “no code found.”


A consumer with 2018 Acura MDX at 2,500 miles reported:


  • After a switch into driving from reverse the navigation display failed to switch back from the back up camera as the consumer was driving ahead.


  • The back up sensors that respond to passing cars did not beep when a car was anywhere near the consumer’s vehicle on the road, still in drive, whether idle at a stop light or in motion on the street. Consumer tried pressing the back button, the nav button, the settings button, and turning the car on/off, but none of these actions fixed these 2018 Acura MDX electrical problems. When the consumer got home, the camera stays on even while parked.


Buckeye from Arizona reported:


  • When the consumer switched from reverse to drive, the rear view camera remained in reverse. As a result, the consumer could only see the road behind when driving. This occurred thrice. 


  • Acura of Peoria, Arizona was told of the issue and while they kept the car for a day they still failed to resolve the problem. The consumer was told they were contacting Acura headquarters because they couldn't replace a $3000 system without first getting an approval from Acura headquarters.


2018 Acura MDX Electrical Problems: From Consumer Reports


Carcomplaints.com received complaints from consumers regarding 2018 Acura MDX electrical problems on its alternator, its starter, its hybrid battery and related systems, as well as regular battery, the battery cables and the engine harness. There were also reported coil, ignition switch, electronic ignition and rotor failure. In addition are spark plugs and wires failure.


Consumer # 1: A consumer with 2018 Acura MDX Base 3.5-L V6 reported having issues on exterior light but benefited from the warranty recall to rewire.


Consumer # 2: A consumer with 2018 Acura MDX Hybrid 3.0-L V6 hybrid reported rear tail light had to be replaced due to moisture and wiring was replaced with a new seal.


Consumer # 3: A consumer with 2018 Acura MDX Base 3.5-L V6 reported rear seats not heating as they should but the dealer was able to fix the problem.


Consumer #4: A consumer with 2018 Acura MDX Base 3.5-L V6 reported odd issues with the car’s locks and rear tailgate not being able to work.


Many automotive systems today rely on software. Should that software develop errors, which can happen from something like a low battery or when a learned procedure is interrupted, it can cause all sorts of odd electrical problems that can be difficult to troubleshoot. If you’ve got such a problem, try doing a battery cable reset; it just might do the trick.


2018 Acura MDX Electrical Problems: Battery Reset Solution


Software is used in many automotive systems today, including those used in Acura models. If the program develops bugs, which can occur as a result of a low battery or a learn procedure being disrupted, it can result in a slew of strange car electrical issues that are difficult to diagnose


If you're having these types of issues consider performing a battery cable reset as it could actually help with your 2018 Acura MDX electrical problems. A battery cable reset accelerates the discharge of all capacitors, as well as clearing and resetting the volatile memory on most control units. It's the same as taking out and replacing the battery in a phone that's behaving strangely or locking up.


Make sure the battery is completely charged before you begin. Electronics can be harmed by a low battery. After that, obtain the anti-theft code and record the client's audio presets. Then take the following steps:


  1. Remove the key after setting the ignition switch to LOCK (0). This reduces the likelihood of voltage spikes.
  2. Disconnect the cables of the battery, starting with the negative cable and working your way to the positive.
  3. Use a jumper wire to short the battery cables together.
  4. Wait 10 minutes after turning the ignition switch to ON (II).
  5. Set the ignition switch to LOCK (0) and afterwards remove the key.
  6. Remove the jumper wire and reconnect the cables of the battery, beginning with the positive cable and ending with the negative cable.
  7. Check with a scan tool and perform the required reset/learn procedures for the vehicle you're working on.
  8. Restore your client's settings after entering the anti-theft code.


2018 Acura MDX Electrical Problems: Frequently Asked Questions

How many miles will an Acura MDX last?


An Acura MDX should last longer than 200,000 miles with proper handling and if the car owner does regular maintenance. The most important factor for a car to last a long time is doing all the servicing that it needs. A repair work you manage to neglect can make all the difference. A minor repair could end up into something more serious without proper attention.

Is Acura MDX worth the money?


The Acura MDX is an outstanding SUV. It has a capable V6 engine, excellent gas mileage, and excellent handling. It has more cargo space than many other luxury midsize SUVs and seats up to seven people. The MDX also includes a long list of regular technological features.


If you are thinking that the 2018 Acura MDX electrical problems are just minor issues then think again. It can easily escalate and cause damage to other parts of your car. Problems with electrical systems should be handled easily and by a specialist.


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