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2017 Ford Edge Engine Problems: Yours Could Have a Coolant Leak!

2017 Ford Edge Engine Problems

Ford has been mass-producing the Ford Edge since 2007 now. Since its introduction to the world, the SUV has proven to be one of the most reliable vehicles in the Ford lineup. But there are some 2017 Ford Edge engine problems that you should be aware of if you own one or are thinking about buying one. Coolant leaks in these engines are known to cause overheating, misfiring, engine fires, and other issues.

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The good news for those who drive 2017 Ford Edges on a regular basis is that not everyone seems to be affected by the 2017 Ford Edge engine problems. But that doesn’t mean that these problems won’t rear their ugly heads one day when you least expect them to. You should monitor your 2017 Ford Edge for the most common 2017 Ford Edge engine problems and make sure they don’t have a devastating impact on you.


Want to learn more about the 2017 Ford Edge and the 2017 Ford Edge engine problems that you might face if you happen to own one? Continue reading to find out all about the 2017 Ford Edge and what could potentially go wrong with it.

A Brief Overview of the 2017 Ford Edge

As we alluded to a moment ago, Ford has been manufacturing the Ford Edge for well over a decade now. It has transformed into one of the most popular Ford vehicles on the road today due in large part to its reliability. While it isn’t necessarily the flashiest SUV out there, it is one that has set itself apart from the pack by providing people with a long list of features.


Over the years, the 2017 Ford Edge has been praised for excellent handling, its five-star safety scores, and all of the technology that is jam-packed into it. Starting at under $30,000, it has also been praised for being one of the most affordable SUVs on the market today.


But with all of that being said, there have also been some criticisms of the 2017 Ford Edge. It has, for example, been knocked for having front seats that aren’t as comfortable as they could and should be. The center console layout has also been blamed for the boring overall look and feel of the interior of the 2017 Ford Edge when compared to similar SUVs. And then there are the 2017 Ford Edge engine problems, which have caused a lot of concern among 2017 Ford Edge owners.

The Engine Found in the 2017 Ford Edge

There are several optional engines that people could go with when buying a 2017 Ford Edge. Ford offered people the option to upgrade to a 3.5-liter V6 engine or a 2.7-liter twin-turbo V6 engine if they wanted to. But for the sake of this article, we’re going to focus mainly on the 2.0-liter turbo-four engine that came standard in the 2017 Ford Edge. It’s the one that caused the most 2017 Ford Edge engine problems.


There were a lot of things to like about the 2.0-liter engine found in the 2017 Ford Edge. For instance, it had an optional start/stop system that allowed people to improve their SUV’s fuel economy when they used it. Under normal circumstances, the 2017 Ford Edge’s engine was able to get 20 miles per gallon in the city and 29 miles per gallon on the highway. But people could up those numbers with the start/stop system.


But there were also some things that people didn’t love about the standard engine used in the 2017 Ford Edge. They’ve claimed that they’ve experienced nothing but 2017 Ford Edge engine problems. We’re going to touch on some of these issues next.

The Most Common 2017 Ford Edge Engine Problems

Because the 2017 Ford Edge has only been around for a few years now, there aren’t that many 2017 Ford Edge engine problems to report at this time. But there is at least one big one that you’re going to need to be aware of when you’re driving around in a 2017 Ford Edge.


The 2.0-liter engine found in most 2017 Ford Edges has been known to leak coolant. And as you can imagine, this is one of the worst 2017 Ford Edge engine problems to have since it can lead to your engine burning up on you. When that happens, you might find that you’ll experience one of the following issues.

1. Your 2017 Ford Edge Engine Will Begin to Overheat

If you have a faulty 2017 Ford Edge engine that begins to leak coolant, this is going to present a big problem for you. As soon as your coolant starts leaking, it’s going to leave behind a lack of coolant in your engine. And this will inevitably result in your car overheating!


Initially, you might be able to continue to drive your 2017 Ford Edge around with a minor coolant leak. But this isn’t one of those 2017 Ford Edge engine problems that’s going to go away quickly. A minor coolant leak will turn into a major one before long and leave your 2017 Ford Edge overheating.


The second your 2017 Ford Edge starts to overheat, you should pull over and turn your car off right away. You should also resist the urge to try and drive your Edge again. You’re going to have to take your SUV to a mechanic to have them evaluate your 2017 Ford Edge engine problems before you can get back out on the road.

2. It Will Also Start to Misfire

When you’re dealing with the most common of the 2017 Ford Edge engine problems, you’re going to notice that your SUV will often do more than just overheat. The engine in it is also going to begin misfiring on you over and over again.


If you’ve never experienced a car misfiring, it’s going to feel like your SUV is hesitating when you’re trying to accelerate in it. You might even notice that your car will start shaking when you try to drive it faster than you are. And at some point, your 2017 Ford Edge’s check engine light is going to pop on due to the misfiring that’s occurring in your engine.


This is another instance in which you’re not going to want to continue to drive your SUV around with 2017 Ford Edge engine problems. You’re going to want to drive your car down to a Ford dealership or to a local mechanic that you trust to diagnose what’s happening with your engine.

3. It Might Even Catch on Fire!

You might think that we’re just being dramatic here in an effort to get you to take the 2017 Ford Edge engine problems seriously. But we’re not. If you keep on driving a 2017 Ford Edge around without enough coolant in it, you won’t just have to worry about your car overheating and/or misfiring. You’ll also have to worry about it catching on fire!


If you push the 2.0-liter engine in a 2017 Ford Edge too hard without coolant in it, it’s eventually going to start to smoke on you. You’ll see some smoke coming out of the tailpipe at the back of your car. And things will progressively get worse from there.


Before long, you’re going to see smoke and possibly even flames coming up from under your hood. It’s going to be at that point that you’ll want to exit your 2017 Ford Edge and get to safety. There have been at least a few engine fires involving 2017 Ford Edges and other Ford vehicles with this particular engine located inside of them.

Complaints About the 2017 Ford Edge Engine

As of right now, Ford has not issued a recall tied to any of the 2017 Ford Edge engine problems that we just talked about. But there have been more than a few complaints filed with regards to the 2017 Ford Edge, which is why it wouldn’t be a huge surprise to hear about Ford sending out a recall in the near future.


CarComplaints.com has gathered almost 50 complaints from 2017 Ford Edge owners. Almost all of them have complained about the coolant leak problem that we have spoken about here. Many of them claim that Ford is knowingly allowing people to drive around with 2017 Ford Edge engine problems without doing anything about it. Many have also reported having to replace their faulty engines with new ones.


One 2017 Ford Edge owner was happy to hear that their engine replacement would be covered by their warranty. But they weren’t happy to learn that others were being forced to pay out of pocket for their 2017 Ford Edge engine problems. They wrote: “Vehicle still under warranty so engine will be replaced without cost. But I know others have had this problem. They need to issue a recall or warranty.”


Another 2017 Ford Edge owner echoed this sentiment while also complaining about how they were being forced to pay up to replace their engine because their 2017 Ford Edge was no longer covered by a warranty. They wrote: “Mileage is 25 miles beyond the 60,000 powertrain warranty. Cost is well over $5000 on an engine that Ford knows to be defective and they are not taking responsibility for recalling this defective engine.”


These kinds of complaints suggest that Ford could have a real problem on its hand if the reports of 2017 Ford Edge engine problems continue.

When 2017 Ford Edge Engine Problems Appear

One thing that you’ll notice when reading through the complaints about the 2017 Ford Edge engine problems is that most Ford Edge owners didn’t experience any issues with their SUVs right away. It wasn’t until they hit the 50,000-, 60,000-, or 70,000-mile mark that the 2017 Ford Edge engine problems started to affect them.


With this in mind, you may want to keep your eyes peeled for 2017 Ford Edge engine problems when your 2017 Ford Edge approaches one of these benchmarks. That could very well be when the trouble starts for you.

The Cost to Repair 2017 Ford Edge Engine Problems

One of the reasons why Ford might be a little hesitant to admit any fault when it comes to the 2017 Ford Edge engine problems is because fixing these problems is not cheap. In fact, most of the people who have filed official complaints about their 2017 Ford Edge engine report having to replace their entire engines to get their cars up and running like normal again.


This can cost a pretty penny! While some engines can be replaced for around $4,000, a lot of the people who have had to replace their 2017 Ford Edge have been forced to pay more than that. They’ve paid $5,000, $7,000, and more to put new engines into place in their SUVs. They also report having to take out separate loans to pay for the necessary repairs to their 2017 Ford Edge engines.


This creates a bad situation all around for both 2017 Ford Edge owners and the Ford company as a whole. Ford seems to be working to fix the 2017 Ford Edge engine problems behind the scenes. But for the moment, it could leave them open to legal action taken by those who own Ford Edges.

How to Sell an SUV With 2017 Ford Edge Engine Problems

If you’re dealing with any of the previously mentioned 2017 Ford Edge engine problems at the moment, you might be able to get them fixed at no cost to you if your SUV is still under warranty. You might also be able to get them fixed by paying to have your engine replaced.


But you would know there is also one other option: You can do away with your 2017 Ford Edge engine problems for good by selling your SUV to Cash Cars Buyer. Even if your 2017 Ford Edge engine is leaking coolant and not in good shape, we’ll take your SUV off your hands and pay you top dollar for it.


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