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2016 Ford Explorer Problems – Watch Out For The Faulty Throttle And Power Steering Failure! 

2016 Ford Explorer Problems

Since 1990, the Ford Explorer has been a popular choice on the market for new car buyers, families of four, and those who want a high-performing and reliable vehicle. The combination of a stylish exterior, rugged looks, capability, performance, and practicality helped make this a common household car in the 90s and early 2000s. Unfortunately, car owners need to be aware of the most common 2016 Ford Explorer problems before purchasing this vehicle.

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The 2016 Ford Explorer is well known for its high-tech features, stylish exterior, comfortable seats, spacious cargo area, and powerful engine. Still, many car buyers do not know the negatives that plague this model year. You need to be aware of some issues if you are considering buying this model year of the Ford Explorer. 


Let’s find out the top issues in this model year, like the faulty throttle, power steering failure, loss of power while driving, interior accessories concerns, and potential engine failure. 

2016 Ford Explorer Problems #1 – Faulty Throttle

The car throttle’s function is in charge of providing and regulating the amount of fluid to the engine. The throttle helps control the valve, allowing a certain amount of vaporized fuel to the cylinders in the internal combustion engine. 


The throttle body is a critical piece of the air intake system that regulates the air flowing into the engine. As you press down the pedal in your vehicle, the throttle position sensor receives a signal as to where your foot is, relaying this information to the computer of your vehicle. The position of the pedal determines the amount of fuel injected into the system. 


If you find the throttle body has gone bad, there are noticeable symptoms to keep an eye and ear out for when addressing the 2016 Ford Explorer problems. 

  • Dirt, grime, and carbon depositsDirt and grime can build up inside the housing, causing interrupted airflow.
  • Electrical problems – Electrical misinformation or glitches can cause inaccurate information to be sent to the car’s computer. 
  • Vacuum Leaks – Vacuum leaks disrupt the airflow, leading to throttle body pressure problems and issues with stopping.
  • Poor or High Idle – If your throttle body is not working, you may notice rough idling, staling, coming to a stop after a very low idle, or a very high idle. 

How to Avoid:

This throttle body is quite prevalent when discussing the most common 2016 Ford Explorer problems. Damage to the throttle body is especially concerning because it could put drivers in a dangerous situation due to the fuel injection’s inability. The check engine light will come on the dashboard after the vehicle loses acceleration while driving or suffers from a rough idle. 


Some Explorer owners report that the vehicle suddenly loses all power and forces the drivers to pull over for their safety. Fortunately for car owners, this part was recalled due to the high number of complaints. 

2016 Ford Explorer Problems #2 – Power Steering Failure 

Power steering is crucial to controlling your vehicle and keeping it on the road. Power steering fluid is vital to safe driving your car, as the liquid controls all of the power steering components, like the power steering pump, column, hose, rack, and pinion. If you have a power steering leak and 2016 Ford Explorer problems, you may not be able to turn the wheel with the desired force, leading to increased crash risk. 

  • The power steering leak’s main causes deal with the breakdown of parts and lack of lubrication in your car’s internal systems. As your car ages, rings and seals succumb to excess wear and tear and high temperatures. 
  • Drivers will notice the signs of a power steering leak by taking note of a faulty steering system’s common symptoms, like an uncentered steering wheel, difficulty turning, tight steering, and a failing gearbox. 

Car owners need to take note of these symptoms and signs to prevent the 2016 Ford Explorer problems from worsening. 

How To Avoid:

The power steering system in the 2016 Ford Explorer is well-known for its lack of reliability and performance. Many car owners have reported the vehicle suddenly becoming very hard to steer, often requiring the driver to somehow pull over to a stop safely without harming themselves or any other vehicle. 


After bringing the Explorer in for service, owners find out the power steering system is not the only culprit of the lack of control of their car – the main issue is a complete failure of the steering rack. 

  • The steering rack is the steering system’s main focus, showing the importance of a steering box in controlling your car. When the box wears out over time or completely breaks, the steering can be compromised and not work properly. This is one of the most severe and dangerous 2016 Ford Explorer problems. 
    • The average cost to repair a leak on a steering rack and pinion assembly will usually run between $500 and $1000, which is much more expensive than other parts of the power steering system. However, paying for this repair cost can help you prevent the 2016 Ford Explorer problems from causing further damage. 

2016 Ford Explorer Problems #3 – Loss of Power While Driving

Potentially the scariest issue when it comes to the 2016 Ford Explorer problems is the car suddenly stalling or shutting off while driving. Not only is this very unsafe for you and your vehicle, but it can lead to an increased crash risk for other drivers on the road. 


Let’s find out the main causes of this ford Explorer problem in the 2016 model.

    • Faulty Crankshaft Position Sensor – This mechanism is necessary for your car engine to run properly. If the crankshaft position sensor isn’t working, it can cause the check engine light to come on. In addition, your engine will not be able to start if you have a faulty crankshaft due to the lack of engine spark and crank. 
  • Replacing your crankshaft position sensor is between $195 and $250 to fix the 2016 Ford Explorer problems. 
    • Faulty Fuel Pump – The fuel pump has the duty of giving the engine the accurate amount of fuel for it to run properly. If the fuel pump is not giving the right amount of fuel, then the engine won’t be able to run, and it will shut off. 
  • Replacing your fuel pump is between $220 and $1062 depending on the labor and parts cost, with the labor typically between 2 and 3 hours of work. 
    • Empty Fuel Tank -Your car could run out of gas if your fuel gauge isn’t working properly. This could mean that you think you have enough fuel to last your trip, and the meter is saying you have enough fuel, but you run out of gas anyway. No matter if you run out of gas due to human error or due to fuel gauge error, you should still get your car checked by a mechanic.
    • Alternator Issues – The alternator in your car is in charge of providing your vehicle with a constant stream of electricity. Suppose your car all of a sudden shuts off while driving; it is probable that your alternator has gone bad. A broken alternator will cut the power to your car and the important parts, which will signal to you by a flashing dash or the engine all of a sudden shutting off. 
  • To fix the 2016 Ford Explorer problems, you might have to replace your alternator between $300 and $500 on average. 
    • Broken ECU – The ECU in your car is a computer in charge of your car’s systems and functions, ensuring it runs properly and smoothly. This engine control module controls actuators on the internal combustion engine to make sure the engine is running at an optimal level for performance. 
  • Replacing the electronic control unit in your Ford Explorer will range between $400 and $1400 for this part, with the labor between $100 and $200 for 2-3 hours of work. 

How to Avoid:

Drivers can attempt to avoid these series 2016 Ford Explorer problems by paying attention to the throttle body’s functioning and performance levels, and power-related systems in their vehicle. The car owner complaints are similar to that of the throttle body concerns, relating to a sudden lack of power or unintended rapid deceleration. 

2016 Ford Explorer Problems #4 – Interior

The interior of the Ford Explorer has caused many concerns in the automotive industry. The most common issue with the interior of the 2016 Explorer has to do with the seats.

    • Ownes report the third-row seats are uncomfortable and lack space for multiple people to fit comfortably in the vehicle. In addition, the seats are uncomfortable, but they have caused at least three injuries during accidents.
  • Replacing a seat in your car is usually around $800 for the upholstery kit, $750 for the installation process, with the custom upholstery for the entire car costing around $2,500. 
    • Another complaint with the interior focuses on the Explorer’s dashboard display. The dashboard reportedly glitches and goes blank for some users, not providing the car owner with any information regarding their vehicle. 
  • The average price of a dashboard replacement is between $2118 and $2267, with the labor costing between $570 and $720 for between 6 and 7 hours of work at your local mechanic. 
  • Lastly, Explorer owners report issues with the radios. The radio intermittently turns on and off in the car. Although this is one of the most minimal 2016 Ford Explorer problems, it can still be a nuisance for car owners. 
    • Typically you can expect to pay between $100 and $1000 to replace the entire stereo in your vehicle. The average price of a radio installation is between $50 and $200, depending on the severity of the other 2016 Ford Explorer problems. 

2016 Ford Explorer Problems #5 – Engine

The most problematic category across all car sections, like the steering, transmission, safety system, electrical system, AC/heater, and engine, comes to the engine category. There are various issues that fluctuate based on the severity.

    • The most common issue in the 2016 Ford Explorer problems in the engine category deals with the engine shutting off or stalling at random times. This usually happens to new Explorers with less than 10,000 miles on the odometer, showing a lack of durability and reliability for these new vehicles. 
      • At least one crash and one fire occurred due to the engine problems in the Explorer, with seven people injured due to the engine reliability issues.
    • If just the starter is the issue, it can cost only between $400 and $1000 to replace this singular part. 
    • Replacing the piston rings and repairing the cylinder walls will range between $200 and $300 to fix the less-severe 2016 Ford Explorer problems regarding the engine.
    • Replacing a water pump, oil pump, lifters, and bearings is sometimes necessary for engine damage, costing between $1000 and 2,000. 
    • Replacing the engine completely will range between $4,000 and $8,000 to fix the 2016 Ford Explorer problems. 
  • However, no recalls have been issued regarding the 2016 Ford Explorer problems in the engine category despite the problematic and severe issues. 

The Bottom Line

By knowing the most common and most severe 2016 Ford Explorer problems, car shoppers can make smart decisions about whether they should purchase this model year. Although this vehicle is popular on the car market among a wide range of driers, it has numerous durability and reliability concerns. 


Car owners should keep an eye out for the most problematic categories, like issues with the throttle body, power steering failure, loss of power while driving, interior accessory problems, and engine failure. 

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