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2016 Ford Escape Problems: Owners Need to Be Aware of Transmission Failure! 

2016 Ford Escape Problems: Owners Need to Be Aware of Transmission Failure! 

2016 Ford Escape problems were related to the transmission, the interior, the steering, the engine, the windows, and the body and paint. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

The 2016 Ford Escape continues to carry the great redesigned model since 2014. This model attracts tons of sport car lovers. Despite the roomy interior and the sporty handling, the vehicle was reported to have several mechanical problems that any owner needs to be aware of.

This article lists the top reported 2016 Ford Escape problems by different categories. It also lists the top repair costs along with expected mileage where at least mechanical problems might occur. 

The article intends to help current owners of a 2016 Ford Escape determine when it's the right time to fix their vehicles versus selling them. It also helps any new shoppers for a used 2016 Ford Escape decide whether it's worth purchasing a used vehicle of this brand or not. 

2016 Ford Escape overview 

Before we dive into the details about the mechanical problems reported about the 2016 Ford Escape, let's make sure that we're on the same page about the vehicle's overview and the good features of this car.

The 2016 Ford Escape is a great SUV and was ranked as #2 in the most 2016 affordable compact SUVs according to cars.usnews.com

The 2016 Ford Escape seats up to five passengers, and it's equipped with Either a 1.6-liter 4-cylinder, 4.0 liter 4 cylinders, or 2.5 liters 4 cylinder engine. This engine is associated with a 6-speed automatic transmission to give you about 23 MPG's on city roads, and 32 MPG's on the highway. The towing capacity of this vehicle ranges from 1500 to 2000 pounds. 

The original manufacturer suggested retail price for the 2016 Ford Escape starts at $24,000. 

Although Ford redesigned their escape in 2014, the vehicle was not problem-free, and there were some cutbacks in the comfort and utility of this car.

One of the biggest things about the Ford Escape is that it does not provide the same room as competitors like a Honda CRV or the Toyota RAV4. The dashboard's space cuts a lot of the knee space, and several customers indicated that the seats are not very comfortable.

Furthermore, by 2016, the gas mileage of Ford Escape dropped way below the EPA standards.

When it comes to crash testing comma's Cape did not earn a very good score, especially according to the Insurance Institute for Hwy safety. They ranked it as poor in their front L test. The NHTSA did not provide it a very high rank as the 2016 Ford Escape received only four stars out of five. 

2016 Ford Escape problems 

Despite the amazing features of a 2016 Ford Escape, several reported mechanical problems indicated issues with the transmission, interior, steering, engine, windows, body and paint, and electrical components.

Let's take a closer look at some of the top reported complaints about 2016 Ford Escape problems: 

  • Transmission problems 

According to recent statistics, one of the most common searches on Google about this vehicle is “does the 2016 Ford Escape have transmission problems?”

This is because there have been several complaints reported to several larger platforms that indicated significant issues with the 2016 Ford Escape transition that requires very high repair costs. 

While this vehicle was reported to have the best and most reliable transmission, transmission complaints were at the top reported to carcomplaints.com. These issues ranged from shuddering, clunk while shifting, not working properly, not accelerating, and not shifting at all. 

How much does it cost to replace a 2016 Ford Escape transmission? 

Unfortunately, transmission problems were only resolved by installing a new transmission which costs its customers, on average, about $5300, which is considered a very high repair cost for such a vehicle. 

In general, if you would like to replace the 2016 Ford Escape transmission, expect to pay between $2280 and $5300. 

In plenty of scenarios, customers ended up selling this car rather than dealing with these complicated transmission issues. 

  • Interior and accessories problems 

At around 15,000 miles, several complaints were reported indicating 2016 Ford Escape problems related to the interior and accessories.

Most of these complaints have to do with either the radio, the headliner, the glove box, the rattling coming from the accessories, the rear camera, and the seating.

None of the reported complaints indicated information about repair costs. However, they mentioned that their problems were fixed by Installing new parts. 

  • Steering problems 

A good number of complaints indicated significant issues with the 2016 Ford Escape steering problems. Some of these complaints mentioned that the steering assist does not work, the vehicle pulls into one side, drivers had difficulty steering, and the power steering failed.

Some of the mentioned repair costs indicated that to fix your 2016 Ford Escape steering problems, you might need to pay up to $1000!

When it comes to the mileage at when the steering problems might occur for your 2016 Ford Escape, there was no consistent trend as some of these problems occurred at as high as 45,000 miles while others occurred at as low as 7000 miles. 

How much does it cost to fix a 2016 Ford Escape steering problem?

Repair costs for fixing steering problems differ significantly depending on your 2016 Ford Escape type of steering problem. For instance, if you're looking to replace the power steering pump, expect to pay between $330 and 412 dollars. This range covers both labor and parts costs. 

  • Engine problems 

Because the 2016 Ford Escape was not engine problems-free, about ten complaints indicated significant issues with the vehicle’s engine at around 16,000 miles.

Most of these complaints included check engine light illuminating without any previous warning signs, engine stalling during driving, and some engine oil leaks.

And general, most 2016 Ford Escape engine problems were resolved by fixing or replacing the throttle body. 

How much does it cost to replace a 2016 Ford Escape engine? 

2016 Ford Escape engine replacement cost is about $2200. This price does not include labor costs, and labor cost differs significantly depending on where you got the job done.

If you're looking to purchase a used 2016 Ford Escape engine, expect to pay between $500 and $1500. This range depends on the engine's mileage and its overall condition. 

  • Windows problem 

Windows problems were also reported about the 2016 Ford Escape. Several customers indicated that their vehicle's windshield would chip easily without any pressure. They also mentioned that the windshield might make excessive weird noises. In some scenarios, with the 2016 Ford Escape, owners had to deal with the rear window exploding!

Windows problems were usually reported about relatively newer 2016 Ford Escape vehicles at around 1500 miles. Most of these problems were resolved by installing a new windshield for about $500. 

2016 Ford Escape recalls 

Although the top reported complaints about the 2016 Ford Escape transmission, there were no recalls associated with taking care of these complaints.

The only recall for the 2016 Ford Escape has to do with the body and interior.

Four decided to recall several vehicles from their 2016 model year in August 2017. These vehicles had issues with the driver’s airbag, which could not inflate after an accident. 

If you already have a 2016 Ford Escape, you might be eligible for taking it to the nearest Ford dealership and have the airbag replaced and fixed free of charge. 

2016 Ford Escape problems complaints 

Although the 2016 Ford Escape did not have as many reported recalls, there were plenty of reported complaints to largerplatformslikecarcomplaints.com.

It's important for you as a current owner of a 2016 Ford Escape or someone looking to purchase a used one to familiarize yourself with customers' experience dealing with these problems.

For example, one customer reported to carcomplaints.com that he had to deal with significant transmission issues with his 2016 Ford Escape. He wrote, “My car is three years old, has only 69.,000 miles on it, and my transmission decided to go out. I bought it brand new off the lot and got it serviced accordingly; this should not have happened.”

Another customer of a Ford Escape titanium 2.0 liter that has only 12,000 miles also had to deal with significant transmission problems. He mentioned that transmission shudders when accelerating between 45-65mph. It feels like the transmission is slipping as there is less power and doesn't feel the turbo. Operation is normal outside these speeds. Dealer says they can find nothing wrong (really).”

A third customer of a Ford Escape titanium Eco-boost turbo who has only 30,000 miles on his vehicle has to do with significant transmission issues. He mentioned that immediately after purchasing his brand-new vehicle, he noticed significant shuttering and stiffing, especially when he performs a reverse.

When taking this car to the dealership, they mentioned no error codes in the vehicle and couldn't replicate the problem. The customer was not happy with his vehicle and mentioned, “I have had LOTS of brand new vehicles over the last 23 years – the most I've ever put on a car is ~40K miles- and this is the ONLY one I have had with a noticeable transmission issue that has happened since it rolled off the assembly line. I am a loyal Ford customer, but this is ridiculous and a major annoyance.”

How to avoid buying a 2016 Ford Escape with mechanical problems? 

If you will spend thousands of dollars purchasing a used 2016 Ford Escape, it is worth spending some time and effort performing comprehensive testing to make sure that you're not dealing with mechanical problems soon.

Prepurchase inspection ranges from a simple test-drive to having your trusted professional mechanic inspect the vehicle and make sure that it doesn't have any major problems.

Any dealership allows you to have your vehicle inspected by your mechanic and allows you to perform a test drive.

If you decided to go with a test drive for your 2016 Ford Escape, you need to keep an eye and ear for any weird and abnormal noises. For example, if you order that your vehicle's engine is vibrating or shuttering, it might indicate a previous engine failure that has to do with engine overheating.

Similarly, if you drove and felt that the vehicle itself was making weird noises, especially from the drivetrain, there might be a significant issue with the CV joint.

Also, consider testing any component that you are planning to use in your daily life.

For instance, you might need to check the radio, air conditioning, signals, etc. Although these components are very small, and someone might not pay good attention, they might cost you hundreds of dollars shortly.

After listening to the top reported 2016 Ford Escape problems, it's recommended that you have a professional mechanic with more experience in these problems to inspect the car before purchasing it. Remember again that you're going to spend a good amount of money that might be your top savings, and you don't want to waste it, right? 

2016 Ford Escape problems: final thoughts 

The 2016 Ford Escape is an amazing sporty SUV that satisfied tons of customers. However, many reported complaints indicated significant mechanical issues with this vehicle, especially those that have to do with the transmission.

Some of these mechanical issues required very high repair costs where many customers ended up selling their 2016 Ford Escape instead of fixing them.

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