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2015 Chevy Corvette Transmission Problems – 7-Speed Manual Transmission vs 8-Speed Automatic Transmission

2015 Chevy Corvette Transmission Problems – 7-Speed Manual Transmission vs 8-Speed Automatic Transmission

The Chevy Corvette is a classic and iconic American car. Some people can only dream of owning and driving this futuristic sport’s car. However, many people don’t know that the 2015 Chevy Corvette is known for having transmission problems. According to Car Complaints, numerous owners of the 2015 Chevy Corvette have reported that the transmission doesn’t actively shift gears or there is a delay in shifting into drive after a cold start. Shuddering during acceleration and the transmission disengaging while driving are additional transmission problems in the 2015 Chevy Corvette.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


AutoTrader published an in-depth review on the Corvette models between 2014-2016 revealing that the 7-speed manual shifter in the Corvette can be difficult for owners to get used to because of its inconsistencies. When it comes to its reliability, this model was ranked 14 out of 40 with the most problem being the transmission.


Chevy Corvette Transmission Problems – Understanding the GM 8-Speed Transmission

The 2015 Chevy Corvette is equipped with a Hydra-Matic 8L90 eight-speed transmission developed by General Motors. The Chevy Corvette is limited in longitudinal space and the sport’s car tight packing, called for a custom transmission design. In the 2015 model the transmission is located in the back of the vehicle for maximum efficiency. 


The supercharged LT4 trim is available in your standard seven-speed manual transmission for drivers who desire more control on the road. Both the automatic and manual transmission on the 2015 model are equipped with Active Rev Matching for lightning-fast shifts. Many automotive enthusiasts describe the automatic transmission in the 2015 Chevy Corvette as the highest-capacity automatic transmission ever offered in a Chevrolet vehicle. 


The steering wheel paddles allow the driver to downshift and upshift by simply tapping the paddles. The automatic transmission in the 2015 Chevy switches gears based on the current driving conditions. However, the manual shifting mode allows the driver to select specific gears on demand.


The transmissions in the 2015 Chevy Corvette were designed to be an upgrade from the six-speed automatic transmission used in the previous model. Unfortunately, its complex design fell short and failed to live up to the quality consumers expected from the brand.


2015 Chevy Corvette Transmission Problems – Top Consumer Complaints


So far, there have been numerous complaints regarding the automatic transmission in the 2015 Chevy Corvette which several automotive enthusiasts expected since the traditional transmission system used in the Corvette underwent significant changes. The 2015 Chevy Corvette transmission problems that consumers have been complaining about are mind-boggling. 


From overheating issues, faulty torque converters, transmission leaks, and software-related problems such complications have been reported in epidemic proportions. Let’s breakdown some of the top consumer complaints regarding the 2015 Corvette model:


Transmission Shuddering or Shaking Issue

Some owners have reported feeling intense vibrations within the Corvette’s transmission during light throttle or when accelerating at 25mph to 80mph. For others, the shuddering or shaking also occurs when in a steady state of driving when the automatic transmission isn’t actively switching gears. 


Transmission vibrations are usually the result of a failing torque converter which is a component that’s attached to both the engine and the transmission on opposite ends. That’s why when the shuddering, shaking, or jerking motions occur in the Corvette’s transmission it’s when the vehicle is being operated at highway speeds. Some have noted that these sensations are more pronounced when cruise control is engaged. 


According to GM, this issue is a result of the moisture content in the transmission fluid. The manufacturer suggests completely removing the old GM transmission fluid with a transmission flush. In some instances, the transmission will need to be flushed more than once to ensure that there are no traces of the old fluids. 


The Mobil l Synthetic LV ATF HP fluid is a better option. You’ll need to drive the vehicle for at least a week so that the new fluids can clean things up. After a week you should notice an improvement in shift quality.


 If the problem persists you may need to install a new torque converter. Installing a new torque converter in a 2015 Chevy Corvette is about $1,000. 


8- Speed Automatic Transmission Overheating

Overheating is the worst thing that can happen to a car’s transmission. When a transmission starts overheating it damages the internal components within the transmission. The most common reasons for overheating in your 2015 Chevy Corvette are:


  • If you are still using the GM transmission fluid chances are this can play a role in your transmission overheating. The fluid has to work harder which causes it to overheat and loses its ability to cool down the transmission.
  • Faulty solenoids are quite common in the 2015 Chevy Corvette. The solenoids control shifting by regulating the transmission fluid pressure. Solenoid problems occur when there is sufficient fluid in the transmission pan but the fluid isn’t flowing to where it needs to go. 


For most drivers who experience their transmission overheating it resulted in limp dealer mode error code. However, once the vehicle sat for a few hours it resumed to its normal operation until the next overheating cycle. 


Hard Shifts At Low-Speed

Hard shifting at low speeds is another top complaint among owners. Consumers have reported that it becomes increasingly difficult to switch into first, second, and then third gear. The transmission slipping while in gear has also become a problem for several owners. This problem continued to persist after the dealer flushed the transmission three times and used a thicker fluid in the transmission. 


Transmission Leak

Transmission leaks in the 2015 Chevy Corvette is becoming increasingly common. A transmission fluid leak is typically a result of the seals used on the transmission deteriorating rather quickly. Replacing the transmission seal can resolve this issue. 


Does A Fluid Exchange In the 2015 Chevy Corvette Work?

In the service bulletins that General Motors has released, the automaker suggests having a transmission fluid service to replace the original Dexron VI transmission fluid with a fluid with a lower viscosity. In recent years, more attention has been placed on fluid complexity due to the fact that modern transmissions have significantly evolved from the hydraulic and mechanical components they used to be. 


Today’s transmission has rapidly turned into electronic-based machinery. Therefore, they require premium quality transmission fluids. That’s why GM's first attempt at resolving the shuddering and jerking motions consumers were experiencing in the transmission was to replace the transmission fluid with a Mobil 1 synthetic fluid also known as the Black Label. 


A few months later, GM recommended that consumers switch over to the “Blue Label” Mobil 1 LV ATF fluid if they were still experiencing the same issues with the transmission. These transmission fluids had better chemistry with the materials of the eight-speed automatic transmission. 


The Dexron VI fluid wasn’t as hygroscopic which means that it failed to absorb enough moisture from the air. Instead, moisture started to build up inside the transmission. These new Mobil fluids should improve the performance of the eight-speed transmission. 


Yet, drivers will need to give the new transmission fluid time to clean up the internal issues and relearn the adaptive shift algorithms. The fluid replacement hasn’t proven to be effective for all of the owners who have been experiencing 2015 Chevy Corvette transmission problems. As previously mentioned, the next step is to have a new torque converter installed which has usually endured wear due to excessive temperatures.


Class-Action Lawsuit Filed Over Defective GM 8- Speed Automatic Transmission

General Motors is currently dealing with a class-action lawsuit over problems with its eight-speed automatic transmission in the 2015 Chevy Corvette and with its other Corvette Z06 models. The lawsuit describes the Corvette as having a defective transmission that has led to shaking, hard shifting, and jerking when accelerating or decelerating.


While General Motors have issued over thirteen service bulletins to address such issues that affect the 2015-2019 Corvette models and other GM vehicles that use the eight-speed automatic transmission, the problem has yet to be fixed. There have been hundreds of complaints submitted to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration.


There have been several other class-action lawsuits filed against General Motors due to the faulty eight-speed automatic transmission. Plaintiffs in these other suits claim that the transmission aggressively shifts making it hard to gain control of the vehicle. The transmission also leads to delayed acceleration which makes slowing down difficult. 


The lawsuit also states that the transmission is prone to internal issues that cause the hydraulic system and the torque converter to experience severe friction. This is a result of an improper design. Metal shavings from the body of the vehicle make their way into the transmission and circulate through its components. This can also cause problems for the torque converters which the owner would be responsible for paying for when the vehicle is no longer covered under its warranty. 


According to General Motors legal representation, these lawsuits should be thrown out because the warranty only covers defects related to the workmanship of the vehicle and not the design. The company claims that the problems with the eight-speed transmission are related to a design defect. However, the Judge presiding over the class-action lawsuits didn’t dismiss the plaintiff's claims. 


The class-action lawsuit also alleges that GM was aware that there were issues with the eight-speed transmissions before the affected vehicles were put on the market. In fact, GM more than likely had substantial knowledge about the looming problems with the new transmissions but failed to address it until it was too late. 


2015 Chevy Corvette Transmission Problems – Seven-Speed Manual Transmission Problems

Although the 7-speed manual transmission in the 2015 Chevy Corvette has proven to be less problematic than the 8-speed gearbox the manual transmission is far from perfect. Owners have described the seven-speed manual transmission as “not being the slickest manual transmission  they’ve ever driven but by far the worst.”


Perhaps the biggest problem that consumers have faced is difficulty shifting or holding a gear when in really cold climates. Rough shifting only occurs during cold temperatures. The Corvette’s transmission requires extensive warming up in colder climates to ensure that the transmission fluid is properly flowing which can help ensure smooth shifting from gear to gear. 


Some owners have complained that the shifter on the 2015 Corvette just isn’t as smooth as it should be for such a luxury sport’s car. When the engine is at a high output rate it’s easy to miss some of the gears which is a problem for consumers. 


A few owners of the 2015 model have complained about a grinding or crunching noise coming from the manual transmission. This typically happens when shifting from first to second gear and sometimes the third gear. The transmission has been known to pop out of gear while driving which has proven to be very dangerous. 

2015 Chevy 8-Speed Automatic Transmission or the 7-Speed Manual

If you’re considering purchasing the 2015 Chevy Corvette you might be wondering whether the 8-speed automatic gearbox or the 7-speed manual transmission is the better option? There’s no doubt that the new GM eight-speed automatic transmission is significantly faster than models with manual transmission models which has been proven by numerous test drives. 


Many experts even claim that this 8-speed gearbox is even faster than the Porsche PDK clutch transmission which is quite impressive. The eight-speed transmission lightning speed acceleration power can be contributed to the smaller ratio steps between each gear which ensures that engine output is at or close to peak torque output. 


Although the automatic transmission in the 2015 Corvette is much faster, consumers have been trading in their Corvettes for a model with a manual transmission because of the problems associated with the GM gearbox. Therefore, if you want to play it safe opting for the model with the seven-speed transmission may be your best bet. 


Is the Chevy Corvette your dream car? You might be wondering whether it’s wise to purchase the 2015 Chevy Corvette. Although this model is known for having problems with its eight-speed transmission this same gearbox has won a few different awards including the J.D. Power Award for its lightning speed. Deciding whether to purchase the 2015 Chevy Corvette largely depends on your needs. Consumers also have the option of purchasing the seven-speed manual transmission model which is less problematic then the eight-speed automatic transmission.