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2014 Kia Soul Problems: What to Know Before Buying

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Being able to save money and get a wonderful vehicle for your budget makes buying a used car a good option, but a 2014 Kia Soul has several problems to be aware of including engine and steering issues. Additionally, it has had numerous recalls. Over time, it may be better to send this car to the junkyard.

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Imagine purchasing a 2014 Kia Soul only to learn after the fact that none of the safety recalls have been repaired or that one or more of the common problems have not been fixed. Not only do you endanger yourself and others, but this is also a danger to your savings.

When introduced, the Kia Soul was one of Kia’s best-selling models. People liked it because it was fun, funky, and fresh. The advertising made the masses see it as an option for the young and young at heart, and for that, it was an instant fan favorite that still steals glances out on the road today.

The 2014 model represented the car’s first major redesign. The quality of the interior improved and standard features increased. Unfortunately, this redesign does not outweigh frequent breakdowns.

This blog outlines common problems the 2014 Kia Soul has and if applicable, the 2021 estimate of repairs. These costs are only estimated as every mechanic is different and prices vary depending on location, parts, and labor costs.

2014 Kia Soul Engine Problems

Engine problems have existed since the first Kia Soul was released in 2010 including the 2014 Kia Soul.

This can be a disappointment for a car that seems so cool. What’s under the hood counts for a lot, though, and this case, it hasn’t always been good.

In 2010, the Kia Soul engine problems included the check engine light being on, engine failure, speed control issues, and engine power loss. There was also an issue with the cylinder gasket which could cause complete engine failure. The symptoms of these issues are:

  • Warning light illuminated at a low speed
  • Transmission unable to shift gears
  • Engine cooling due to a melted connector

Over the years, the engine symptoms changed. In 2011, the engine issues meant the car would not accelerate. In addition to the loss of acceleration, the car began smoking in the 2012 model. In 2013, the engine began making knocking sounds that got worse until the engine died around 80,000 miles.

Even after three years, the engine issues did not subside. In 2014, drivers complained of burning oil leaking everywhere resulting in engine failure. This happened around 86,000 miles.

This means that most cars in this make and model today are likely to hit that problem soon if they haven’t already. If you’re driving a car like this, and are noticing signs of burning oil – take the car to a mechanic and start making plans for a new car or a major repair in the near future.

These repairs should be covered under the recall, but some owners have had to pay for their repairs. This meant the engine needed to be replaced which costs from $1,400 to upwards of $6,000.

If the car isn’t worth it, then you can explore options like selling it to a mechanic, selling it for parts, or sending it to the junkyard.

2014 Kia Soul Steering Issues

The 2014 Kia Soul has steering issues that began in the 2012 model.

In the 2012 model, drivers complained of thumping sounds while turning and the steering locking while driving. This issue occurred around 55,000 miles. Both issues are related to the steering coupler, which there was later a recall for. 

This problem has caused numerous crashes including injuries and deaths. It’s a problem that makes these cars a hazard.

In the 2013 model, drivers reported the same issue but the issue began earlier at 53,000 miles. By the time the 2014 model was released, the steering issues had lessened, but could still be present. Something about the car was not sitting right, and in the end, the steering issues spell out bad news.

The average repair for steering problems is around $800 although some 2014 Kia Soul owners have reported spending more than $2,000. It’s a repair that’s required to keep the ca on the road in a safe manner. If you don’t want to pay that big bill, don’t buy a used 2014 Kia Soul.

2014 Kia Soul Lighting Problems

Another problem with the 2014 Kia Soul is related to lighting problems, which like the aforementioned issues, started with the first-generation Kia Soul.

In the 2010 model, there were many electrical issues. The issue still present in the 2014 model is that the high beam lights turned on automatically when the car reached around 60,000 miles. That may sound innocent enough, but the problem could be quite dangerous if the lights blind oncoming traffic.

Not only were the high beams affected in the 2014 model, but also the normal headlights flickered in and out without warning. This reduces roadway visibility; it is a risk most responsible drivers are not willing to take.

Imagine the headlights bursting into flames while speeding down the express way. These lighting issues have even caused fires in the cars, creating a very dangerous situation for Kia Soul drivers. 

If caught in time, these issues can be easily remedied and are more of an annoyance than a real problem. With labor, headlight bulb replacement costs between $110 and $130, although some Kia dealers have charged 2014 Kia Soul owners more than $400.

2014 Kia Soul Recalls

To be expected, the 2014 Kia Soul has had four recalls to date.

  • Several of Kia’s models, including the 2014 Kia Soul, have engine compartment fires that can occur while driving. This is related to fuel and/or engine oil leaks. In other words, a recall that’s a must if the car is to be driven safely.
  • In certain models of the Kia Soul with the 1.6L Gasoline Direct Injection engine, high exhaust gas temperatures could damage the catalytic converter resulting in damage to one or more of the engine’s pistons. Worse than being a tough repair, it also increases the risk of a crash.
  • The pinion plug directly relates to steering. Certain Kia Soul models from 2014 to 2016 have a pinion plug that may separate from the steering gear. If it separates, steering will be lost completely.
  • Certain models of the 2014-2015 Kia Soul and Soul electric vehicles have a part of the accelerator pedal that may bend and fracture. If this bends or breaks, the driver will have difficulty accelerating the vehicle.

If you are concerned with the status of a recall on your 2014 Kia Soul, contact a Kia dealer close to you for more information.

Is the 2014 Kia Soul Reliable?

After reading of its various issues, you may wonder if the 2014 Kia Soul is reliable. The answer is dependent on the car’s condition and whether or not safety recall repairs were made.

Although it has had issues since the first generation, the car is dependable based on its class and market. However, if the car is in poor condition, safety recall repairs have not been made, and regular maintenance has been ignored, it is not a reliable car.

This is not the type of car you want to buy from a private seller who doesn’t have a clear history on the car. If you can get the car certified or from a dealership that offers a guarantee or warrantee, or you are a mechanic with some experience with this type of car, then maybe the risk is it worth it for you.

How Many Miles Can I Drive a 2014 Kia Soul?

If you are thinking of purchasing any used vehicle, especially a 2014 Kia Soul, it’s important to know how many miles the car will last before it is ready to go to the junkyard.

Assuming the car has been taken care of and maintenance is scheduled consistently, the car will last for about 200,000 miles. However, if you ignore any dashboard warning lights or allow minor problems to bloom into major problems, you could cost yourself a lot of money and further damage the car.

If you are interested in a 2014 Kia Soul that has had multiple owners, this is a riskier purchase. Without proper documentation, you cannot be sure that the car was maintained properly. With the issues present, you could end up buying a replacement engine, which is very costly.

Some of the other problems listed in this article report problems at as low as 53,000 miles. This means that if you’re buying this used car, don’t be fooled by a surprisingly low mileage. Damage and repair bills could be right around the corner. Proceed with caution.

How Much Should I Pay for a 2014 Kia Soul?

A used 2014 Kia Soul averages for around $12,000 for the base model. This, of course, is dependent on the vehicle’s location, condition, and mileage.

In 2014, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price was $14,900 for a base model.

If the car is in pristine condition and the mileage is low, expect the cost to be higher, around $14,000.

Despite its issues, the Kia Soul is a fairly reliable car, which is why condition and mileage are directly related to the purchase price.

Be skeptical of great deals on a Kia Soul if the car is used. Some people will price low just to get rid of the vehicle. If you are someone who is considering doing this, just send the car to the junkyard. If you are considering buying such a vehicle, really do your digging to see what repairs have already been done.

Why Do People like the 2014 Kia Soul?

The 2014 Kia Soul is an affordable family-friendly car. Although it has various issues, it has good crash test ratings and a lot of included standard features. 

When it was released, the interior quality was top-notch. The seats are spacious and well-cushioned. It also had a larger cargo capacity than comparable compact sedans.

There are also several model types available including an electric version.

For some, the real appeal of the vehicle is the unique form it has as a crossover. It looks cool in the driveway, but maybe that’s where it will stay parked if the problems under the hood aren’t resolved in a timely manner.

When it comes to the 2014 Kia Soul, car owners should keep a close eye on the situation and enjoy the ride while it lasts.

Life After Reading the 2014 Kia Soul Issues

If you have a 2014 Kia Soul, are experiencing problems, and have read this far, you may be very nervous. 

While you may not have experienced anything severe so far, it may seem like you are seconds away from danger.

Unfortunately, this happens with used cars. The best thing to do is safely get the vehicle to a mechanic for an inspection and quote. Ask the mechanic to check for outstanding recalls and set up a regular maintenance schedule to extend the life of your vehicle.

Check with the local dealership, too. When it comes to problems with recalls, they are the most helpful (usually) as they can check the car’s records via the VIN to see what recalls have already been completed. This can provide some peace of mind.

Instead of dealing with the cost and headache of repairs, you could send the car to a junkyard, replacing that headache with cold, hard cash.

If symptoms are present and not dealt with appropriately, you could be facing larger, more costly repairs. Don’t let time slip away from you and delay repairs. Your safety is the most important factor.

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