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2014 Ford Fusion Problems – Is the 2014 Ford Fusion A Good Car?

2014 Ford Fusion Problems

Unfortunately, most reported 2014 Ford Fusion problems are related to either the engine or the transmission, which require high repair costs and could lead to complete vehicle failure. Other reported problems about this vehicle had to do with the interior, steering, fuel system, and electrical system. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE

When looking into vehicles' mechanical issues, many websites allow owners to report problems with their vehicles along with repair options, repair costs, and mileage at which these problems occurred. This information can be very helpful, especially for new shoppers who are looking to buy certain vehicles. With this information in mind, new shoppers can make informed decisions about whether to buy vehicles or not.

For example, the 2014 Ford Fusion received a total of 172 complaints to carcomplaints.com, 722 complaints to vehiclehistory.com, 94 complaints to Edmunds.com, and about 200 complaints to repairpal.com

In this article, we summarize the results of an intensive review of all reported complaints about the 2014 Ford Fusion. In this summary, we report the suggested repair options and repair costs and highlight the mileage at which the problem occurred whenever it was available. 

2014 Ford Fusion Description


Before diving into the different problems about the 2014 Ford Fusion, it is important to understand the overview and main characteristics of this vehicle and any reported pros about it. 

The 2014 Ford Fusion was ranked as one of the top 2014 Affordable Midsize Cars, according to cars.usnews.com. The vehicle was featured for the great handling, the large cargo space, and the roomy cabin. 

This vehicle seats up to five passengers and provides from 22 to 25 miles per gallon on city roads and from 31 to 37 miles per gallon on the highways. The vehicle provides from 175 to 231 of horsepower, and it comes with either a front-wheel-drive or an all-wheel-drive. 

The 2014 Ford Fusion has four engine options: the 1.5 L four-cylinder, the 1.6 L four-cylinder, the 2.0 L four-cylinder, and the 2.5 four-cylinder. This engine comes with either a six-speed automatic or manual transmission. 

According to Kelly Blue Book, the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for the 2014 Ford Fusion is $23,000 and can get up to $40,000 with higher trims.

2014 Ford Fusion Problems

In this section, we summarize the most reported problems about the 2014 Ford Fusion by current and previous owners. The majority of reported problems with this vehicle are either related to the engine, interior, transmission, steering system, and others. 


  • 2014 Ford Fusion engine problems



Engine problems are considered very significant as they require high repair costs and a lot of time and effort. Most engine problems could lead to significant vehicle failure if it were not taken care of immediately.

Unfortunately, the most reported problem with the 2014 Ford Fusion is related to the engine. Common engine issues with this vehicle are loss of power, continuous check engine light illumination, complete engine failure, and engine misfire.

A group of owners mentioned that their 2014 Ford Fusion engine suddenly stalled, then surged forward without any previous warning signs. The problem was due to issues with the low fuel pressure sensor. To get the problem resolved, a replacement for the low fuel pressure sensor was needed, and it cost about $200. Loss of power occurred mostly at vehicles around 40,000 miles.

Frequent check engine light illuminating was reported by another group of owners, which indicated internal vehicle problems. The majority of these problems were resolved by either replacing the engine or replacing the solenoid. Check engine light issue occurred mostly at vehicles around 15,000 miles. 

Besides the engine stalling and check engine light issues, the 2014 Ford Fusion might face a complete engine failure at vehicles around 54,000 miles, which is not considered very old. The owners who had this problem had to replace the entire engine. However, they did not indicate information about repair costs.  


  • 2014 Ford Fusion interior problems



2014 Ford Fusion interior problems were the second most reported about this vehicle. Interior problems were related to issues with the vehicle's ceiling, the control center, or the passenger seat.

At least seven owners reported that their 2014 Ford Fusion's ceiling upholstery is coming down. When they reported this issue to Ford, they did not agree to repair it until it becomes an obstruction. The problem needed trim securing to get resolved, and it occurred mostly at vehicles around 11,000 miles. 

Another problem with this vehicle's interior has to do with the control center not working properly. Several owners mentioned that their control buttons on the steering stopped working randomly, and the turn signal might not function without a clear reason. Control center problems occurred mostly at vehicles around 30,000 miles. 

The last problem we would like to highlight here has to do with passenger seat rattling. A couple of owners indicated strong rattling in the passenger seat that becomes more and more noticeable when hitting rough roads. Passenger seat rattling occurred mostly at vehicles around 6,000 miles. 


  • 2014 Ford Fusion transmission problems



Similar to engine problems, transmission problems are the last thing any driver would like to deal with. This is because it costs a lot of money on repair and requires a certain skill set to get it fixed. 

Unfortunately, 2014 Ford Fusion transmission problems were the third most reported about this vehicle. In general, the problems were related to issues with shifting, complete transmission failure, and transmission shuttering. 

Many owners of vehicles around 28,000 miles reported rough transmission shifting along with transmission slipping, which is not expected at this mileage of this vehicle. The problem was mostly resolved by either replacing the transmission or performing a global reset. The average repair cost for transmission slipping was about $750.

At least two owners reported a complete transmission failure of their 73,000 miles vehicles. The owners mentioned that they performed regular maintenance to the vehicle, and they did not see any warning signs that could point them to do something before the complete failure. The owners did not include information about repair options or repair costs. 

Lastly, a couple of owners indicated frustration from transmission shuttering every time they drive the vehicle. They mentioned that the shuttering fades out after they drive for a long time. However, the shuddering becomes more severe when they switch from park to drive or vise versa. Unfortunately, transmission shuttering occurred at relatively new vehicles around 5,000 miles. 


  • 2014 Ford Fusion steering problems



Power steering failing is a very common problem with the 2014 Ford Fusion, as reported by at least 20 owners of 70,000 miles vehicles. 

These owners mentioned that they faced sudden power steering failure followed by a couple of warning lights like the “service advance track” and the “hillside assist not available.” The problem required replacing the power steering for about $1,790 to get resolved. 


  • 2014 Ford Fusion fuel system problems



Fuel system issues are very common with the 2014 Ford Fusion, as reported by several owners. The majority of reported problems had to do with stalling, fuel sloshing noise, and poor gas mileage. 

It was reported that the 2014 Ford Fusion might have issues like choking or stalling. The problem can be accompanied by a weird noise coming from the fuel tank. The owners mentioned that this stalling is related to the purge canister valve that was recalled in 2011 models. To get the problem resolved, these owners had to either clean the fuel using a fuel injection cleaner, replace the purge canister, replace the fuel pump, or replace the throttle body control assembly. Stalling occurred mostly at vehicles around 77,000 miles and required about $650 on repair costs. 

Surprisingly, at least five owners of an 800 miles vehicle reported hearing strange noises coming from the fuel tank whenever they fill it up. The noise was described as “sloshing,” and it usually comes from the driver's rear side.

Lastly, poor gas mileage was reported frequently by many owners of 4,000 miles vehicles. While Ford mentioned that the vehicle gets up to 31 miles per gallon on the highways, drivers indicated that the vehicle couldn't get more than 25 miles per gallon.


  • 2014 Ford Fusion electrical system problems



Electrical problems were also reported about the 2014 Ford Fusion. Most electrical problems occurred at the same time, like issues with the dash display not functioning, loss of headlights, issues with the signals, and problems with the wipers. The majority of electrical problems were resolved by replacing the battery or installing upgraded fuses. The average repair cost for electrical problems was about $150, and they occurred mostly at vehicles around 23,000 miles. 


  • 2014 Ford Fusion windows problems



Another common problem with the 2014 Ford Fusion has to do with the windows. Wipers might move super slow and not functioning properly at vehicles around 17,000 miles. Furthermore, the rear window can get super foggy, causing issues with the vision while driving at relatively new vehicles. Lastly, Windows might not function properly at vehicles around 9,000 miles. 


  • 2014 Ford Fusion body and paint problems



A couple of owners reported issues with the 2014 Ford Fusion body and paint. Some of them needed to replace the hood due to hood paint bubbling. Others needed to repair the door latch as they couldn't open the doors, which cost them about $50 on average. Lastly, a couple of owners needed to repaint the front bumper cover as the paint of their 6,000 vehicles was falling off.

2014 Ford Fusion Reviews – What do 2014 Ford Fusion owners say about their car?


In this section, we included information about what current owners think of their 2014 Ford Fusion problems.


  • 2014 Ford Fusion owner one



This owner reported significant issues with his vehicle’s transmission to Edmunds.com: “I bought a 2014 Ford fusion, with 33,000 miles on it. Less then a week owning it & the transmission started slipping while accelerating & slamming into reverse. 

Took it to a Ford dealer & I was told it needed a new transmission. Instead of replacing it though, they replaced parts in it for 2 months.. Which never solved the problem. Ford kept calling & saying it was fixed, but when we would test drive it, the SAME PROBLEMS existed. 

Ford direct was of no help. After 2 months of Ford having my car, they finally replaced the transmission, but the slipping between gears STILL exists. 

The warranty on these cars is a joke.. Ford had replaced numerous parts to no avail, had engineering involved to no avail, and finally had a regional technician drive the car & order a new transmission. 

Don't buy a Ford. The time, the hassle, the inconvenience was NOT worth it. No one at Ford took responsibility for the delay and even said “we've never seen it take this long for repairs before..” but STILL took even longer. 

Completely incompetent company. 

The Ford regional service lady even got involved after 2 weeks, and promised to speed things along & keep me informed but again- she had no information, no solutions & the problem was still prolonged.”


  • 2014 Ford Fusion owner two



The second vehicle reported issues with multiple issues with his vehicle to vehiclehistory.com: “If I could give negative stars I would ! This is a horrible car & IeI’ll never buy a Ford again! I have a 2014 Ford Fusion SE for almost almost a year and a half. 7 months into buying the car I had to replace the transmission, a month later the engine at just over a year I had to replace the brakes (I get that’s normal) but not even a year from replacing the transmission I am now having problems with it again!!! Other then the regular maintenance (fluid changes, filters etc) I’ve spent $7,200 in repairs in just over a year. It’s horrible on gas for being a 4 cylinder. the drivers seat is comfortable however the passenger seat is not. The only nice thing is it’s a good size! There is lots of leg room & when it doesn’t have to be in the shop it drivers nice and smoothly, even at 120 km/h. The only good things I can say”


  • 2014 Ford Fusion owner three



This third owner reported issues to carcomplaints.com related to his vehicle’s power steering: “The power steering began going out in October. I took it to the dealership, where they determined that a leak in the seal of the windshield had caused water to drip on a sensor, causing the power steering to go out randomly. It was “fixed”. 6 weeks ago, it began doing the same thing again. I took back to the dealer and they said this time it was the power steering needing replacement, at a cost of approximately $2k. Not having that money, I continued to drive it, and it did fine until last week. Now it has begun going out randomly again. When I stop, put the vehicle in park, turn it off and remove the key, then restart, it fixes its self. Reading all about the horror stories about Ford power steering, and having had this “fixed” in October, I am not willing to spend $2k to have it go out again in another few months. I have had this car for 2 years, and when the problem began, I was less than 6 months out of my warranty period, as it was purchased as a certified pre-owned vehicle. I still have 3 years of payments to make on this piece of crap. Help!!!”

2014 Ford Fusion Problems – Frequently asked questions


In this section, we provide additional information and answer the most frequently asked questions about the 2014 Ford Fusion problems. These problems are related to either the engine, the interior, the transmission, the steering system, or the fuel system. 


  • Does the 2014 Ford Fusion have transmission problems?



As we indicated earlier, transmission problems are one of the most reported problems about the 2014 Ford Fusion. These problems are related to issues with shifting, complete transmission failure, or transmission stalling. 


  • Are there any recalls on the 2014 Ford Fusion?



Ford recalled a group of vehicles, including the 2014 Ford Fusion. The recalls were related to issues with door latches that could cause insecure door locking or doors not locking at all. 


  • Why does my 2014 Ford Fusion shift hard?



In general, hard shifting is always due to issues with low transmission fluid level. Other reasons for hard shifting could be problems with the throttle or problems with excessive line pressure that usually happens because of a clog in the solenoid. Thus, if you experienced hard shifting, the first thing you do is to check the transmission fluid. 


  • Does the 2014 Ford Fusion require synthetic oil?



According to Ford guidance, it is recommended to use the licensed engine oil with SAE viscosity grade. To do so, you will need about 5.7 quarts of engine oil to fill the required capacity.



2014 Ford Fusion problems are mostly related to the engine or the transmission, which raises a lot of red flags about owning such a vehicle or not. Engine and transmission problems were not the only reported; there were additional reported problems related to the interior, electrical system, fuel system, windows, and others. 

With the discussed problems in the article, new shoppers might need to spend some time thinking carefully about whether to own the 2014 Ford fusion or not. Are they willing to deal with transmission and engine problems? Probably not.

Even current owners might get ready and prepared for any sudden engine or transmission problems. They should also have a second plan for junking the vehicle if repair costs got higher than or closer to the actual value of the vehicle. 

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