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2006 Honda Pilot Engine Replacement Cost – Expect To Fork Over $5 Grand For This Replacement!

2006 Honda Pilot Engine Replacement Cost – Expect To Fork Over $5 Grand For This Replacement!

The Honda Pilot is a mid-size crossover SUV that has been produced since the 2003 model year until the present. Targeted towards North America’s market as a family-friendly vehicle, Honda uses three-row seating, independent suspension, and off-road capabilities. Despite the comfort and performance features, the high 2006 Honda Pilot engine replacement cost deters some shoppers from purchasing this car. The average replacement cost for a V6 engine is $4,000-$5,500 total. 

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


The engine type used in the first generation, which spanned from the 2003 to 2008 model years, was a 3.5-liter Honda J35A4 SPHC 24v V6 engine. Honda’s J-series engines was the fourth production run of the V6 engine family first introduced 10 years prior. The ‘SOHC’ portion of the engine refers to the overhead camshaft construction, where the camshaft is in the cylinder head above the combustion chamber. 


Since the 2006 Honda PIlot uses a V6 engine, the typical replacement cost ranges between $4,000 and $5,500, since a V6 engine is more costly than a lower-powered cylinder engine. 

Honda Pilot Worst Model Years 

The worst model years of the Honda Pilot include the 2003, 2005, 2006, 2009, and 2016. These rankings are based on various factors, like the onset of problems, the severity of issues, and the total replacement cost to fix each model year’s recurring concerns.


The top three problems across all model years are the transmission failure in the 2003 Pilot, transmission concerns in the 2005 Pilot, and excessive oil consumption in the 2009 Pilot. Along with the worst Honda Pilot problems, the hefty 2006 Honda Pilot engine replacement cost is concerning to potential car buyers. 

2006 Honda Pilot Engine Problems

The 2006 Honda Pilot actually gets decent reviews when compared to other years of the same model. With no major issues, except for a trend of window regulator failure and a high engine replacement cost, the overall repair prices for this year are lower than other similar choices on the market. 


The main windows and windshield concerns focus on the window regulator failing prematurely and the windows making excessive noise when driving. The window regulator failure was a relatively easy fix, costing owners just $320 to replace the regulator at around 72,000 miles. Compared to the 2006 Honda Pilot engine replacement cost, this fix is inexpensive. 


However, the Honda Pilot engine concerns are typically more severe, time-consuming, costly, and severe in terms of receiving immediate fixes. The top engine concerns focus on engine misfiring, excessive oil consumption, piston damage, multiple warning lights on the dashboard, premature engine failure, and oil leaking.

Engine Misfiring

One of the main concerns in the 2006 Pilot deals with the engine misfiring at around 117,000 miles. The typical repair cost for this fix is over $2,400, with owners having to do one of these fixes – either replacing the spark plugs, fixing any vacuum leaks, inspecting the fuel injectors, or replacing the mass airflow or o2 sensors if they show error codes.

Excessive Oil Consumption

Another concern that can lead to a high 2006 Honda Pilot engine replacement cost is excessive oil consumption. If too much oil is being used, this requires more frequent oil changes, oil flushes and reduces the overall lubrication within the hot engine system. 


There are a few main causes of oil consumption. Some of the most common issues involve worn seals, broken gaskets, poor quality oil, worn-down piston rings, high oil pressure, or an old engine. 


The most common fixes for excessive oil consumption focus on replacing the worn-down parts. Replacing the seals and gaskets costs around $1,000 to $2,000, replacing the piston rings for between $1,500 and $2,500, and performing an oil flush costs between $100 and $150. Performing one of these repair jobs can lower the total 2006 Honda Pilot engine replacement cost when bringing your car to a local mechanic. 

Multiple Warning Lights

If you find that your check engine light has come on the dashboard, there are various causes of this alert in your vehicle. To fix the issue without spending a fortune, you can try a few quick fixes, like tightening your gas cap, reducing the speed and pressure on your car, and use the built-in diagnostic services in your vehicle.


However, if none of these fixes solve the problem, you are looking at a higher 2006 Honda Pilot engine replacement cost. If this is the case, you will have to check the other dashboard gauges and lights for any indications of low oil pressure, overheating, and excess friction that can lead to premature engine damage.

Suspicious Noises

If you spend a lot of time driving your car, you will know that strange noises and sounds under the hood are not commonplace while driving the vehicle. Eventually, you will become attuned to the noises it makes and hear different sounds that can cause issues. Before thinking about what to do after an engine replacement, you need to know how to prevent the issues before they even start.


If your engine is making loud noises, like squealing and whistling, this is a clear sign that the fan belt has broken down and deteriorated over time. When the fan belt loosens and wears down, the belt will stop moving at the right pace when the pulleys control it. The high pitched noise can be fixed by tightening the parts, lowering the overall 2016 Honda Pilot engine replacement cost.

Engine Failure

If you notice the signs of premature engine failure in your 2006 Honda Pilot, unfortunately, it's already too late to prevent your engine from having serious damage. One of the most common causes of engine failure is improper lubrication. Even if you frequently change your oil, if you don’t inspect other parts for lack of lubrication and oil, you can end up needing a new engine before the projected lifespan is up.


In addition, overheating in the engine system can lead to premature failure. This typically happens because a coolant leak can cause a radiator, hose, or other parts to overheat and cause excess friction. You must flush your cooling system regularly to prevent a high 2006 Honda Pilot engine replacement cost and premature engine failure.


Lastly, the final main cause of engine failure is detonation. Internal combustion inside the engine is normal, but abnormal combustion at a high rate that produces excessive heat can cause knocking, losing exhaust gas, and imbalances in the air and fuel mixture. If you find this is the case, you can expect a higher 2006 Honda Pilot engine replacement cost.

Average Engine Costs for the 2006 Honda Pilot

Regarding the typical engine repairs and replacements in the 2006 model year of the Honda Pilot, there are average costs to be aware of before visiting a local mechanic or dealership. For an engine diagnosis, this price typically ranges between $50 and $115 total.


For an engine oil and filter change using full synthetic motor oil, the total price is between $58 and $108, with the entire labor process taking around 1.5 hours. If you are using synthetic blend engine oil, the cost is slightly less, ranging between $40 and $80 on average. 


However, if you wait too long to repair any parts in your engine, then this can result in a higher 2006 Honda Pilot engine replacement cost ranging between $2,500 and $4,000 for a complete replacement. 

2006 Honda Pilot Engine Recall

In 2019, Honda issued a recall for various models and model years, ranging from 2003-2006 Acura MDx, 2004-2008 Acura TL, 2004-2008 Acura TSX, 2003-2007 Honda Accord, 2005-2006 Honda CR-V, 2007-2011 Honda Element, and 2005-2008 Honda Pilot vehicles. This recall involved the rotating part of the accelerator pedal assembly malfunctioning, leading to the vehicles having safety concerns that prevented them from reaching the Motor Vehicle Safety Standard.


If the accelerator pedal does not work correctly, the engine might not return to idle. If this is the case, the pedal can inadvertently be pressed down, leading to a higher risk of crash and safety concerns while driving. 


Honda Pilot owners who notice this engine and accelerator pedal concern may have bigger issues on their hands. As soon as they notice this problem, they will either have to pay for an accelerator pedal replacement or for the 2006 Honda Pilot engine replacement cost.

The Bottom Line

When figuring out how much you need to spend for the 2006 Honda Pilot engine replacement cost, you need to know the engine’s root cause to diagnose and fix the problem part. By recognizing the warning signs and symptoms of engine damage and being aware of the most common Honda Pilot issues, you can keep the total repair costs as low as possible.


If you ignore the signs of engine damage and skip routine maintenance, you can expect to pay between $4,000 and $5,500 for the 2006 Honda Pilot engine replacement cost!