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10 Reasons Not to Buy A Car Until 2022-2023

10 Reasons Not to Buy A Car Until 2022-2023

If you're planning to buy a new car, here are 10 reasons not to buy a car until 2022-2023:

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  1. Low inventories
  2. No incentives
  3. Higher prices than MSRP!
  4. Unnecessary accessories
  5. Credit disapprovals
  6. Higher interest rates
  7. Increased used cars prices
  8. Increase in the electric vehicle’s popularity
  9. High mileage cars
  10. Tons of scams

Have you heard about the current car shortage? You probably heard about the microchip shortage that impacted tons of industries, including the automotive field. That's why if you walked into dealerships recently, you'd see that most of them have empty lots, and that's not surprising.

Most automotive experts recommend not buying or selling any used car unless you're really in need. But, unfortunately, the prices of the current car are spiking significantly, and there are tons of other reasons you should delay purchasing any new car until at least 2022, if not 2023.

This article summarizes our detailed review of the 10 reasons not to buy a car until 2022-2023. While these reasons should convince most people not to purchase cars nowadays, if you think you are in real need, you have no other choice but to buy a new car.

10 reasons not to buy a car until 2022-2023

While most of us are aware of the current car shortage that impacted car prices nowadays, some other factors should discourage you from purchasing a new car until 2022 and close to 2023.

Let's take a closer look at the 10 reasons not to buy a car until 2022-2023:

1.    Low inventories

Have you walked in dealership lots recently? Did you realize that there are many parking lots empty and don't have any inventory? Unfortunately, one of the biggest reasons not to buy a new or even used car is the massive shortage in inventories.

Tons of bigger automakers don't have any vehicles to offer, which leads to significant increases in the current use and new cars prices, which makes it inconvenient to purchase a new car nowadays.

2.    No incentives

In the past, many automakers would offer you some incentives to convince you to purchase the vehicle. Many of us enjoyed these incentives that provided us with tons of benefits. But, unfortunately, with the current car shortage and increased demand for newer cars, automakers are no longer providing any new incentives here; therefore, if you're planning to purchase a new car, you won't get any benefits, and you will end up with a very high price.

3.    Higher prices than MSRP!

Unsurprisingly, with increased demand for new and used cars and with a shortage and car production, most dealerships are now selling vehicles way higher than the MSRP price that you might be aware of. Therefore, what you will pay for your new car is beyond what it deserves, and that might not be ideal if you're buying a car for fun.

However, if you are still in need and would like to buy a new car, you can pay attention to the sticker you typically see on the new cars. If the sticker says another number different from the MSRP, you should walk away and consider checking with another dealership that does not charge you beyond the MSRP price.

4.     Unnecessary accessories

Unfortunately, many dealerships are now adding unnecessary accessories to the vehicles to increase their prices and advantage potential buyers. Therefore, when shopping for your new car and if you need to buy a new one, pay attention to what Sixers are added and don't purchase anything beyond your needs.

The safest way for you is to wait until closer to 2022, if not 2023, until things are cleared out and prices are back to normal.

5.    Credit disapprovals

With the increase in used and new cars prices, most people are now looking for financial options beyond what their credit score can handle. That's why when you go now and try to purchase a new car, there's a very high chance that you will be disappointed in many credit companies. Naturally, that impacts your credit score, and therefore, you were recommended to delay any car purchase until things are much better and prices are lower.

If you know for sure that your credit score is not good, it might not be worth your time looking for a new car because it's most likely that most credit companies have a higher strict approval criterion than before.

6.    Higher interest rates

If you got approved for a certain loan or credit card, expect to get much higher interest rates than before. With that, you will pay much more than the vehicle's actual worth, even though the car's listed price is much higher than what it deserves.

To prevent getting into too many debts, we recommend that we wait until cars prices are Lord, which hopefully we're close to 2022-2023.

7.    Increased used cars prices

With too many people rejected from buying new cars, there is a very high demand on purchasing used vehicles here that's why even if you decided to go to the used car markets, you'd be surprised by how much they'll ask you to pay. Therefore, it is not worth investing a penny and buying any vehicle, especially those listed on classified websites by private buyers.

8.    Increase in the electric vehicle’s popularity

With the shortage in the used car market and the brand-new gasoline cars, tons of other people are now switching to purchasing electric vehicles. But, unfortunately, those electric cars have their issues, and they're not cheap, which means that you might be forced to select a card that you're not convinced of just because things are not working out with the other types of vehicles.

9.    High mileage cars

Unfortunately, with the increase in the car’s prices, many people are now trying to sell their high mileage vehicles for very high prices. Therefore, what you should afford in the past might not be enough to afford any good vehicle unless those high mileage cars. Therefore, you end up with a terrible car at a very high price.

10. Tons of scams

Many people are now taking advantage of the challenge going on in the car market. Therefore, plenty of car scammers list manufactured vehicles or vehicles with problems on tons of classified websites appear. Therefore, if you don't have the right level of experience, you might get involved in dangerous situations that might impact your safety, if not your life.

Therefore, if you still want to buy a car now because you need it, you must familiarize yourself with different scams that you might experience in the used car market, especially if you didn't buy a used car before.

What about if I want to sell a car?

On the other hand, if you have a car that you don't need and would like to sell it, automotive experts recommend that it's the best time for making the best amount of money out of your car even if it is not in condition.


According to experts at kbb.com, “Only a small subset of us can take pure benefit from these abnormal market conditions. But, on the other hand, if you can spare an extra car to sell, there may never be a better time.”

Therefore, if you are lucky enough and have a vehicle you don't need or have his car that's been sitting in your backyard for a long time, this could be the perfect time to sell us.

Let's think also look at how to sell your car and get the most money out of it in 2021-2022:

1.    Evaluate your car

Before you post your vehicle anywhere, you must have a good understanding of how much it's worth now. While your car might make you a decent amount of money a couple of years ago, this could be the timing for doubling the price. Therefore, you must check websites like kbb.com and get an idea about your current car value that could be different than what you know.

2.    Prepare your paperwork

Once you have a good understanding of your car's value, the next step is to put together a list of paperwork depending on what is specified on your state's DMV website. For example, certain states might only require signing the title, while others require specific testing or other documentation.

3.    Check the options

Depending on your vehicle's condition, you might select different options for selling your car in 2021-2022. For example, if your car is in decent condition, you are lucky, and you have the luxury of selecting one of many options, including dealerships, classified websites, eBay Motors, Autotrader, CarMax, and others.

However, if you have a lien on your car, dealerships would be only one option. Similarly, if your hat car is not in the condition, you might want to sell it to companies like cash cars buyer, which guarantees to buy your car even if it's completely damaged.

4.    Post your vehicle's ad

If you decide to sell your car privately yourself, you need to learn which platform you want to go with and understand how to create the ad.

5.    Screen the buyers

Since it's a critical time for scams when it comes to selling cars, it is very important that you screen the buyers carefully and never have anyone test drive your vehicle unless they show approved funds or they show that they are seriously going to buy your car.

6.     Decide on the payment method

Again, this timing is not the best for getting third-party accounts payment methods. Most automotive experts recommend getting paid in cash and preventing any chances of getting scams. However, if the buyer insists on paying by check, we recommend you meet with the buyer at the bank and confirm that the check goes through.

7.    Sign paperwork

Finally, it is recommended that you understand what paperwork is needed to complete The deal & all paperwork depending on your state's requirements.

10 reasons not to buy a car until 2022-2023: final thoughts

The current chip shortage resulted in a significant shortage in the car market. As a result, new and used cars prices are increasing significantly. Therefore, most automotive experts are recommending delaying any car purchase decision until 2022, if not 2023.

This article provided you with 10 reasons not to buy a car until twenty 2023. Those reasons are all related to the massive demand for the current cars, the current car prices spike, the increased number of reported scams, and others.

While it might not be the right time now to buy a new car, it is the perfect time for selling your used car. If you have a car that doesn't need or a vehicle that is not in good condition, you can make a decent amount of money by selling it nowadays. One of the easiest ways to sell used cars as of 2020 122 is to cash cars buyer!

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